A Day in The Life

It’s chilly in Florida today. In fact, it’s been chilly since I came back from Colorado. Not chilly like it was there, but chilly for Florida. Like into the low 50’s or even the 40’s, God forbid. Cold enough to wear socks to bed. Because, I cannot get warm when my feet are ice cold, and if they don’t warm up within a half hour of shutting my light out, I have to wear socks. Like an old lady.

But then, I guess I am old, somewhat. 71, almost 72. So I don’t really give a shit if someone thinks I am an old lady for wearing socks to bed, and truth be told, who the fuck would know? Unless I told them, and the only person I told, I think, is Daniel. Who also wears socks to bed. So there.

Last night I was at his house. We watched hockey, The Tampa Bay Lightning, from 4 to about 7. Then I made a pbj for dinner and we put on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game, which is otherwise known in these parts as The Brady Show. Only last night did not go their way, they lost by a mile, and are out of the playoffs. Tom Brady did not put on a good show. (31-14 against the Dallas Cowboys.) Oh well. No 8th ring for Tom Brady. Most of us think he should have stayed retired last February, because he definitely is not up to the kind of performance we are used to from him. I watched it til the 4th quarter, and then it was painfully obvious that it was a losing proposition, and I went to bed.

I like football ok, but am not an avid fan, like I am of the Lightning. I would have watched the hockey game til the end, but the Bolts won it handily in 3 periods, 4-1 against the Seattle Kraken. So the Bolts started their 5 game road trip with two wins. They have 3 more games until they are home, I think.

I woke at about 6:15 this morning, absolutely starving. I had a few pieces of cut up fruit and then went back to bed. I curled up next to Daniel, and we both went back to sleep. Me until about 8:30, Dan til about 10:15 or so. So, as is our custom, we sit at the table in the kitchen and rehash the overnight news from our phones. Until this morning about 11:00 he realized it was Tuesday and he had to take his brother to the doctor, which is a weekly occurrence. This week it’s worse, he has to take him to another dr onThursday, and maybe on Friday, though Friday could be an appointment for Dan. Then he has to take his mother to an appointment on Monday.

He goes on all the dr appointments because neither his 96 year old mother or his 71 year old brother can hear, even if their hearing aids are on. So he listens to the drs, and then fills his brother/mother in on what the dr. said. His mother was told to get herself to a kidney dr, and she refuses to go. The dr told her it wasn’t optional, that she NEEDS to see the kidney dr. So, since she refuses, I’m taking a guess that kidney failure may be what does her in. Not that I’m hoping for it, but it seems like she was told vehemently to go, so I’m taking a guess her kidneys are not in good shape. I just hope she doesn’t

put herself in any pain from not going.

I left Dan’s around noon. I went to the grocery store, since I didn’t feel like I had any decent options for dinner at my house. I came home, put the stuff away, and decided to go sit on my back deck and read. I love reading out there, especially as the day winds down and I don’t have to deal with the sounds of construction from across the street, where they are building a 2-story home with a garage, filling almost the entire property with this house. A yard is non-existent here. The lot is about 3900 sq. ft, and the house takes most of it. The lot was sold for $101,000. Ridiculous for such a teeny, tiny lot. But the values here in Gulfport are crazy anyway.

As it was, it was too cool outside to sit out there long, so I came in and read. Fell asleep a couple times while doing so. Boring day, really. But it was nice to be home.

Tomorrow I am going to do reiki on a friend who has sciatica, something new to her. She is walking with a cane, so I know she is in some pain. Maybe reiki will help her. I hope so. It’s been a long while since I did it on anyone, because I was gone for so long to Colorado.

My grandson is so funny, speaking of Colorado. He learned so many things while I was there, like clapping, crawling up the stairs which gives every adult in the room a heart attack as we all leap up and try to bring him back down the stairs. He can’t walk, just crawl, but he is FAST. He also learned to play Peek-A-Boo, and it’s so funny. He covers one eye so he can still see you and where you are. He did it on Facetime with me, and put his hand up on his forehead, not covering his eyes. He also does a high-five. He’s so adorable, I love that baby so much.

