End of Summer Wrap Up

As summer winds down, I find myself looking forward to the cooling down of Florida. Maybe not so many thunderstorms, which occur daily. (Tampa Bay has the most lightning strikes in the country, and it gets wild here in July and August.)

I started a project at home last week. Complete and total. Down to the plaster walls. I took out the ancient bathtub and am having a walk-in shower installed. All new tile, new vanity, lights, fan, toilet. The bathroom needed the attention bad. I’ve been staying at Dan’s because obviously, the house is without a working bathroom for probably another week. I’m so excited about this makeover. My house is 100 years old, well almost. 96 years to be exact. When the contractor took down some of the walls, he found newspapers from 1945 and another from 1938. I assume it’s been done over since then, but a complete teardown.

I started up with physical therapy again for my back/leg/hip issues. The first couple visits were torturous, but now, my third week in, I am feeling better and stronger. The insurance gave me 3 weeks, and I’m hoping I can get 3 more after this. I finally feel like I’m making progress getting the pain down, and feeling stronger every day. I am tentatively going to my son’s house in CO for the holidays, so would like it stronger by then.

My little grandson continues to be the light of my life. He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever known, his face always lights up when son FaceTimes me with Lucian next to him and I say, “Hi Lu!! It’s Gramma!) He has recovered so well from his open heart surgery. He’s experimenting with standing up now, and may be thinking about crawling. I talked with him and his big sister today before sister went to school.

Anyway, life is rolling along here. It’s hot, around 90 every day, humid, around 65% to 75% daily. You can’t sit outside basically. But soon all this hot stuff will blow away, and we’ll have our beautiful FL weather back.

Love and light to all.

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