November 8: Elections, Full Moon, and Total Eclipse. Wow! Lots of Energy!

I missed the eclipse. Dang it. For some reason (probably my own inability to understand what I read about it) I thought it was tomorrow morning. Although, I do know that the date changes at midnight so tomorrow morning would be Nov. 9th. Not 8th. Talk about stupidity.

I am pretty confident that whatever energy I would have gotten from it, had I been awake at 5 AM today, would still seep into me. Like reiki, you can fall asleep during a session, the benefit to you doesn’t change (unless you are the practitioner! Obviously the practitioner can’t go to sleep!).

I admit to waking up feeling a little strange. Like in some kind of nervous anticipation. I attributed it to the election. With so many close races, among candidates who are diametrically opposed, and are very close in the polls. It’s just scary to think about the direction this country may take. But it may have been the full moon and the total eclipse sending those vibes. I hope so……

I don’t think I want to watch the news today or tonight. I don’t believe they will be able to call these close and oppositional races by the time I am in bed tonight because of all the mail-in ballots (mine one of them). I am grateful that the Tampa Bay Lightning has a game tonight which will preclude me from watching all the pundits make their predictions, because that’s what I believe is all we will see tonight. And hell, we’ve been watching them and reading them for months now.

I just want them to tell me who won, when they know.

I’m so sick of election ads, and texts, and emails. I voted weeks ago. Don’t need a reminder 10 times a day. I wish we were like the European countries, (I think it’s the UK but not sure) that only allow campaigning for 3 weeks. Lord, ours goes on for months and months, and by the time of the election I am so sick of it.

And you know, as soon as this election is over they will start on the 2024 election, 2 years away.

In other news, I am going to my son’s in Colorado for Christmas. He really wants me to come, and it’s my grandson’s first Christmas, so I’m going. But honestly, I told him next time I’m coming when it’s nice there. Like July or August when the weather is close to intolerable here in Florida.

My adorable grandson is now 9 ½ months old, and has his 3rd and 4th teeth coming in, so he’s earning the nickname “drooly boy.” He has learned to say “Da Da Da Da Da” ad infinitum and it’s SO cute. When son or daughter-in-law Facetime me with him, as soon as I say “Hi Lu! It’s gramma!” He breaks into this huge smile, as if he recognizes my voice. Which maybe he does because we Facetime a couple times a week.

This Sunday Dan bought us tickets to see “The Last Waltz”, the story of the group The Band’s last concert. It’s a theatrical presentation, at a theater in St. Pete. I’m looking very forward to it. (It’s also a movie you can catch on Amazon Prime.) It’s a great venue, in a great location. We’re going to dinner beforehand. It promises to be a great night out!

I’m very grateful to have these wonderful things to look forward to. Kind of tempers whatever happens at the polls today.

Love and light to all.

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