Gifts from the Universe?

Ideas for a blog have been bombarding me for a few days now. But usually they hit me when I’m driving to or from work, can’t write them down, can’t even make a voice memo on my phone because I’d have to navigate through the phone to find the app. So I’m trying to remember them now.

The other night, I was driving home at about 7:30, and the sun was setting, the sky had wispy pink clouds and was a bluish gray color. It was pretty enough, I mean, really beautiful, but then, the pink clouds thinned a little and there was a wee baby moon just a tiny slice of the moon hanging there in the clouds, just slightly fuzzy from the thin clouds in front of it. Very surreal. If I hadn’t been driving I’d have tried to take a picture.

Things like that are just such a gift. They make me glad I’m alive. This morning, when I went to work, it was very foggy, and the fog was burning off. So, when I left the house at about 8 AM, the fog was bright, (as opposed to the gray when it’s not burning off). As I continued to drive, the fog burned off above me, but it lay on the tree tops, on the hills. Softening the morning world. Then I went over a hill, the biggest hill between my house and work, at the top of the hill, the sky was blue, the clouds white and puffy. It was just a beautiful morning. I was grateful to be alive in it.

Small every day things. It was almost 100° today. Like one more blast of summer. I went to the cove for lunch. It’s a cove on the CT river. To get there you drive down an old main street that is lined with homes that are 200 and even 300 years old, wide lawns and at the end of the street is the cove, where the sea captains who originally lived in those houses, used to anchor their ships when they were home from the sea. I pull up right to the water, so that it feels like I am in the water when I look out over the hood of my car. There is no shade there. I just opened the window and let the hot breeze come in my car as I ate my yogurt, with fresh pineapple and mango, read a little, watched the seagulls, and the couple of boaters who were out, and then closed my eyes for a short mid-day meditation.

So grateful to have that place close enough to work so I can go there for lunch. So grateful to have one last day where it was hot, hot and humid, summer. Did I mention I love summer?

So that was one of the ideas for a journal, or a blog, that was rolling around in my head. Just the gratitude I feel for living in such a beautiful world.

The other one is Syria. Yesterday at work I read a news article reporting on Putin’s proposal. And how Obama was going to hold off on the Congressional vote to strike Syria.

All I could think of was, so many people have been praying that somehow the weapons are stopped from flying. So much energy has been sent to the people of Syria and to the universe to somehow stop this action that seemed destined to happen. I got an email from my Reiki teacher that she was passing along to her students from William Rand, the father of Reiki, asking all Reiki practitioners to send Reiki to the Syrian people, the leaders there and here. Lots of energy being directed at that situation, with the intention of peace.

And here a proposal to keep the bombs from flying came, from Russia, from Putin, the last place I would have expected it. I could only keep thinking, the Universe is working in OUR behalf.

It made me think that the “shift” that we keep hearing about (at least among those of us who work with energy and spirituality) is really taking place. That maybe enough people sent enough positive energy, enough prayers, to stop this from happening,  causing the universe to work in ways we’d never expect to bring about the ideas that might stop the bombs from flying. We don’t know for sure, yet. It has to play out. But the momentum has slowed for the rockets to fly. In the bigger picture, it doesn’t matter if, as I read later, Obama might have been orchestrating this, if Putin is just trying to set Syria up, there are so many things people can and will and do say to explain this, to try to find fault with it, but the thing is…Congress didn’t vote today. We know we have at least a few more days of peace, a few more than we thought we had. We know that the people of Syria have a few more days.

Dare we think that perhaps the world as a whole really is shifting, that the balance is beginning to lean in the way of love? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe I just look for good in places where it’s not. Maybe I oversimplify things. Maybe I’m naïve.

After the Boston bombings, I read on FB a sign that said, “There will always be more of us than there are of you.” If you believe in the Law of Attraction, if you believe that what you think about expands, if you believe that we can create the kind of world that we want to live in, then it’s not impossible that this proposal is a sign that the world is re-ordering itself, based on the kind of world that we are collectively thinking about living in.

