I’m in a Foul Weather Mood

It’s raining. Again. For about the 100th day in a row. Ok, not really 100 days, but a lot. It rains here in Florida almost every day in July and August. But the sun comes out too, for most of the day. Normally. But this past July, it rained 18 inches. And this week? I don’t know….only that we’ve been under flood watches all week.

It’s a little dreary, to say the least. However, it keeps the temps down so that’s a good thing. But if the sun manages to peek out for 5 minutes, it takes about 1 minute for the air to heat up and the humidity, already at about 82%, turns it into a sauna.

The roads here don’t drain well. Too low and flat, I guess. IDK. All I know is that walking across the street in the commercial district yesterday was tricky, because there were giant puddles in all the crosswalks, and I began sliding around in my flip-flops as I walked down the sidewalk.

I know, bitch bitch bitch. A little whine too. Maybe more than a little. But hey, I’m on a roll, so why stop here?

I usually read Apple News on my phone to get my news. Lately, everything I read, every single story, is chaotic. Some are ridiculously so. From one extreme to the other, so that the important ones, like the melting of all the polar ice caps, and the billions of ice that melted in Greenland in July alone, get lost. And I’m thinking, WTF?  Trump wanting to buy Greenland is a bigger story than the fact that the ice is melting, wildfires are raging in Alaska and Siberia? I mean, what am I missing here? I have to stop reading it every morning before my head explodes.

Bitch, whine, bitch, whine.

This morning I cleaned my coffee maker, because the little “clean” light came on, reminding me that it was time. So, I filled it with water and vinegar, changed the water filter, ran it through and then filled it again with plain water, to make sure the vinegar was all out of it. I pushed the start button and guess what? It wouldn’t go on. I kept pushing it, about 50 times, it finally went on. But this happened the other day too, and I ignored it, writing it off to something I did. This time I didn’t do that. I decided I needed a new coffee maker, before I found myself unable to make coffee in the morning. Because, that would be a disaster. I can’t even talk before I have a cup, except basic cursory words, like yes, no, ok. Poor Dan, who loves to talk and wakes up in conversation, and is telling me jokes as I pad into the kitchen on my arthritic legs and feet. Basically ignoring him until I get a cup. So tomorrow I will have a new coffee maker, for which I paid $71 plux tax on Amazon. It also has a separate thing on it to make hot water, which I think will entice me to make more teas and maybe even hot chocolate once in a while.

Ok, enough of the coffee maker. Boring.

We performed a sound healing on Tuesday. We were happy with our performance, but not the crowd size. Everyone who has come except 2 people have been our friends. The woman who owns the yoga studio where we hold the sound healing does not seem to be bringing in any of her yoga students, but maybe she doesn’t have many. Anyway, we are trying to come up with ways to generate more interest in what we do. It is heartening though, that there are a few people who really get it, and love it.

Well, maybe I’ll go bang on the gong now, and see if I can’t get out of this bitchy whiny mood. Packing up my stuff to head to Dan’s in a little while. Maybe it will stop raining at some point and we can go in the pool or the hot tub over there. Love and light to all.


Coming Home

Note:  I have chosen to write this as though it were fiction because I needed to write something for my writer’s group on Sunday.  But it’s a true story.  Enjoy.  

For a reason that defied her ability to figure it out, she was a little bit nervous about the plane ride home. They had good seats, 5 or 6 rows back. He was sitting next to her, dozing on and off. She had her nose buried in her Kindle, reading “Torch” by Cheryl Strayed.


They had eaten before they boarded the plane for the 3 ½ hour flight home.  It would be a long time to sit still. At the last moment, he’d run back to the shopping area of the terminal and bought two inflatable neck pillows. After all, it was 6:30 in Denver, but it would be 12:30 by the time they got to Tampa, and anything that might help them to catch a few zz’s would be welcome.

They’d been to see their kids. His daughter had a new boyfriend. Her son had a not new girlfriend, but she had not met her yet, or her 7-year-old daughter. They had rented a car, and then had to deal with the stress of driving a car they were unfamiliar with, on roads and highways they were unfamiliar with. So, the trip had its stressors on top of the normal stress of traveling 2000 miles to see your only kid.

