Question of the Day: What Is Your Sun Sign?

Question of the day

What is your sun sign?

I am an Aries, although being the last day of Aries puts me on the cusp and blends the Aries traits with some of Taurus. When I read the description, it’s pretty accurate about me. An astrology site I use for my daily horoscope ( ) says the following:

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive

I think these are accurate, though probably somewhat muddled by being on the cusp. I have some disagreement with them over some of the weaknesses, of course. I am impatient, but not particularly moody. I am only short-tempered when I am frustrated by something or someone. I am not very impulsive, now, though I was a bit moreso when I was younger and did a few things which now I feel lucky to have survived unscathed. I am aggressive, in some things, but I’m not sure that’s a weakness.

The strengths, well of course I’m all of those great things, lol.

This year as the sun goes into Aries the day after the vernal equinox, Mercury also goes retrograde. And we have a 2nd blue moon of 2018 in March. That all should be interesting.

So tell me what is your sign? Are the descriptions accurate for you or do you not see yourself at all in them? Leave me a comment, or write your own blog and link it back here.

As ever, love and light to all.



Hands that nurture,

Hands that heal

Hands that build

Hands that hold


Hands that grasp what is

Hands that knowingly touch

Hands that reach out,

Hands that pull in


Warm hands against my skin

Gentle hands that caress

Hands that explore

And hands that express


Hands that made me believe

Hands that made me feel safe.

Hands that are strong.

How I love your hands.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Clipart Panda via Google Images

Question of the Day: Do You Swear?

Question of the day

Do you swear? If so, what words do you use, and when do you use them?

It’s been brought to my attention that I swear more than is necessary. I’ve been trying to break my habit, but it’s a hard one, at times, to break. I think I’m getting better, but that might be all in my mind.

I tend to say the f-bomb mostly. Sh*t is second. I took a FB quiz once on what is your favorite swear word, and mine came out the f-bomb and I think that is accurate. When I get exasperated I tend to say “unf*ckingbelievable”. I am a believer that sometimes no other word works. But I’m learning too, that sometimes another word does, and I should maybe apply a filter to my brain and mouth, and try to get more creative with my profanity vocabulary.  I.e., frigging can work in place of f*cking. So can freaking. Or what the frick. I could use the British word “bloody” and here in the US no one would think I was swearing. I’ve seen a suggestion to get a translator app, and use French swear words, because wth, then if you say “pardon my French” at least you are really speaking French. I suppose you could do that with any language and at least it might help curb my thoughtless swearing. I want to learn Italian, and it might come in useful, though I have a feeling their swear words are probably much more lovely to hear than the ones I use, and I wouldn’t feel like I was swearing.  Oh, maybe that’s a good thing!  There’s a book out too, called “Creative Cursing: A Mix and Match Profanity Generator.” I should probably ask for it for my birthday.

So tell me, are you a potty mouth like me, or have you found a better way to express your disgust, exasperation, dislike, incredulity, etc? Please let me know in a comment, or blog even, linked back here. Especially if you have some creative ideas for breaking the habit.

As always, love and light.

SoCS: As Far As I Can See

This post is my contribution to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of “so far”.  

SoCS 2017 badge

So far, my life in Florida has been all I hoped it would be. I left old things, relationships, taxes and a job that were no longer going serve me well, (or never did, lol) and found new things, places, weather, (except for the hurricanes) and a relationship that makes my heart sing. So far, the only things I miss about my life in New England are my son and my friends.

Yep, I’ve come so far, in a short 18 months. Every day is an adventure, kind of. We wake up and decide what we are going to do for the day over coffee. Today is cloudy but a nice 65°. We decided to go for a walk. We found a nice lot of land for sale. We’ve been toying with the idea of building a house together. So far, that’s all we’re doing, just learning about the market here. It’s into the future quite a ways, because we’d have to sell both our houses.

On the walk, we walked by a marine business that we drive by all the time, since it’s close to my house. There was a fishing boat on a trailer in the front driveway. It was about 50’ long. The business is owned by one of the premier charter fishing companies in the area. This boat was very narrow, only about 8’, which is super narrow for a boat that long. One of the guys came out and talked to us. He told us that this particular boat runs out 135 miles off shore, fishes for about 6 or 7 hours and runs back in. In one day. That is SO FAR to go for a day trip! But I know Dan would love to go, because they go fish in the deep water, and catch fish that most people don’t have a chance to catch. 40 lb grouper, tuna, and lots more. The guy told us the boat charters for about $3000 for 6 people, so it would be about $500 per person just to get on the boat, then you have your equipment rental (unless you happen to have fishing tackle for 50 lb fish) and tipping the guide, etc. So closer to $600 for the day. It would be the fishing trip of a life time though.