It’s happened to me personally, so many times that I now expect that what I think about, with sincere intention, will happen. As a good friend says, when you get good at it, you have to duck when you say shit. And if there are more of us, thinking about a world based in love and compassion, and not fear, and greed and hate and anger, not ego , but spirit and soul, then maybe. Just maybe….we are beginning to manifest a different world.

Time will tell. Maybe it’s an anomaly, and bombers will fly by the weekend, and the path of death and destruction will be front and center again. Maybe, and maybe not.

But it’s important the we recognize miracles when they happen. So, I’m going to lend my energy to the thought that a miracle is unfolding before us.




Old Friends

I had lunch today with a friend I have known for close to 50 of my 62 years. We grew up in Iowa. We didn’t see each other for almost 30 years, and then, when the electronic age caught up with us, we found each other on She lives not that far from me. I’m in Connecticut, she is up in the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. So, when my son had a hockey game scheduled just outside of Albany, she met me there, with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, and we talked through my son’s game, and then had lunch together. That was 8 years ago.

Since then we have kept in touch. We are Facebook friends now, and find that the easiest way to keep in touch. I was able to share with her the exitement of her daughter’s wedding, and the birth of her first grandchild. She stuck with me through a painful, and contentious divorce.

What is so remarkable to me, is that she, and the rest of our high school bunch, have reconnected after all these years. I was married for a long time, (32 years), to a man who tried to isolate me from those who cared about me, and was successful to a great degree for a long time. It is a common trait of someone who is controlling, and abusive. I lived all those years, with really no mention of my past, my life prior to meeting my ex. I am not bitter about it, I only mention it so you, my readers, can understand why it is so remarkable to me, that we have reconnected. ALL of us. Karen, Dian, Cathy, Pat, and me……and we didn’t even skip a beat. We picked up where we dropped off years ago, except now we all had a lifetime of stories to tell.

After finding Karen, I didn’t find anyone else. But as I waited for the Supreme Court decision on the financial settlement which was awarded to me by the judge in my 3 day divorce trial, 4 years after I finally reclaimed my life, and left my ex, Cathy found me on FB. She somehow remembered my married name. And when she found me, I found everyone else. I was ecstatic. It was just such a wonderful gift, to get my oldest friends back in my life, after so many years, and that they came then, while I was waiting, waiting for the decision that would allow my life to go forward. A gift from the universe, a perfect happy distraction from the limbo I was living in.

Today, when my friend Karen and her wonderful husband left my house, I knew we would see each other again, and not so far into the future. This past winter I managed to get together with Dian, Cathy and Pat, all of us together, and it was a blast. Karen couldn’t make that one, it was very impromptu. I know I will see them all again, and again.

But when Karen drove away, I cleaned up the kitchen, then sat down in my family room with my son. And promptly fell asleep. I didn’t even think I was tired. And I wasn’t. I was at peace, I was relaxed, I was content. I have not felt that for a very long time.

There is something so comforting, so completing, about sitting down with friends who has known you your whole life. Karen and I, and Dian, Cathy, and Pat, have all known each other since we were pubescent teenagers, and we know who we are, at the center. We know each others secrets, we know each others pain. They way you do, when you are growing up and just live it with your friends. We’ve all moved, and had lovers and/or husbands, and kids, but we still know who we are at the center.

One of my best friends here in CT, who has been my friend since our now 21 yr old sons were in kindergarten together, grew up here, and her best friend, next door neighbor when she grew up, still lives in town. I have been happily envious of them, because they have had what I had with my buddies.

So….I went to sleep. My life is completed, I have the past, and I have the present, and I know we have the future. We already have tentative plans for everyone to meet at my house next summer. And the summer after, Karen and I may drive out to Iowa for our 45th class reunion. How fun would that be???

Life is good. The Universe will bring you what you need, and sometimes you have to ask, and in this case, for me, it just knew. It just gave them back to me. I feel like it was a reward, for successfully picking my way through the very difficult minefield of divorce and custody with an emotionally and verbally abusive husband.

Old friends….Thank you for today Karen. And thank you Dian, Cathy, and Pat for last winter. May there be many more to come.