Now, sitting in their seats while the flight attendant gave the safety talk, she closed her eyes, with the kindle laying in her lap, and quietly let out a long deep sigh. It was done, this fact-finding mission out west, tempered with wanting to see their kids after many months. She talked to her son every day. She knew he was ok, she was part of his life. But, nothing beats a warm, smooky hug from your kid.

Well, almost nothing, she thought glancing at the man dozing next to her, the arm-rest raised between them. She squeezed his hand, he squeezed back, and fell back into his rhythmic half-sleep breathing, somewhere between a deep breath and a snore. The flight attendants sat down, and the plane began to roll. Behind her closed eyes, she was repeating whatever came into her head: Ho’oponopono, the Buddhist Metta Prayer, So Hum, Aham Brahmasmi….over and over until she heard the wheels retract and the plane leveled off  . It was just her way.

She finally opened her kindle, and as she did the lights in the cabin dimmed. Most of the side ports were closed, shades down. It was very dark in the plane, save the lights for the bathroom and up at the flight attendants station.

As she was reading, she became aware of some movement in the dark, in her peripheral vision. She looked up, but nothing there was moving. She went back to the book, and the movement, a formless shadow within the shadow, again edged into her peripheral vision. And again, and again. Everytime she went back to her kindle, she was aware of movements in the dark. What were these? Was she really that tired that she was seeing things? The flight attendants were not walking around, because when they did, the cabin lights were turned on again. But she swore that something was moving in the aisle, a row or two ahead of her.

She decided to close the kindle and focus on the energy of these movements in the dark. She was reminded of the time the 4 spirits came to her during a gong bath.  On the way to this gong bath, years ago, she’d been deep in thought about the 4 spirits, the subject of Sena Jeter Naslund’s book of that name. It was about the 4 little girls who died in the bombing of a Birmingham church in the 1960s. Deep in her meditation that night, she had been out of her body, above it, and had seen 4 formless entities hovering over her as she lay on the floor while the gongs and crystal bowls played. When she was brought out of the meditation, the conversation going on among other participants at the gong bath was about spirits in the room, and how the veil is thin in a church (the gong bath was in the Unity Church), making it easier for the spirits to cross over to this realm. Totally veryifying the experience she’d just had as she lay silently, trying to absorb it all.

This time, though, she was not in a meditative state. She was just reading, and anxious to get home. She didn’t sense anything sinister about these entities any more than she had about the 4 spirits. To the contrary, their energy was peaceful and relaxing. She wondered if maybe they were a response from that realm to her brief but sincere meditation as the plane took off. At least, she thought, she didn’t see anyone or anything wing-walking and waving to her! But she definitely felt there was something, some kind of entity, there, in the plane, hanging around. And she chose to believe it was there to watch out for her, for all the passengers on that plane. It calmed and reassured her.

She finally dozed off, leaning her head on her travel pillow, her hand loosely holding his hand as he continued to snore softly.

Eventually, the plane landed, a nice soft landing. No bouncing the full plane and shaking people in the dark. It was 12:30 in the morning, and they were home safe and sound.

Their bags took forever to come around on the belt, but they finally did. Then they managed to find the Uber driver who would take them home. She was taken aback by the smell of cigarettes in the car, which they would have to endure for the ride home. Luckily, it was only about a 20 minute ride from the airport. It was about 1:30 AM by now, and the streets of St. Pete were deserted.

It was good to be home.

Going to Denver and Other Things

Hey folks! I’ve not been around much, which seems to be the new normal for me. I still love writing but have tempered it. I think I have too many irons in the fire. Sound healing, the boat, writing, making jewelry (which I’m doing less of than writing). Tomorrow I will add some traveling to that, as Dan and I head to Denver to see our respective kids. His daughter lives 12 miles from my son. Very convenient.

It will be a short visit, 5 days. We’re staying at his daughter’s, who has the room. We’re renting a car and I’ll be spending most of the time with my son and Dan with his daughter, though we will have a couple dinners, etc with each others families.

