The sadness found me
As I tried to walk away
It called my name out loudly
I tried hard to stay at bay

But it chased me down and caught me
It sat me in the chair
Sadness tried to make me understand
What I was doing there.

Though my head was aching
My heart ached even more
Broken pieces of you and I
Were laying on the floor.

Now my work was before me
The task at hand was clear
I had to put them back together
I admit I had some fear

Fear I couldn’t do it,
As I picked each piece in turn
I welded them with tears
Wondering if I’d ever learn

When I’d picked up all the pieces
Put them back the way they’d been
I wasn’t sure it looked the same
As it had before my sin

Some think that it might be better
Than what was there before
Like the art of kintsukuroi
Is the value even more?

Time will tell if holds together
I hope I didn’t break the mold
Sadness told me it’s all I can do
Tell me, Will tears mend as well as gold?


By Deborah E. Dayen


Hands that are warm
Hands that are strong
Hands that hold me
The whole night long.

Hands that touch sweetly
Hands that can feel
Hands that are searching
Hands that know what is real

Hands that lift up
Hands that gently let go
Hands that are tender
Mercifully so.

Hands that caress
Hands that hold tight
Hands always loving
In the pale moonlight

Hands of a woman
Hands of a man
We’ll hold them together
For as long as we can.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Home-Grown Tomatoes! In January!

When I moved to Florida, one thing I expected was that fresh produce would be cheaper, especially in the winter because that’s really the growing season down here. First of all, let me say it is not cheaper. But what amazes me even more is how tasteless the tomatoes are that grow here.

Up north, in August and into September, when you stop at a produce stand and get farm-fresh tomatoes they are stunningly good. Big and red and juicy and so flavorful. Down here….big, maybe. Red? Not deep fire-engine, flaming red, but kind of a slightly rusty red. And flavor? No. They are basically flavorless.

So, some weeks ago, maybe 6 or 8, one of Dan’s neighbors gave him a couple of tomato plants, each about 6” tall. He told us they were heirloom tomatoes. Dan planted them in one of his grow boxes, in a sunny spot, and has been tending them faithfully. They are now about 3 ft. tall. He had to buy supports for them, and they seem to be standing up straighter. They also have not succumbed to cooler nights, as has the basil we just replanted. They have been getting flowers for about a month, but as usual with a young plant, the flowers fell off.

Yesterday, we returned to his house after being at mine for a few days. The last 4 or 5 days have been gorgeous Florida weather, with highs in the low 70’s, bright sun, low humidity….all the reasons you want to be here in the winter. (It is going to be cooler for the next couple of days, highs only in the low 60’s, overnight lows in the low 50’s.) But I digress. When we got back, we had three tiny tomatoes on the plant!

We are so excited! The prospect of 3 home-grown, heirloom tomatoes! So here’s hoping they make it to adulthood. Or whatever you call them when they are mature and ripe and ready to eat!! Oh, I guess you call them mature and ripe.

Whatever. I’ve never been a gardener, though I have usually had a pot of a few herbs outside my kitchen because I like to use them in cooking. You know, Simon and Garfunkel herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Oh and basil. Basil for caprese. In my old life with my ex, I had no sunny spot to have a garden. When I finally had my own house with a great sunny southern exposure, I didn’t have the back or knees needed to tend one. But these grow boxes are wonderful. They can be placed as high as you need them to tend them without breaking your back or knees. And you can fill the bottom with water, and go away for a few days, even in the hot weather, and they won’t dry out.

Please send all good vibes to our tomatoes! We can use all the help we can get. After all, the universe says it’s all about intention and attention. Dan’s giving the plants the attention. I am giving them intention. We’ll see, but it’s looking good so far.

Love and light to all!


Pics taken by me.


Safe Harbor

safe harbor

The windows were open
That cool breezy evening
The fresh air filled the room
Spreading the peace with it.

You touched my hand gently
your fingers crept up my arm
and then my neck
Touching me with the love
I’d hoped for all my life.

Leaning into each other
I could feel your breath in my hair
Your warmth countered the coolness of the breeze
I was safe, finally
Harbored in your arms
Nothing and no one could hurt me again.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

My Other Passion

I want to share with you my other hobbies/passions, which is making jewelry. I’ve been making it for about 11 years now. I work mostly with real stones, and am very into the metaphysical aspects of these stones. I sell my creations on my Etsy store, Below is a picture of a pendant I just finished and listed on my site. I would love to have you visit my store, and my Sundogs Designs facebook page, and maybe throw me a “like” if you like what you see! If you are looking for something in particular, you can reach me at . Here’s the picture!