Needless to say, I am looking quite forward to Florida weather returning here. But it will be awhile. Usually warms up in February. And many people, I know, would say “Count your blessings when it’s above 65° in January.” So with that in mind, I will be grateful I’m not in Colorado and that Florida is bound to warm up soon.

Love and light to all.

About to Head Home

I’m still in cold and snowy Colorado. I’m certainly enjoying the time with the grands, and my son and his girlfriend, but honestly, I am ready to go home. I miss my life, I miss Dan, and my good friends in Gulfport. But it’s another week away, so I have been working to manifest good weather on January 10. I’m flying Southwest, and I’m hoping that they have all their problems resolved.

I’ve been staying in the basement, where there’s a spare bathroom, and a spare bedroom, laundry, etc. I’m sleeping on an airbed, because it’s much firmer than the extra bed and much easier on my back. Early this morning I heard my son running up and down the stairs. He made a lot of noise doing this, because he’s a big man. So I finally decided I might as well get up and go see what was going on.

Turns out my grandson had been vomiting for a couple hours, all over his mom, and his mom and dad’s bed. And he was not a happy guy. I’m just glad he didn’t throw up after I got up. My son, who had to go to work, was so nauseous from cleaning up that mess. They were both (Mom and Dad) exhausted. And I feel a little useless in this circumstance, because grandson isn’t comforted by me holding and rocking him. He just doesn’t know me well enough. Anyway, he was fine a couple hours later, though very tired.

Poor little guy. Just glad no one else caught it.

I’m flying home Tuesday, and it’s making me anxious. Denver airport is SO busy, the TSA lines are legendary. But I’m going to ask for wheelchair assistance because it’s way too far for me to walk. And I have TSA pre-check so hopefully the lines won’t be as long, and with a wheelchair I should get moved right along. Then fly for 4 hours, read and sleep. And I’ll be home. I am anxious to get home. I think I overstayed my visit. It would have been better to stay only 2 weeks, but that’s hard to do over Christmas. I wanted to beat the real holiday traffic so came here on the 15th of December, and am returning Jan 10 (Tuesday), and I’m hoping all the people going home after the holiday have already gone.

I hate traveling by air. Hoping the plane leaves on time, not 6 hours late like when I came. I can deal with an hour, even two, but not6 hours. So wish me luck.

Since I’ve been here, Lucian, my grandson has learned to climb stairs, clap, play peek-a-boo interactively (meaning in return for us hiding our faces/eyes, he will then cover his eyes, well, one of them, and try to surprise us back. It’s so cute. It’s amazing to spend time with him, and watch him develop right in front of my eyes. Such a blessing.

While I love spending the time here and being with everyone, I am doubtful I would do it again, especially not in the winter. It’s just too cold and dry for me. My lips are ridiculously chapped, and my fingertips are cracked on the corners. I’m always cold here. I would feel better about the traveling if Dan were with me. It is what it is. Soon I’ll be home, and I can’t wait.

I’m trying to manifest a trip home that’s safe, and easy. If anyone wants to send some energy my way toward that end, I’d be so grateful. Love and light to all.

The Holidays in Colorado, With Son and His family

Happy holidays to everyone.

I am in Colorado, at my sons house. I came here on the 15th of December, and I’m staying til January 10. Since I’m flying Southwest, I am hopeful that 2 more weeks is enough time for them to straighten out the mess that was created by the huge storm, and Southwest’s weird way of scheduling, etc. Whatever. I guess if I can’t get out by the 10th I’ll just stay at my son’s another day or three.

