Question of the Day: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Question of the day

What is your spirit animal?

According to Wikipedia, a spirit animal is “Power animal, a shamanic belief of a spirit which guides, helps or protects individuals, lineages and nations.”

I believe mine is a dolphin. This might be part conjecture on my part, because I love them, and the sea, so much. I decided my spirit animal was the dolphin the first time I saw one in the wild. I was sitting at a restaurant, on the water, down here in Florida. I was visiting my sister, and still lived up north. I said in passing to my brother-in-law that I had never seen a dolphin in the wild. Momentarily, like within 2 minutes, a dolphin came out of the water and dove back in right in front of us, pointing at us. As if he’d heard me. I like to think he did, lol.  I have seen a few since then, and they always amaze me with their grace and beauty.

In the crystal world, a dolphin crystal is a large crystal that carries a smaller one with it, as if on it’s back. It’s metaphysical properties include protecting the carrier, and for years, I carried one with me, when I felt I needed to be protected from someone (read: my ex).

Today my friends and I are going on a two hour boat cruise in the bays and Gulf of Mexico. I’m hoping a dolphin shows up somewhere!

So tell me what your spirit animal is, or what you think it may be, and why, in a comment or a blog linked back here so we can all share!

As ever, love and light!


Smoke in the Night


Can’t find my way into the ethers

wandering colors, copper and turquise

The odd thought or two

I come to the paper to allow myself freedom

and fill the paper with the thoughts that roll around in my head

Maybe some thoughts that don’t

Thoughts of plants and weeds rolled into thin cigarettes

Smelling smoke that soothes the psyche

Inhale deeply the old fashioned way

Then exhale, slowly watching the smoke rise, to the ceiling,

It disappears

Maybe I will too


by Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

Question of the Day: Favorite Flower?

Question of the day

What is your favorite flower?

Mine is a sunflower, because I can’t look at one without it putting a smile on mt face. They are bright, and big, and happy! I have had a bouquet of artificial sunflowers on my kitchen table for years. I tried to grow them once, back when I was married. You know, the great big 6 ft tall ones. The squirrels and birds took all the seeds, so I didn’t get any of them growing in my yard. However, one seed must have fallen in the woods across the street from my driveway. I know this because as I drove out of my driveway one summer day right across from me was a 6 ft high sunflower in full bloom, with a huge flower at the top.

Anyway, I also love iris, and stargazer lillies, and peonies. I love hyacinth for their scent.

So tell me, in a comment or your own blog linked back to here, which flower most delights your eyes and nose?

As always, love and light to all.

Cleaning Up Loose Ends

I’ve been working on continuing my story at the urging of a few people. I think I have another segment mostly done, and will probably edit it and publish soon. I have to admit that while the original segment was fun, writing from the prompt, it is beginning to feel like work to finish it up. Might just be my mood today.

I have taken a few days off from Question of the Day, mostly because the shooting in Florida and ensuing controversy (as usual) over gun control and my fear that once again it will die down and nothing get done.  This has in turn has stopped me from being able to come up with any questions that are not too large or painful for discussion here. I never wanted the Question of the Day to become a political forum. I’ll be back with it, but am taking a short break from it. Hopefully I will find some inspiration for some good questions.

Allergy season seems to be creeping back in. Every day we are sneezing a little bit more, and a little itchier. Even though I am delighted that Florida weather has returned, I guess I’d forgotten that allergy meds are part and parcel of living here for the next few months. Still, it’s a good trade-off in my book, to get 80° to 85° days and 65° nights where you can leave the windows open, and maybe turn the AC on for only a couple hours in the afternoon.

I am particularly happy because my good friends that put us up for 2 weeks last summer in CT are scheduled to come down here on Friday for a week. We are so close, and the four of us have so much fun together. It will be a wonderful.

I may have more company in March, though I’m not sure about that. In April, my little sis is coming for a week, and my son might be coming too, at the same time. I’m really excited for that.  Even though I talk to my son every day, usually more than once, I haven’t seen him in a year and I miss him so much!  My little sis, I haven’t seen in a year either.  She is like my twin almost.  It will be good to see her and spend some time together.

It’s a lot of company in the next few months, but it’s good company. After all, it is the season. This weather is why we live here. Mostly, lol. Besides all the benefits for retired people, and family being nearby, and gorgeous beaches.

We got tickets to Cirque de Soleil for tonight as a Christmas gift from my sister. We’re going to make an evening of it, go out to dinner and then to the show, called Volta. She got us good seats (though I’m not sure there are any bad seats there). It should be a lot of fun, and a great show.

The rest of the next few days will be spent preparing the houses for our friends visit. I will probably be here hit or miss for the next 10 days. Hope all is well with everyone. Love and light.

Question of the Day: Are You Happy?

Question of the day

How would you define happiness? Or create it? Do you feel happy most of the time?

Since I’ve moved to Florida, I have said many times that I’ve never been so consistently happy in my life. Plumbing, rats, and palmetto bugs aside, I am so happy here. Just last night, as we sat talking, maybe we were playing cards, sipping a glass of Pino Noir that we bought at Trader Joe’s earlier in the day, I suddenly shook my head in wonder that I was sitting here with Dan living this life. I was so filled with gratitude. A smile took over my face and Dan had to ask me what I was smiling about.

“Just that sometimes it amazes me that I ended up here, in this place, with you…”

I believe that practicing gratitude is the beginning, and continuous path to happiness. I know when we look for something to be grateful for, we will find many. Even if you have to begin with being grateful for your breath. Happiness and gratitude are so interwoven, I’m not sure it’s possible to have one without the other.


The meme above is one of my favorite quotes. I think Denis Waitley has hit the nail on the head.

So, tell me, in a comment or in your own blog (linked back here so everyone can read it) about your thoughts on living in a state of happiness.

As always, love and light to everyone.