I am still at my sisters house, and will head home later this morning.  The wifi isn’t connected here so I don’t post much when I’m here because I have to do it from my phone.

However,  we managed to get up quite early this morning (around 6 AM) and go over to the town dock for sunrise.  It is a clear, warm humid morning, with just the slightest breeze off the water.  Early morning is my favorite time of day. I love the peace of it, I love the light of it,and probably most of all, the promise of a new day. 

I thought I’d share a few of the pics with you.  Hope you feel it too!  Love and light to all. 

Money Well Spent

Sometimes you get to say “money well spent”! And I got to yesterday!.

My handyman came to hook the gas up to the new gas grill. Naturally he had to shut the gas off to do it, so he had to relight all the pilot lights. Which are just my stove/oven, and my hot water heater. When he went to get the hot water heater pilot back on, it wouldn’t light. Dan and the handyman fooled with the igniter thing for maybe a half hour. We found a video on youtube to get it started but still no luck.

Then I remembered that on my electric bill, every month, I pay $7 for insurance to repair or replace my hot water heater, even if it’s gas, up to $1000. And so…I called them, and they are here at 8:30 this morning to fix it, for free! Well, ok, it’s not free. It’s the $7 a month I’ve been paying for about 6 months.

How cool is that? It could have been a decent sized plumber’s bill, if I hadn’t paid that insurance. Very happy about that! I also pay them $5 a month for the house wiring. Anything that goes wrong, up to $1000, they will fix. Since it’s an old house, I thought it would be a good idea to buy it.

And the good news is that the gas grill works perfectly. We grilled steaks last night. I don’t eat much red meat, but it tasted kind of good. We are pretty excited to make pizza on the grill though! Which we will do later this week.

We’re headed to my sisters place for the bi-weekly walk through. It’s promising to be a beautiful day so we’ll probably go to the beach this afternoon. A vacation from my vacation-like life, lol. It’s a rough life but someone has to live it, lol.

Love and light everyone.

What About Love?

Dan and I were talking about our relationship last night, idly, as we watched TV and then sat in the hot tub for awhile. About how amazed we are to find ourselves here.

I mean, seriously, how nice is it to have a man who tells me that he not only loves me, but he likes me. He really likes having me around, and likes it more all the time? He said he liked having me here to watch the fight with him and his brother, even though I didn’t really watch it.

I feel the same way about him. I love being with him. We thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. We are together almost 24/7 almost, and it is just easy. We don’t get on each other’s nerves, we don’t crowd each other. It’s just crazy to me, how easy this relationship is. But also….how loving, how caring, how trusting it is. How there’s no drama, no pain.

We began wondering if we would have felt the same if we met 30 years ago. I said I didn’t think so. I was not the same person 30 years ago. Nor was he. But I wonder, would the basics that connect us now have existed then?

I think, for myself, I was not as good a communicator 30 years ago. I was not so in touch with myself. I’ve been working hard, really, since my divorce to understand how I got from there to here. Not sure I was insightful enough then. I didn’t have a set of core beliefs that were unflinching, back then. I don’t think it would have been nearly so easy.

The point is, everything that happens to us brings us to where we are. I think I’ve learned a lot from my past. A lot about myself, my journey in this lifetime. I don’t think any of the past was wasted. I also think that it’s made me someone who Dan could love now. (I believe the reverse is true of him, but I am not going to speak for him.) I would guess that our egos might have gotten in the way 30 years ago. I think now…..we both check our egos, and allow our intuition and hearts to lead the way. I think we’ve both learned from our past, and don’t want history to repeat itself.

Not that we don’t disagree on things, on perceptions. We do. But then, we allow each other to have our own beliefs. We respect each others opinions, and perceptions. And in fact, love each other because we each have core beliefs that don’t change. We both know who we are, and are willing to make ourselves vulnerable to the other. We’re willing to take that chance, and we both know the other will treasure that in each other.