My grandson has been the highlight of this trip. He’s a little over 11 months old. He can crawl with speed, is working on getting up the stairs, says Da-da, (yells it, actually) and says Ba-ba, which is apparently what he’s calling anyone who isn’t Da-da. Including me, his mother, his sister… He has also learned to clap his hands, which is adorable to watch. He laughs a lot, especiallyif someone plays peek-a-boo with him

Damn, is he cute! His cousin who is 13 months old is here a lot, a beautiful little girl. They have such a good time together (though Lucian is still prone to grab stuff out of her hands at times.) It’s just been so much fun to have kids around at Christmas. The amount of presents under the tree was staggering, mostly because of the kids, but also because there were about 10 adults from the Lucian’s mother’s family here, all with presents for each other. It was, to understate it, quite chaotic. Especially for me because I am getting close to 72, and live alone, in a nice warm place. So the babies, Lucian’s big sister, and all these adults, and the resident dog and cat….I was slightly overwhelmed.

It has been cold here. (Like everywhere else.) The Thurs and Fri before Christmas it was -12 when we got up. And the highs for those 2 days was like +2, or +7….BRRRRRRR. It snowed a bit those 2 days, white powdery snow, that turned very icy very quick. But then the weekend was good, in the 40’s or maybe 50. Tues it was 68! Last night we were supposed to get 3” to 6” of snow, we got over a foot. Now its back down to temperate for this time of year. Crazy weather here.

Christmas night I had a long awesome conversation with Ellena, my 10 yr old granddaughter. She is wise beyond her years. She was showing her mom, dad and me the wooden box I gave her full of art supplies. It is her passion and she is SO talented. As we were talking about all kinds of stuff, she said to me, “Look at this! We started with something fairly small, (the box of art supplies) and it expanded into this big conversation.” Wow. Gotta love that girl. Since Gulfport (where I live in FL) is so full of artists, I told her next time she comes to see me, I want my artist friends to meet her, and her to meet them. They would love her.

I’ve been trying to help clean the house up, just because it needs it. It is not a priority for anyone who lives here, I seem to be the only person bothered by the mess. So I decided to kind of try to turn a blind eye, and let them live the way they want. I’ll pick up the toys and try to keep the kitchen cleaned up, but I tend to wear myself out doing stuff that no one really cares about. Example of the chaos: I brought my laptop here. My son plugged it in to charge it and I didn’t know it, and thought I’d lost it. Yesterday my daughter-in-law found it, 10 days or so after I got here, and luckily just before I actually bought another laptop. Thank God, I didn’t have to spend that money. That’s also why I’ve not written in a while.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. And hoping everyone has a great New Year’s. Love and light to all.

November 8: Elections, Full Moon, and Total Eclipse. Wow! Lots of Energy!

I missed the eclipse. Dang it. For some reason (probably my own inability to understand what I read about it) I thought it was tomorrow morning. Although, I do know that the date changes at midnight so tomorrow morning would be Nov. 9th. Not 8th. Talk about stupidity.

I am pretty confident that whatever energy I would have gotten from it, had I been awake at 5 AM today, would still seep into me. Like reiki, you can fall asleep during a session, the benefit to you doesn’t change (unless you are the practitioner! Obviously the practitioner can’t go to sleep!).

I admit to waking up feeling a little strange. Like in some kind of nervous anticipation. I attributed it to the election. With so many close races, among candidates who are diametrically opposed, and are very close in the polls. It’s just scary to think about the direction this country may take. But it may have been the full moon and the total eclipse sending those vibes. I hope so……

I don’t think I want to watch the news today or tonight. I don’t believe they will be able to call these close and oppositional races by the time I am in bed tonight because of all the mail-in ballots (mine one of them). I am grateful that the Tampa Bay Lightning has a game tonight which will preclude me from watching all the pundits make their predictions, because that’s what I believe is all we will see tonight. And hell, we’ve been watching them and reading them for months now.

I just want them to tell me who won, when they know.

I’m so sick of election ads, and texts, and emails. I voted weeks ago. Don’t need a reminder 10 times a day. I wish we were like the European countries, (I think it’s the UK but not sure) that only allow campaigning for 3 weeks. Lord, ours goes on for months and months, and by the time of the election I am so sick of it.