I’m excited for the obvious reason that I haven’t seen my son in almost a year. He has had a gf for the last 2 years, with whom he lives and with her 7 year old daughter. He loves that little girl, who calls him Dad. The thing is, I have not met them. He’s come to visit me alone, and I haven’t been out there since I moved here. So, I’m very anxious to meet them. He’s very proud of this little family, and their home.

Dan’s daughter has a new boyfriend who Dan has not yet met. And she has his two grandsons, ages 7 and 9, and it’s always fun to spend time with them. Exhausting, but fun. She also has a new house (new to her) so he’s looking forward to seeing that as well.

We’re all packed, we have the Uber scheduled to pick us up early tomorrow morning and we will be off.

If we could just get there without flying.

We will have a sound healing to perform on August 13, which will be good timing. We found a great venue to use to do it once tourist season starts up in the fall. This little break will be good for us, we got a little saturated with gongs etc, in the 2 months we prepped.

We have done a little simplifying of our lives though. We’ve hauled the boat and brought it home, and have given up our slip at the marina. Seemed crazy to pay for a slip for it, since it’s too hard to go boating here in the summer. You can’t sit outside here in the summer it’s just ridiculously hot, or else it’s monsooning. And stuff grows on the boat so quickly, that we were paying a diver to clean it every 2 weeks. The boat is capable of doing 35 mph. After 2 weeks in the slip it barely breaks 10 mph. We are also a little disappointed that there is no social life down at the marina. It’s a different world than I experienced up north, and while the water here is beautiful, it isn’t what we expected. Boating is losing it’s glow for us down here. I imagine that wi

We’re seriously looking to consolidate our homes into one, watching the real estate market here, and beginning to get things done to make each of our houses salable. It will require a lot of planning and hassle, but is the only thing that makes sense right now. Not to be paying 2 electric bills, 2 cable bills, 2 property tax bills.

So life changes, things and circumstances change. Dan and I seem to weather the storms well. We enjoy each other’s company and pretty much feel the same about most things. Plus neither of us feels the need to demand much of the other. We both have our lives, they blend well. Life is good. I’m off to make final packing preparations. Love and light to all.

Oh Mercury, Perception is Everything

Oh my, Mercury is retrograde, and it’s really in a bad mood about it.

First, about a week ago, my phone wouldn’t connect to the internet. In my house. Fooled with it for a long while, finally got it reconnected. Then, about the next day, Dan’s phone wasn’t connecting, same symptoms, but now my phone was working, but not his.

Ok, we got that fixed.

The next day, I was having writers group nere at my house. On the floor in the living room I had a big basket which held the modem, the router, and a couple old computers. Since I had to rearrange the stuff in my living room to make room for a 2nd, bigger gong. That’s another story, for another time. Suffice to say that my tiny little house, 900 sq. ft, is full…..and I needed to clear the floor as best I could so the 7 friends who were coming over could walk to the bathroom and kitchen without tripping over the basket. So, to remove it from the floor, I began to unload it. The computers got put somewhere else. The cords of the modem and the router were tangled with an HDMI cable that was in there, so I unplugged the router, untangled the cord, replugged it into the router and voila! The internet wasn’t working. At all. On any device. Not the TV, not the laptop, not either phone.


Dan and I tried til late into the night to get it running. Finally, we opted out for the night and played cards. The next day we couldn’t work on it, because we had to pull our boat out of the water to give it a good cleaning. As it happened, we did it during a full moon low tide, with a huge mean thunderstorm approaching, and a myriad of problems came with our attempt at doing this culminating in our leaving it in the marina parking lot til the next morning when we went back to get it in the nice humid 90-something degree heat. We brought it home, and commenced scraping barnacles and other crud from it. When it got too hot to continue, we went into the house, showered, ate, and took a nap. The heat here in July is exhausting.

Ahh the joys of boat ownership in Florida. But that too is another story for another time.

We headed back to his house to check on his mother and actually take a break from the internet, and the boat. We stayed there for a few days, it was kind of like a vacation. Today, we came back to my house. We had a practice for the sound healing scheduled. When it was over, we got back to work on the internet. We put the router back to its factory default settings and finally, after running through it about 5 times, got it working. So, tonight, the TV, the laptop, and both phones are connected to the internet and working!

I feel like we won a battle against Mercury, who was being vindictive because he was aggravated that he was going backwards, even though he really wasn’t. But then, perception is everything, isn’t it?

