gossamer veil

Eyes closing

Like a gossamer veil

When night falls

Lashes brush cheeks

And voices murmur,

A soft, familiar current

Folded around


Neither here nor there,

Just resting in the arms of one who knows

Everything, and nothing

Willing to share

To feel

To waken to awareness

Pure, simple

A deep breath exhales

Against tender flesh

Gentle hands guide through the night

No past no future

Only now

Only peace

Only joy

Only love.


By Deborah E. Dayen


To Just Be


Rhythmically lifting.

Gliding over limbs

Like silky fabric.

Cooling, soothing

The seagulls called

And pelicans flew low over the water

Like low flying jets

Looking for a meal.

Parasailors in the distance,

And a cormorant on top of a buoy.

Waves breaking on the beach

As we drifted with the tide

In and out

Up and down


Holding on

Embracing in the turquoise waters

White sand beneath our feet

Blue sky above our heads

Telling stories

Of old,

Of new.

Bonded and freed

By the force of nature

That gently rolled the ocean in

And just let us be

Part of that one great thing.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Image from WFP Quote Blogs via Google Images

At The Beach

Day at the beach

We made it to the beach. It was a perfect beach day. Hot, not humid, a slight breeze. We laughed at ourselves when we got there because we remembererd the beach umbrella but not the beach chairs. We were ok though, because on the beach there were a lot of chaise lounges, and umbrellas and little canvas cabanas that kept a couple lounges out of the sun, which could be rented for not a ton of money. We got a cabana, and 2 chaise lounges for 3 hours for $20. It was great! It kept our stuff out of the sand while we were in the water, which was a lot. We probably spent almost 2 of the 3 hours in the water, because the water is still in the mid to high 80’s. This is not one of those places where everyone stays on the shore, occasionally dipping a toe, or even maybe running into the water and out to cool off. It is definitely a place where people come to be in the water. Today the gulf was calm.

It did me so much good to be at the Gulf for the day. Even though, most days the fact that I am close to it influences my mood tremendously. Yesterday I wrote that we hadn’t been to the beach for a long while because it’s been so hot and humid, you couldn’t bear to sit outside for long. This was true, but Dan reminded me that the reason was more likely that we had to run to CT for a couple weeks, and then hadn’t really recovered from that when Hurrican Irma showed up. And we’ve only this week caught up from that storm.

Anyway we were glad to get to the beach, and spend a few hours floating around in the ocean, and listening to the waves break. It was just what the doctor ordered. The pic at the top is one I took of our sandy feet sitting in the cabana looking out. I put it on FB too, and my sister commented, “Too bad it’s so crowded.” I had to laugh at that, because to my way of thinking, so used to the beaches up north, the beaches here are never crowded, even in season!

Love and light to all.

Mega Brain Freeze and Other Stuff

Today I had a skin scan done, to have all my moles etc. checked out. I was lucky and nothing was dangerous, or even looked sketchy. But I had one tender spot on my forehead that the dr. felt I should have frozen because even though it was not anything to worry about, placed where it was, he thought it better to get rid of it now. He shot it about 10 times with what looked like a hand held welding torch that was full of liquid nitrogen.

Let me tell you, a shot to the forehead of liquid nitrogen is colder than any brain freeze you ever got from a Slurpee or a Snow-Cone.And he shot it 10 times. I left there at 4 PM with a massive headache, stopped at the store for a few things for dinner and then finally, asked Dan if he would mind missing open mic tonight. Because even though the burning/freezing sensation is gone, the headache is not.

I know, whine whine wine. I am not prone to headaches, thankfully. So I complain when I get one. This one has me just wanting to go to bed. I’m sure I’ll be ok in the morning. To top it off, some of our friends posted video and pics of open mic tonight and it looked like we missed some really good performances by our friends.


The rest of the day was good, and productive. The lawn got mowed, the generator battery got charged and put on the generator, we got new lights strung on my banyan tree, and the rest of the brush that came down in the yard from the hurricane put out on the curb. Busy.

I haven’t had time to sit and focus on my fiction writing for a couple of days. I think I need to do it in the middle of the night, lol. Tomorrow I think we’re going to the beach. Haven’t been in ages mostly bcause in the summer here it’s just too hot, and muggy. But now it’s perfect, hot, but not so muggy, and the water in the Gulf of Mexico is still in the high 80’s. So, I think we’ll have breakfast in the morning and go hang out on the beach for a few hours. Sounds like a nice plan, right? Love being retired, spending the day doing exactly as we please most of the time.

Love and light……

Writer’s Group Reflections

My girlfriends “Writer’s Group” came over yesterday afternoon. We always have such a good time. A little smoke, a little wine. I kept my wine down to 1 glass. It wasn’t even that hard! I read  the first installment of my story to the girls, and they had so much good advice and help for me, especially the one who used to teach drama at a private school, and the one who used to be a judge. So this morning I’ll get busy on re-working some of it to take in those suggestions, and then I’ll just keep writing the next installment.

I showed the girls my new steps, and the generator in my back yard (it’s not put away yet). I told them I will be the “IN” place for the next hurricane. They can come over here and the AC will be going, and the gas grill, and the stove and we will just have a hurricane party, lol.

I spent the night alone here last night, because of the girls coming over. I was sitting here watching The Voice, and reflecting on how I’ve been here a year now, and all the changes that have taken place in my life. I’ve not regretted my move for a minute. I was talking about numerology with my friends last night and how cool I thought it was that my house number here reduces to an 11….the powerful energy portal, the start of new things. Also, going back to CT helped me to realize I didn’t have to give up anything up there that I loved. Keep the good, let go of the bad. It wasn’t all that hard!

Of course, having Dan into my life is one of the best things that has happened to me.  One thing that I love about Dan is his realism. He always says that everything we do is a choice. I have said that too, in the past, but have strayed a bit from that strict belief. I had begun to think that loving someone was not a choice, but now, I would go back to the belief that it is. And probably that what I thought before was love, wasn’t. It was something I needed on my journey, but it wasn’t love. I would guess there was a lesson there that I needed to learn, and that lesson probably helped me to become a woman that Dan could love and trust, because I see things so much more clearly now. At least, that’s what I believe. It was not what I thought it was at the time, but it was part of my life’s journey and there was a good lesson for me in it.

But I still think I manifested him, lol. All those years of me saying that I just wanted to know the love of a good man before I die. A good man, as in kind and thoughtful and faithful and considerate and generous and easy to be with. And funny….God, don’t forget funny. Almost 5 months later, it’s better than ever.

Enough waxing poetic, lol. Time to refill my coffee cup get to work on my story. Love and light, everyone.