And you know, as soon as this election is over they will start on the 2024 election, 2 years away.

In other news, I am going to my son’s in Colorado for Christmas. He really wants me to come, and it’s my grandson’s first Christmas, so I’m going. But honestly, I told him next time I’m coming when it’s nice there. Like July or August when the weather is close to intolerable here in Florida.

My adorable grandson is now 9 ½ months old, and has his 3rd and 4th teeth coming in, so he’s earning the nickname “drooly boy.” He has learned to say “Da Da Da Da Da” ad infinitum and it’s SO cute. When son or daughter-in-law Facetime me with him, as soon as I say “Hi Lu! It’s gramma!” He breaks into this huge smile, as if he recognizes my voice. Which maybe he does because we Facetime a couple times a week.

This Sunday Dan bought us tickets to see “The Last Waltz”, the story of the group The Band’s last concert. It’s a theatrical presentation, at a theater in St. Pete. I’m looking very forward to it. (It’s also a movie you can catch on Amazon Prime.) It’s a great venue, in a great location. We’re going to dinner beforehand. It promises to be a great night out!

I’m very grateful to have these wonderful things to look forward to. Kind of tempers whatever happens at the polls today.

Love and light to all.

Tampa Dodged a Bullet. I Wish All of Florida Did.

What a difference a day (or two) makes. A week ago we thought, from all the reports then, that Tampa was in the bull’s eye from Ian. Over the weekend they postponed it until Tuesday. Tuesday came and went, as we all were busy prepping. Then Wednesday came and it finally began to look and feel stormy.

Tuesday I went to Dan’s and collected his mother against her wishes, to bring her to my house. My house is not in a flood zone, I have a gas stove, gas hot water heater, and a gas grill. With a generator thrown in for good measure. However, she’s a couple months shy of 96 and didn’t want to leave her home. She really never goes out unless it’s to a doctor appt. So, she is only comfortable in her own home. However, her and Dan’s house are only 6’ above sea level (mine is 22’) and both homes are in Flood Zone A, the most likely to flood zone. Had the storm surge come in as was predicted,at 5’-10’ above sea level the water would have been in the house. So we told her that it’s not an option for her to stay home alone.

Wednesday the storm started ramping up, as was predicted. But the landfall prediction moved south, to Ft. Myers. By Thursday morning, we found that the storm wasn’t coming here, the wind was down to probably about 50 mph. Instead of us having a direct hit, we dodged a bullet. There were a lot of branches and palm fronds down, a few trees fallen over, but nothing terrible. Meanwhile, the poor folks south of us will take months if not years to recuperate. My heart breaks for them.

Tampa Bay and our bay in Gulfport, Boca Ciega Bay, never had a storm surge. The wind must have made a pact with the tide god, because, as it did with Irma 5 years ago, the storm sucked the water out of the bays, and it came back in slowly, with no problem at all. No one in my small town on the water was flooded, the commercial district was dry, it was wonderful

Dan’s mother kept trying to get him to bring her home. But she had no electricity, so no AC, no ability to cook, no TV, no computer. We ordered dinner out, at the Italian restaurant in town which is our favorite, picked it up, and as we finished the power company texted Dan that his power was back on. So we packed up his mother, which is a chore with a 96 year old woman, but got her home, and she was happy to be there.

Thank God, because she was miserable when she was here and he and I both knew it. It’s hard enough caring for someone that can’t get around, and is so easily confused, so argumentative, and just downright mean at times. Not to mention she’s basically deaf, and everything has to be repeated to her, and what doesn’t, only doesn’t because what she hears is half the story and you don’t know she didn’t hear you until she tries to repeat things back and nothing makes sense. I have been trying to find more compassion in my heart all week, but forgive me, I was so glad to see her go. I wouldn’t have done it any different, I mean, I could never have made her go to a shelter, or try on her own to figure out how to get herself to dry ground. I have no problem cooking for everyone, or any of it. It’s just her temperament. It’s frustrating to be trying to deal with her, especially under a stressful situation like a hurricane.

