So deep, so central

Check this guy out at Havoc and Consequence. He’s remarkable!

Havoc and Consequence

Pretty pieces, pretty please.
Tie these moments down to my knees.
Kiss me once and kiss me twice.
Run your fingers through my life.
Rock me to sleep with your cooing words.
Then fly me to the moon on big lunar birds.
Or down to the depths like ocean horses.
Singing softly songs in subterranean choruses.
That drift out of caves, and onto the tide.
Covered in shells down deep where I hide.
Because it’s in your arms, and in your heart.
Where I crawl when things get dark.
And touch your warm skin when mine’s like stone.
For in your eyes, it feels like home.

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The Fabric

It was a beautiful fabric. Woven of fine gold and silver threads, And the colors of the rainbow. Shimmering in the sun Twinkling under the stars. A small imperfection appeared Barely noticeable by most. Ignored, it became weighted Suddenly tearing the fabric Demanding attention. Cold air blew in Shivering, I backed away Looking for a … Continue reading