About to Head Home

I’m still in cold and snowy Colorado. I’m certainly enjoying the time with the grands, and my son and his girlfriend, but honestly, I am ready to go home. I miss my life, I miss Dan, and my good friends in Gulfport. But it’s another week away, so I have been working to manifest good weather on January 10. I’m flying Southwest, and I’m hoping that they have all their problems resolved.

I’ve been staying in the basement, where there’s a spare bathroom, and a spare bedroom, laundry, etc. I’m sleeping on an airbed, because it’s much firmer than the extra bed and much easier on my back. Early this morning I heard my son running up and down the stairs. He made a lot of noise doing this, because he’s a big man. So I finally decided I might as well get up and go see what was going on.

Turns out my grandson had been vomiting for a couple hours, all over his mom, and his mom and dad’s bed. And he was not a happy guy. I’m just glad he didn’t throw up after I got up. My son, who had to go to work, was so nauseous from cleaning up that mess. They were both (Mom and Dad) exhausted. And I feel a little useless in this circumstance, because grandson isn’t comforted by me holding and rocking him. He just doesn’t know me well enough. Anyway, he was fine a couple hours later, though very tired.

Poor little guy. Just glad no one else caught it.

I’m flying home Tuesday, and it’s making me anxious. Denver airport is SO busy, the TSA lines are legendary. But I’m going to ask for wheelchair assistance because it’s way too far for me to walk. And I have TSA pre-check so hopefully the lines won’t be as long, and with a wheelchair I should get moved right along. Then fly for 4 hours, read and sleep. And I’ll be home. I am anxious to get home. I think I overstayed my visit. It would have been better to stay only 2 weeks, but that’s hard to do over Christmas. I wanted to beat the real holiday traffic so came here on the 15th of December, and am returning Jan 10 (Tuesday), and I’m hoping all the people going home after the holiday have already gone.

I hate traveling by air. Hoping the plane leaves on time, not 6 hours late like when I came. I can deal with an hour, even two, but not6 hours. So wish me luck.

Since I’ve been here, Lucian, my grandson has learned to climb stairs, clap, play peek-a-boo interactively (meaning in return for us hiding our faces/eyes, he will then cover his eyes, well, one of them, and try to surprise us back. It’s so cute. It’s amazing to spend time with him, and watch him develop right in front of my eyes. Such a blessing.

While I love spending the time here and being with everyone, I am doubtful I would do it again, especially not in the winter. It’s just too cold and dry for me. My lips are ridiculously chapped, and my fingertips are cracked on the corners. I’m always cold here. I would feel better about the traveling if Dan were with me. It is what it is. Soon I’ll be home, and I can’t wait.

I’m trying to manifest a trip home that’s safe, and easy. If anyone wants to send some energy my way toward that end, I’d be so grateful. Love and light to all.


3 responses to “About to Head Home

  1. Good luck! I hope you’re able to get home this time around! I can’t imagine staying anywhere with family for over a week. 🙏🏾💙

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