But anyway, we got through it, and I am enjoying having my house to myself again, and Dan is enjoying peace and quiet at his house.

But the people who live south of here….. I feel so sorry for them, I mean the towns down there were flattened with 150 mph winds and 12’-18’ storm surge. That’s 12’ to 18’ above the ground. I don’t even know how many lives were lost. They had so little time to prepare, because until Tuesday, late, everyone thought it was coming to Tampa.

I hope everyone is safe and well. It’s been a stressful few days, but today we were all saying the storm blew summer away, which is a good thing here. Today is was 75°, and fairly dry, not a cloud in the sky. Just heavenly.

Love and light, and many prayers of thanks, and concern going out tonight.

End of Summer Wrap Up

As summer winds down, I find myself looking forward to the cooling down of Florida. Maybe not so many thunderstorms, which occur daily. (Tampa Bay has the most lightning strikes in the country, and it gets wild here in July and August.)

I started a project at home last week. Complete and total. Down to the plaster walls. I took out the ancient bathtub and am having a walk-in shower installed. All new tile, new vanity, lights, fan, toilet. The bathroom needed the attention bad. I’ve been staying at Dan’s because obviously, the house is without a working bathroom for probably another week. I’m so excited about this makeover. My house is 100 years old, well almost. 96 years to be exact. When the contractor took down some of the walls, he found newspapers from 1945 and another from 1938. I assume it’s been done over since then, but a complete teardown.

I started up with physical therapy again for my back/leg/hip issues. The first couple visits were torturous, but now, my third week in, I am feeling better and stronger. The insurance gave me 3 weeks, and I’m hoping I can get 3 more after this. I finally feel like I’m making progress getting the pain down, and feeling stronger every day. I am tentatively going to my son’s house in CO for the holidays, so would like it stronger by then.

My little grandson continues to be the light of my life. He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever known, his face always lights up when son FaceTimes me with Lucian next to him and I say, “Hi Lu!! It’s Gramma!) He has recovered so well from his open heart surgery. He’s experimenting with standing up now, and may be thinking about crawling. I talked with him and his big sister today before sister went to school.

Anyway, life is rolling along here. It’s hot, around 90 every day, humid, around 65% to 75% daily. You can’t sit outside basically. But soon all this hot stuff will blow away, and we’ll have our beautiful FL weather back.

Love and light to all.

Crystal River, Nostradamas, and My AC on the Fritz.

Hope everyone is keeping cool, though I’m guessing not. Florida is often the coolest place on the map these days, we are usually in the low 90’s. Everywhere else is hotter. Seems weird!

Last week Dan and I took a short trip to Crystal River, about an hour and a half from home. It was hot there too, but we had a lovely room at a boutique motel. The grounds were amazing. Beautiful plantings and flowers everywhere. There were so many old old live oak trees, covered with spanish moss. It was just beautiful! We stayed in in the afternoon, because with the heat comes the thunderstorms, and we had a doozie one afternoon. Crystal River is known for being a place you can swim with the manatees, but we didn’t get to. Because it is off-season, the tour operators only run on Fri, Sat, and Sun. But we said before we went that even if we didn’t get to do much it would just be so nice to get away for a few days. It’s a beautiful spot, all kinds of back channels, and islands. Many people come by boat. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

The day before we were leaving I woke up to my air conditioning not working. I got someone to come out that day, and it needed a new blower, which they had to order. It just came in this morning, over a week later. I’ve been staying at Dan’s, because it’s been 85° to 91° in the house since we got back. A little too warm to stay there. But the technician is here now, putting in the blower, so my house may get cooled down soon!! I’m so excited about that. Staying at Dan’s was nice, but it’s nice to be home too. I may go back there anyway tonight, since Dan has an eye exam scheduled for tomorrow and needs a ride since they will dilate his pupils, making driving a little hard!