I think I should clarify somewhere here that Dan, awesome guy that he is, does not buy into the Mercury retrograde making all the electronic communications go haywire. But I’m working on him, lol.

We have our 2nd sound healing Tuesday night, and we’re pretty excited. We have gotten a LOT of good feedback, from people we don’t even know. We took a gong to open mic night, and were very hesitant, because, let’s just say, it is not really a sound healing venue. But there were people there who really loved it, kids at the restaurant that wanted to touch it. The place went silent when Dan was playing the gong, and the applause after was real, and heartwarming. So we are hopeful that this 2nd sound healing will draw a few more people than last time, and that we will continue to slowly grow this thing.

I will still feel better when Mercury ends its backward trip that really isn’t, on July 31. Especially because we are going to Colorado the day before to see our kids. His daughter, my son. Both live in Denver. Makes it handy for us. Should be fun. Exhausting, but fun.

So I’m off to watch TV and relax. Love and light to all.



Thunder crosses my mind
As the rain pelts my brow
What was the point, anyway?

Scurrying back and forth
The thunder stops me

I lift my face to the darkened clouds
And let the rain wash away the angst
Cooled, and refreshed

I listen to the rumble in the distance
I see the clouds break,
Allowing the last rays of sun to bleed through

The day, in retrospect
Washed away some of the dirt
And nourished the life that it fell on.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Image from Cindy Adkins via Google Images


Sound Healing Update and Other Stuff


Good Vibrations Sound Healing Instruments

We named our sound healing group. We aGood Vibrations Sound Healing. We have our first paying gig next Tuesday, the 9th, at a yoga studio close to my home. We played there for a short free session during their summer solstice ceremony, just to give people a chance to hear what we are about. It was very well received.

I’ve made us a FB page for Good Vibrations. https://www.facebook.com/Good-Vibrations-Sound-Healing-2198505450267912/?modal=admin_todo_tour is a link to it. I’d be honored if you took a look, and even “liked” the page.

We are very excited about this gig. We will be playing there twice a month for at least the next few months.

Other than preparing for this first sound healing, which means lots of practice together, Dan and I have been out in the boat for a day anchored off of the beach at a little island that is a nature preserve, called Shell Key. We also had to spend a morning cleaning up my yard after a violent storm the other day which took down tons of limbs, palm fronds and part of my fence. Now I need to find out if my homeowner’s insurance will kick in anything for the fence. I’m guessing it won’t, but can’t hurt to find out.

Today we took his mother’s hearing aid to be fixed and while we were waiting I asked them to check my insurance (Part B Medicare) and see if they give anything towards hearing aids. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they do, $500 per ear. It’s not a lot, but it’s a nice chunk. I have a significant hearing loss in one ear. I’ve had it for decades, caused by otosclerosis, or bony growths on the eardrum. It can be corrected surgically too, so I may go that route too. But I am sick of having to blast the TV and try to cup my left ear to hear people talk, especially in a crowd. So, gonna see what I can do to get it fixed. I also have cataracts that need to get removed. UGH. I feel my age when I think about this stuff.

We are also still trying to decide if we should try to add on to my house, or sell both our houses and buy another jointly. My house is so old, 92 years, and if we are going to stay there, we have a lot of work to do before we could put on an addition. Thinking we will just fix the stuff that really needs fixing and then sell it. We will sell Dan’s also, his is a condo, and buy a house that’s a bit larger than my tiny house (900 sq. ft.) I still can’t believe how many houses down here are under 1000 feet, and the lots under 5000 sq. ft. Land is really at a premium in Florida, it seems.

It’s been monstrously hot here, over 90° every day with heat indexes of over 100°. We are at that time of year when we often take 2 showers a day, and stay inside all afternoon. It’s just crazy hot. We are trying to plan a trip to Denver the first week of August. Also planning to go to CT in September for a wedding, but we aren’t quite sure we want to spend the money. Plane fare, hotel room for the wedding, gifts, additional spending money for dinners etc. Not sure we want to spend that much even though I’d love to go.

Well, all is well for the time being. Hope it’s all well with all of you too. Love and light to all.