Love and light, everyone!


Sundog Sighting – in Florida!

sundogs florida

I was at my house yesterday, alone. We’ve both been nursing colds, his worse than mine. Because his is worse, we’ve been staying at his house, because between the cold and his rotator cuff surgery he’s just more comfortable there. But I needed to get home to get some more meds and I wanted to finish up my writing prompt for my next writers group meeting on Sunday. I need to be alone and undisturbed to write these days, it seems.

I got to my house around noon, and ate some lunch. Then called my financial advisor for some advice. Not like I have a lot of money, just that what I have has to last me. Or I’ll have to get a job, horror of horrors! I called my attorney in CT, regarding an old issue she is still having to clean up from my now almost 9 yr old divorce. A property settlement.

I called Dan back, he’d called while I was on the phone with one of them. He had some news about the new fuel pump that is going on the boat, I told him about my calls. All of it was productive. A bunch of angst was allayed. We planned tacos for dinner, or taco salad to be more accurate. Then I turned to my computer and the draft of my prompt (published as Transformation, yesterday).

I re-read it, and I could see that the spiritual aspect of it had been left out. I changed a few things. What had been a yellow bird appearance, became a horde (Is that the right word?) of dragonflies, which many people believe (I almost said know, but not everyone knows it) to be a symbol of transformation. Ahh…there I had it, I went and changed the story to include them and left out the yellow bird singing. I was finally happy with the writing, and finished it off.

Then my son called. He manages a retail store in Denver, and was kind of stressed out by having corporate, national, visitors coming to his store. He’s been out of manager training for less than a month, so wasn’t feeling real secure. He called me to tell me how well the visit went. How the corporate exec who was there said out of the 72 stores he’d visited across the nation, my son’s was the cleanest, the best looking store he’d been to. My son was so up, I was so happy for him!

Around 4 PM I got in the car to head back to Dan’s, stopping at the grocery store for a few things we needed for dinner along the way. As I got on the entrance ramp to the highway, one of those almost complete circle deals, I was pointing due west. I was blinded, (metaphorically), by a brilliant light coming through some of the high wispy white clouds that were floating around in a brilliant cerulean Florida sky on the 70° afternoon.

I realized the spot was not the sun quite quickly, because the sun was even more brilliant than the spot in front of me. I got my sunglasses and could see the slight vertical rainbow next to the spot, and realized it was a sundog!

Now, sundogs require ice crystals to be in the air, up high, at just the right angle. In Florida they are pretty rare, as you’d expect. Not often cold enough here to form ice crystals at any level. But there it was.

For me, sundogs have always been a good sign. Not so much “good luck” as “things are going to be fine.” They are so amazing to see. They take my breath away. A cosmic phenomena extraordinaire. I was told once that they forecast bad weather, but that’s never been true for me. When i’ve seen them generally the next day has been like today, sunny, clear and gorgeous. They showed up when I needed a sign during my divorce. They showed up the day my Supreme Court decision regarding said divorce came through. It occurred to me as I drove down the highway with a huge smile on my face, that my efforts this afternoon, in dealing with issues, with working on my prompt until I got the right spiritual undertone, not to mention my son’s success were actually the universe working in my behalf, (and my son’s and Dan’s!) and me allowing it, listening to my inner self, and going with the flow, were all being rewarded by the sight of this brilliant sundog. A sign. I think they are everywhere, we just have to be willing to see them.

As I got off the highway and turned my head left to see oncoming traffic, I found the other sundog on the other side of the sun, even more brilliant. This one stayed as I stopped at the grocery store, and was only fading slightly as I got to Dans, and excitedly told him about the sundogs. He indulged me, and came outside where we could see them both, on both sides of the sun.

I’ve been a little worried lately with this wild economy, and other issues. Yesterday, I was able to turn down the noise and allow the silence and stillness to take over, and, as it always does, the Universe let me know it heard me, and not to worry. The same message as always: Everything is going to be ok. All is well.

Here’s wishing sundog sightings to all. Love and light too!