I’ve been reading Conversations with Nostradamas by Dolores Cannon. There are at least 3 volumes. She did a past life regression on someone that she knew, and the life this person went to was in the 1500’s, where they were a student of Nostradamas. The conversations are fascinating. He speaks through this person she has regressed, which he calls a vehicle. Many predictions that many of us have heard of, but also many new ones. I’m maybe halfway through the 2nd volume.

He wants her to go through all his 942 quatrains through which he makes his predictions, and get them translated correctly. It’s amazing the things he knew. I find it hard to put the book down.

Well, I hope everyone is safe and healthy in this crazy weather. Love and light to all.

A Friend Gets a “Bionic” Eye, and I Need Prayers For My Grandson.

Today I’m going to see one of my best friends who had eye surgery (not cataract) earlier this week. She has macular degeneration. She found out about this surgery from a class she had taken at a facility which helps people with that particular illness to learn how to cope with it. A tiny little telescope is implanted, much like a new lens in cataract surgery, in one eye. It enables her, or will, once it’s healed, to see normally out of that eye. The 2nd day she told me she could see 6 ft in front of her clearly, which she hasn’t been able to do for many years. And it just keeps getting better. She’s thrilled with the outcome.

Of course she has to let it heal, it’s swollen and blurry. And then she has to learn how to use it, and get used to seeing with this eye and the one with nothing implanted. She said she feels very unbalanced due to the differences right now. She’ll be going back for classes in dealing with all this for a few months. But she’s so excited and happy that she can see out of one eye perfectly. I’m so happy for her.

She didn’t want to have any company earlier this week, but called me and asked me to come over today because she obviously can’t go anywhere. It will be fun to see her, we always enjoy time spent together. Very much like minded. She is a constant reiki customer. She can’t really do reiki right now, because she can’t lie on her back much. But I suggested I could give her distance reiki from across the room, that I don’t have to touch her nor does she have to lay down for that. So maybe I’ll do that.

It is so amazing that there is something that can be done to restore her to significantly improved vision. It’s not an experimental surgery, many of these have been done. She needs rides to all her appointments, since she can’t drive (obviously) and the dr is in Sarasota, about an hour south of here. I have volunteered, as well as many of her large circle of friends.

Tuesday, the 5th, my beautiful little 5 month old grandson is having open heart surgery. One of his hearts ventricles is leaning and needs to be straightened out. It’s fairly routine, according to the surgeon. But for his parents, his sister, and me (as well as all their other family) it’s scary. To have a 5 month old is difficult to deal with emotionally. But I KNOW he will be fine. But still, I’ll be really glad when son calls me and tells me he’s in recovery and resting comfortably. The surgery will take about 4.5 hours, and he will be on a heart bypass machine. That scares me too.

He had his pre-op exam yesterday, and all of his risk factors were in the 1% to 2% range. In other words, he really had nothing that made this risky. But I’m writing about this hoping that you might set an intention, say a prayer, do whatever it is you do, for him. He’s such an adorable kid. So I thank you for it, in advance. I’ll update when there’s something to say.

Daniel and I are going to my friends 4th of July cookout on Monday. They live 3 doors down from me. Many of my, our, friends will be there. Then we may try to go to the fireworks our town puts on down on the beach. Seems like a good time is planned. Should help to keep my mind off of the baby’s surgery.

Again, I know he is going to be fine. I just know.

Love and light to all.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

This past week had so many highs and lows. I would have to say the lows were more plentiful than the highs, but at least there was a little good news, interspersed with the bad.

The good news is that a modicum of a gun control law passed Congress and was signed by the president. It was a tiny bit of good they did there, but it’s a start. It’s something.

I figured I’d go with the good news first because there’s so little of it.

The biggest, saddest, and scariest thing is, of course, what SCOTUS did to women. I can barely find the words to write about it. We’ve been set back 50 years. I’m sure if they could rescind the 19th amendment if they could. And the worst of them, The Dishonorable Justice Thomas, wants to revisit gay rights, and marriage equality, and every other damn right that we’ve fought so hard for.

