Working At Some New Things

I have said a couple of times I want to try writing fiction. I have actually started a short story, which will be in two parts. It is so much harder, for me, because it requires character development, plot development, and good descriptions. When I write one of my normal blogs, I am just building on past information. The first thing I realized is that all the information has to be encapsulated in the story. But I am endeavoring, and enjoying the challenge. Stay tuned, it’s coming.

It’s also why I have not posted a lot lately, on top of being busy. I’ve been dedicating my writing time to this story.

I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I was pretty sure it was the kind of arthritis I had. My knees lately had bothered me, on top of other joints. I started thinking about our Italy trip and realized I’d need to be able to walk with a lot more comfort than I am currently. So, I made an appointment with my dr and the labs confirmed it. So, I have started a new med, which is supposed to suppress the RA. It’s actually a drug used in some cancer therapies. Although there is no warning label on the bottle, on line descriptions of the warnings include avoiding alcohol. However, I haven’t yet experienced any of the common side effects. I’m hoping I can allow myself a glass of wine at dinner occasionally. I’ve also been in Dan’s pool and hot tub quite a bit, because that’s the best kind of exercise for it.

Anyway, because of this latest health issue, I am really closely tracking my glucose levels, and my nutritional intake, and my exercise. Diabetes alone is a serious health issue, RA is a quality of life issue as well as a health issue. This makes me want to go back to my daily meditation practice, and work at the emotional reasons I developed this disease. I have Dan’s full support to do whatever I need to, and I am so grateful for that. To be encouraged to believe I can fix my health, not to be encouraged to be a victim and just give up. He’s such a good man.

Our generator is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I am so excited about that. I am going to try to start the water aerobics program at the YMCA this week. And I’m going to try to finish my story.

Love and light everyone.

Out On The Deck Again

The rainy season here in FL is over, I guess.. We haven’t had any rain since Irma left us, almost 2 weeks now. And the air has been nice, not so humid. Yesterday it was 91° but only 48% humidity, which is really low for here. It was comfortable. And last night the temps dropped into the mid 70’s, instead of hovering around 80. It was a lovely night to sit outdoors at open mic night.

They had a good show last night. It seemed all the really talented people showed up to perform. Lots of them had written hurricane songs, some were tongue in cheek, some were metaphoric. All were good. Most of the performers who play there have recorded their music onto CD’s which you can buy for $10. I have one or two. Open mic ran late. Normally it’s over by 9:30 but last night it ran til almost 10. No one was complaining, lol. It was so good to hang around with everyone for a while, just catching up between performances, and enjoying the music.

I’m sitting on my deck writing this this morning. I have not done this since early spring, because of the heat and the bugs. The bugs don’t seem to be too bad right now, but I’m still armed with my anti-bug devices: citronella buckets, coils that you burn that the bugs don’t like, and as a last resort, bug spray. It’s so peaceful here in the morning. We had coffee out here, and watched the squirrels and the birds, and the geckos running around.

I’m expecting my generator to be delivered today sometime. I have no idea when, so I put a note on my front door that if I don’t answer to please come around to the back of the house. Dan had some errands to run, so hopefully he’ll be back when it’s delivered. What a sense of security that will give me, when it’s hooked up. It should be able to run the whole house in an outage.

Yesterday afternoon, Dan built me two steps to step down from my deck. Previously, I had bricks piled up to make a step. I have slipped on them and hurt myself, and he turned his ankle on them once or twice. Now I have two professionally done steps, that are safe. I’m so excited about it, probably because no one else ever did something like that for me. I told him, the other men who used to be in my life would have probably been likely to grease them and tell me to be careful, and then watch me fall. Or they would have laughed at me, if I had broached the subject of needing steps, and told me to have my handyman do it. Dan and I talked about it briefly, how we needed steps. Next thing I knew he had all the lumber and his tools to build them, and in about 3 hours yesterday, they were done.

But that’s the difference, Dan is someone who takes care of the people he loves in his life. I’m lucky to be one of them. There’s not a self-serving bone in his body.

I’m grateful for a lot of things this morning. For the place I’m at and for the journey here. Manifesting dreams continuously.

Love and light.

Reflecting for a Moment

It’s quiet this morning. Silent in my house. It’s been a long time since I sat in stillness, alone. It’s good for me, I think. I have gotten away from the practice of daily meditation. I think I need to re-establish that practice. It always did me good. Lately, I’ve been so consistently happy, I didn’t feel the need. Amazing how the lack of drama in your life can free you up to just enjoy it.

Not that I haven’t had drama. The whole thing with my ex, his being institutionalized, having to go to CT and inventory his things. And then to come back and a couple weeks later have a massive hurricane to prepare for, and deal with the aftermath. But those things aren’t personal drama. I said to Dan at some point after the hurricane, “I’m so glad you and I have no drama! I can’t imagine how hard all this could have been if we had any drama at all in our relationship.” He totally agreed with me. It is a new-found joy to me, to be in a loving relationship that is supportive in every way.

So, it’s silent in my house because he had to leave early to go back home and take care of some things there. He’ll be back later, and we’ll go to open mic, happily. It’s been canceled for 2 weeks now, because of Irma. Really looking forward to that tonight.

Yesterday we drove to my sister and brother-in-law’s house. We didn’t spend the night because we had so much still to do here.  They were so lucky with this storm, that it went east and not west. Their home is basically unscathed. A couple of panels covering a soffit blew out, and the yard and pool are still not completely caught up, but the house itself had no damage at all. There could have been terrible flooding had the storm gone further west as predicted. She lost a lot of her lemons and grapefruits off the trees, but not all. The orange tree is laden with fruit, and we didn’t see any on the ground. I am so happy that that little piece of paradise is so intact.

One of my favorite beaches a couple miles from my sister showed the power of that storm.  Half the beach is still closed as they try to remove all the trees and limbs that fell.  Everywhere you go, there are piles and piles of brush, tree limbs, cut up trees, waiting to be removed.  Even though that storm went east of us, 100 mph winds did a lot of damage.  We were so lucky though, it could have easily been so much worse.

It’s a good thing, to have some time for reflection. Love and light to everyone.