Maybe Not Expert, But Pretty Darn Good

manifesting expert

I think we are going to cruise to Rome, from Florida! It’s NOT expensive! And my sister and brother-in-law might go with us! For an inside cabin it’s not much more than airfare to Rome. And, it’s 14 days. A week at sea to get across, and then, stops in Portugal, the Azores, and 2 stops in Spain before you get to the port that is an hour and a half from Rome. Then we’d spend about 2 weeks in Italy, and fly home from there.

I’m breathless! 2 weeks at sea??? I’d be in heaven.

It’s kind of amazing how we are actually able to manifest dreams, isn’t it. I’ve always believed that I’d get to Italy. Once I realized that was where I wanted to go, I just knew I’d go. I didn’t know how, or with who, if anyone. But I knew I’d go. My sister had given me the name of tour companies when I moved down here, that have educational tours for older folks like me. She told me there were lots of single women on those trips. I’d hoped I might have a significant other to go with, because hey, if you’re going to go to a place where pleasure is a way of life, a place as sensuous and beautiful as Italy, then I would guess that naturally, most people would want to go with someone they loved.

But, really, I left all the questions up to the Universe. I just said, I’m going to Italy when I retire.

To have a cruise there added in, a 14 days cruise, is seriously over the top.

Thank you, Universe.

Now we will begin to fine tune the trip. What places do we really want to see? And how much will hotel and food be costing us once we are off the ship. And tours. I think we need to at least find local tours for each city, if not a larger one that will take us around the country to the places we want to see.

But it’s beginning to be more than a seed I’ve planted. It’s germinating. It’s sending out roots and beginning to break ground. Wow. Kind of blows me away.

In other news, Dan is thinking of running a gas line from the meter to the back of my house, so we can have a grill by my deck that is plumbed right into natural gas, and wouldn’t need a tank. This morning he mowed my lawn and I did some weeding of the beds in the front of my house. He pruned back my hibiscus. In an old life he had a landscaping business. Lucky for me. We went to open mic night last night, and boy I was fading fast by the end, after being up in the hot tub at 2 am, lol. We have plans to go to a show in town here, put on by one of the guys who performs at open mic night.

Loving my life. Love and light to all.


2 AM Hot Tubbing

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight. Probably because I took a nap today, we made love, we made a nice dinner, we talked about Italy a lot and I’m just not tired enough. I came out here to write, but not much to write about. No great shakes on my mind. Just not real tired, though I had a bloody Mary earlier tonight. I think maybe we should go sit in the hot tub. I’ll go wake Dan and ask him.

It’s about 1:15 in the morning. Dan was awake so I didn’t have to wake him. We put on our bathing suits and got a towel and went over to the pool and hot tub, about 500 ft away. There was no one else there. The hot tub was hot. The max temperature for a hot tub here can be 104° and I’m sure it was every bit of that. Dan turned it on and we sat in there until our fingers shriveled. Stars twinkled above and palm fronds swayed with the little breeze that was blowing. The night was probably around 80°.

When we got too hot we went into the pool. We swam some then just sat and talked some. The pool was cooler, and very refreshing. We stayed about another half hour, and came back around 2:30. Now we’re eating eggplant rolatini from the Italian Market, and going back to bed. Hopefully my Ambien will kick in and I’ll sleep.

Just some early morning ruminations before I go back to bed. Love and light.



The Sweetness of Doing Nothing….in Italy

I’m going to learn Italian! I downloaded a Learn Italian app which I found online. It said that the app has been used by more than 50 million people. Thinking that’s a pretty good reference! Anyway, now I have about a year to learn Italian before I go!

Yes….I’m planning a trip to Italy next spring. I’ve been dying to go there for years. I don’t have any specifics yet, but Dan is kind of excited about the idea. Ever since I saw Eat Pray Love I’ve wanted to go there, where pleasure is a way of life, to enjoy the “sweetness of doing nothing” in the words of Liz Gilbert’s friend, Luca Spaghetti. And then, “Under the Tuscan Sun”…..also made me want to go even more.

I am kind of thinking of Rome, Florence and Venice. Maybe 2 weeks. Maybe on a rail pass, and sign up for a tour for the really big places, especially in Rome. With a rail pass we could get off wherever we wanted to. I’ve always been planning on going to Italy when I retired, and how much more fun would it be to go with someone I loved?

I’ve talked to my sis and she and her hubby might join us for part of the trip. I’m pretty excited now that the idea is starting to take actual form, and isn’t just a dream I had. Just thinking of riding the train through Tuscany…How cool would that be? Idk. It may end up totally different than I think, but however it ends up, it will be a dream fulfilled.

Wow, how life changes. Love and light, to everyone.




Melting Hearts

melting heart

What was it that so easily

Let my heart and yours

Melt together?

Dancing to the same silent rhythm,

Hearing the same silent music

We were new

But we were old.

A connection fired

And lit the universe between us

Erasing the space that held us apart.

Waiting ended in that flash

Time and space dwindled

To become the imperceptible

Breath on the silver wind.

The answer to the question

Known only to the star showers

That twinkled on our skin

As life forever changed.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from The Witness Within via Google Images


Fried Green Tomatoes And More

Yesterday, Dan and I had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, and my nephew and his wife. They stopped here on the way to the airport, and we ate at our favorite restaurant. My sis and I had our favorite sandwich, which was just declared by the Tampa newspaper as one of the 10 best sandwiches in this area, the fried green tomato BLT.

I can tell you, it’s very deserving of an award. I have a thing for fried green tomatoes. They are, I guess, a southern thing because I never saw them on a menu up north. But they are always served with a siracha mayo and they are sooooo frigging good. If I don’t feel like getting the sandwich at this restaurant, I will order a side of them. They also make an omlette using them.

After the lunch they all left. I was so happy not to be alone when they left, because I would have been crying like a baby. My nephew and his wife went home, but my sis and her hubby left today for their other home in VA, and won’t be back until October. They are trying to sell that house, and I hope they do soon because it will mean they will be here a lot more. I will so miss them. It’s been so much fun to hang out with her, just to live close to my family for the first time in my life. And it’s very cool the way they have embraced Dan into the family.

I am, however, their walk-through person for the insurance for the house, which means I need to go over there once every couple weeks and walk through, flush the toilets, make sure all is well with the house. They were thanking me profusely and I said, “Are you kidding? I get to come over here, use the house, the pool, go to the beach, if I’ll just flush the toilets and check on the place?” They even have a car they want me to start up when I’m there. It’s an offer I can hardly refuse, lol.  They actually were giving Dan instructions, knowing he’d be with me. That’s kinda cool.

Also a little strange, because we have only been together for a couple months. But it’s so easy, and we get along so well, and we are both committed in a very casual way to each other, that it just seems kind of normal. We talk about it occasionally, just to make sure we’re on the same page with it. We are. And because we are, we are starting to reach out a little farther into the future than just the next open mic night, lol. Nothing set yet, but ideas are floating around, about traveling. I think we’d have fun together. I’m not speaking for him, but I’m pretty sure he agrees.

Life is always changing, finally for the better. Love and light, all.







To Know or Not To Know


I didn’t know

What I didn’t want.

I guess that means

I didn’t know what I wanted


I mean,

There was an eclair

Sitting on the plate.

I said,

“I only want half of a half. “


When I was done

With that half of a half,

(Or, the quarter eclair),

It was suggested

That the other half be cut in half.

And that I eat

Another half of a half.

I did.

So…I didn’t know

What I didn’t want.


I also didn’t know

What I did want


Now I know that

What I wanted was a whole half.

And what I didn’t want

was to leave the rest of it sitting on the plate.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from via Google Images