It’s all wonderful. After having a painful abusive marriage, in which my ex tried to manipulate and control my every move, hoping to “groom” me into his idea of a perfect woman, and after a ridiculously bad relationship that was full of drama, and lacked anything substantial, it is amazing to me that I was given this chance to know what love really is. I used to say, when I was going through my divorce, that I prayed that I would know the love of a good man before I die. I knew then, that I had been mistaking the absence of pain on a short term basis, for happiness. Now…..happiness is something that I feel almost all the time. I never have to ask myself if this is real. I know it is.

I do, finally, know that love of a good man. I am wrapped in it. I am blessed by it. I will never know if it would have worked 30 years ago, but it works now. For that I am utterly grateful.

Amazing grace, isn’t it? Love and light.

Just Enjoying

Dan had his brother over to watch the fight last night. I made my locally famous cheese dip, and tried to settle in with them and watch the fights. Now, I used to watch boxing, decades ago when it was Ali, Frazier and Foreman, and I probably watched it because we had 3 channels and my ex wanted to watch them. However, I’d forgotten that there are fights on before the big fight, and that the big fight wouldn’t be on til around midnight. So….I sat up until I was asleep in the recliner, and went to bed. The guys, of course stayed up, and finished the cheese dip, as well as other stuff. They were admirably quiet, (though Dan denies this) so I could sleep.

I still am having issues with my laptop being temperamental and not turning on half the time. I’ve gotten it to be better, but think I’ll try to take it in for service next week. It’s really irritating. Even though Dan has a spare I can use, mine has all my data on it, and all my blogs, which I write in Word and paste into WordPress. I do this because I’ve too many times typed a whole blog and suddenly it disappears, never to be seen again. I hope the computer can be fixed. It’s only 2 years old.

My grill came Friday afternoon, in a big box, and needed assembly. Dan set to work on it, and I sat out with him while he did it, just to hold things for him, and look at the assembly drawings. I actually helped, lol, a little. But it went smoothly and easily. We didn’t have to backtrack at all, which is usually what happens to me alone. No frustrations, no arguments. Between us both, we managed to just get through it, and now I have a natural gas grill, just waiting for gas hook up. My handyman called and said he’d do it Monday. We are pretty excited to be able to cook on the grill when we’re at my house. We just learned how to make pizza on the grill, and I swear, it was the best pizza ever!

Today is promising to be another hot Florida day, maybe a thunderstorm later. Just sitting around vegging today. Enjoying life.

Love and light.

Grilling, and Other Random Bits

I’m getting a grill today. Dan is buying me (us) a natural gas fired grill. We’ve been talking about it, because I don’t have one. I like having a grill but wouldn’t spend the money. Finally, I guess, he couldn’t take not having one any longer, lol, and is gifting it to me. It will arrive today. My handyman said he would connect the gas line going into the house. We will put the grill together. Oh, ok, Dan will. I will assist, like hand him tools, or try not to distract him, lol.

Last night we went to happy hour at a restaurant that had $5 appetizers and half price drinks, and filled ourselves up for $25. Then we walked a block down to the open mic venue and sat down with a few of our friends. Open mic started out very slow, with not many people, and not many performers. It’s the slowest of the slow season right now, and I’m guessing that the thunderstorms around when it started kept people from coming on time, although none here in town. But as people realized it wasn’t going to rain, and the sky cleared to blue again, they began to show up. As it turned out, it was a really good, unusual night with a few new performers, a few old ones coming back, and a bunch of fun.

The other day we went to the beach for a couple hours. It was unbelievably hot, but there was a breeze. The ocean water was not much cooler than the air, but it’s lovely. You could stay in it for hours. We contemplated going to the bar on the beach but opted for the “bar” at home, which is free, lol. I love going to the beach here because it’s not an all day affair. It’s a matter of saying, “Want to go to the beach?”, grabbing 2 beach chairs, 2 bottles of water, and the beach bag in which there is a towel and sunscreen, putting on bathing suits, and driving 5 miles. Then, when you get to the beach, it’s generally never very busy, like the picture below. Love beautiful, uncrowded beaches.

Been a few busy, but happy days. Love and light.