I would consider going with him on a charter that doesn’t go out so far. There’s one that goes out about 70 miles, it’s a high-speed catamaran, and holds more people so the cost gets down to about $300 per person. Not that I’m crazy about fishing, though it is fun. But I’d love to spend the day on the boat, on a beautiful Florida day, on the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Well, somewhat calm. It’s not that I’m bothered by going so far off shore. Once you’re out of sight of land you are out of sight of land and that happens in 10 to 15 miles. It’s just that I can’t justify the $600 or $700 it would cost me. I don’t like to fish enough to pay that much. Even $300 is a real stretch. I wonder if I can pay less, like $100 just to take the ride and not fish?

Dan and I talk about getting a boat, a smaller boat, like 25’ to 30’. It’s another thing that might be in the future for us. We’d both like to have a small cabin so we could stay out for a night or two.

There are lot of new plans with this new life. The days are full, and rich, and drama-free, even if we’re doing nothing but sitting on the beach, sipping tropical drinks. Or home, just working around the house, or cooking a good meal, or even just watching TV.

As far as I can see into the future, it’s a good life, so far!


If you’d like to participate in the SoCS prompt, please go to Linda G. Hill’s blog, for all the details.  Here is the link.   Have fun!!



Getting Back to Center, With Help

Life was messing with me a little today. I got a little unbalanced, unsettled. I generally know what I have to do when I get knocked back. I know how to get up, I know what I have to do. Today however, I got a little help in the process.

I had 8 windows replaced 3 weeks ago. Cost a lot, they are all hurricane proof. as they have to be down here. But I needed them, the old ones were probably 50 years old, jalousied, and did not shut properly, or seal when they were shut. Dan had to board these windows up for the hurricane last fall, and after Hurricane Irma passed I realized I really needed to replace them. So now I have all new windows.

But, and of course there’s a but, when the installers left, we found 2 windows that didn’t shut. We called Home Depot and told them, and they sent someone out a couple days later to repair the windows. Next they must be inspected by the building inspector to make sure they are installed right, because, you know, they are hurricane-proof windows and have some stringent requirements. Home Depot did not call me back to make arrangements for the inspector, so I had to call them. After some miscommunication, the inspector came today. Nice, professional, not a power crazy guy. But he couldn’t pass the windows because the installer caulked them all. It says on the first page of the installers instructions that the windows cannot be caulked because the inspector has to make sure they have been shimmed correctly and he can’t see the gap between the windows and the frame if they’ve been caulked. We thank him and I am seething. 3 weeks later and I can’t take the damn stickers off the windows, and I can’t put my blinds back up. So I call Home Depot yet again. The head of the installation department is supposed to call me back, but he did not by the end of the day today. Hopefully I’ll hear from him tomorrow.

But really? Should I have had to deal with any of this? I put it on my Home Depot card at 0%, but I am about to call them and tell them not to release the money to Home Depot because my windows still don’t pass inspection.

In all fairness to Home Depot, they replaced half my windows last year and the job was easy, and fell together like clockwork. A better installer I guess.

OK, so now I’ve bitched about that.

Then my son, who I had hoped would come see me for my birthday next month, called to tell me that the company he works for is sending him to San Francisco for 3 days for some training for a move up the corporate ladder. So he won’t be coming then. It was a very outside chance that he’d come anyway, but I was hopeful. It’s ok, I’m happy for him, really. He’s one of only 5 out of 24 managers given this opportunity, of course he had to take it. But if he doesn’t come in May, I am going to Denver, that’s all. A year is long enough to go without seeing your kid. Even if he’s not a kid anymore, lol.

So anyway, all this had me a little off. A little unbalanced. And Dan walks into the kitchen from the grill, and looks at me, and says, “Are you OK?” with a look of real concern on his face. I paused, not realizing til that moment that I was putting out all this kind of negative energy, shook my head slowly and said, “It blows my mind, still, that I have someone in my life that actually gives a shit if I’m ok.” Then I wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a huge hug, which he returned in kind.

Which did more to help me get back to center than anything else I could imagine. Boy, has my life changed 180° since he’s been in it. Just grateful now, just grateful.

Love and light to all.