I hate to use the word hate when it comes to people, but God help me, I hate them for treating all people who are different as 2nd class citizens. And I mean all, like women, and gay/lesbian, of different skin color. I often wonder how Justice Thomas, as a black man in America who grew up with Jim Crow, could arrive at the beliefs he espouses. He once described himself as an “uppity black man” during the Anita Hill hearings when he was trying to be confirmed to the court. I never thought he was, until now. Only I’d leave out the “black” in that description. Just leave it as an “Uppity Man”. Like the rest of those men who sit around grand mahogany tables and make laws with the intention of taking control of women’s bodies again.

Because they are terrified that how they’ve treated us is going to reap them the rewards they won’t like.

Women, and the men who support us, HAVE to get to the polls and elect people who will allow the court to be stacked so we can undo the damage done to us by 44.

And the last bit of bad news was only for Tampa Bay. We lost the hockey game last night, and with it, the Tampa Bay Lightnings chance of being a 3-peat Stanley Cup Champion. We really hoped they could do it, it just would have been so much fun. But the Colorado Avalanche was going for their first Stanley Cup in 21 years. They played hard, they beat Tampa Bay fair and square. I was happy for them, watching the pure childlike joy with which they raised the 130 year old cup, the oldest trophy in sports, over their heads. Soon it will be engraved with all their names, along with TV as was every other member of their team, the front office, the janitors, everyone who contributed large or small, to the victory. It’s the coolest sports moment of the year. All kids who play hockey (of which my son was one for 10 or 12 years) have the dream of winning that Cup, and the ones who actually make it to the pros keep that dream of hoisting that Cup over their heads their whole lives, and honestly many of them play 10-20 years, and never get to do that.

I will leave you on that somewhat high note today. Though I’d have loved it if the Lightning had wond it again, I’m genuinely happy for the Avalanche. As I typed this post tonight, the legendary Tampa Bay Lightning (and Thunder) was crashing all around me, in the biggest thunderstorm so far this season.

Love and light, everyone.


I guess I am the Covid kid. Or, more accurately, the Covid fully grown old lady. I am on Day 13 of this insidious disease. Everyone else I know who got it, had about a week of it, and they tested negative. My last test was this morning, and it was still positive, a nice dark test line. But I was only hopeful but I’m still real tired. So here I am.

How have I been spending my time? Let’s see. Monday Dan had to put his brother in a rehab facility. Not the kind for drugs. He’d been in the hospital with a number of serious issues. He was in for 11 days, half of it in ICU. In order for Dan to get him to the facility, he needed my car, because his brother is a big guy, with stitches from surgery, and an infection in his foot, and is unable to climb up in Dan’s truck. I had to drive over to Dan’s and switch vehicles with him. I was more than happy to escape the confines of my house for an hour or so.

I drove the truck home, and started to turn in my driveway. Keep in mind this truck is a Ford F150, with a back seat and long bed. As I turned into the driveway, I just forgot that I was not in my tiny Nissan Versa and didn’t turn wide enough to avoid scraping the side of the truck with the mailbox. I got out of the car and looked at the ugly scrapes down the passenger side of the truck. I pulled all the way into the driveway, went in the house, and began looking for some wax for the truck. Forget about how tired I was by now, still coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose, and my back hurt because I’ve not been able to exercise or anything that I need to do to continue building the strength in my thigh, back, and hip because I have Covid.

But nevermind, I was only concerned at this point with getting the mess off Dan’s truck, trying to get it looking better for when he saw it. I will admit, it triggered me something terrible because if Dan had been my ex, I would have paid the price for lapse in concentration. Finally I did a little self-talk and reminded myself that Dan would not kill me, or scream at me, or any of the shit my ex would do. I found some wax we’d used on the boat and got a couple rags, and got all the paint off of his truck. It took me at least an hour and every bit of energy I could muster.

I didn’t tell him about it, then. Because he had so much he was dealing with. His brother who was refusing so much of his treatment, and didn’t want to go to the rehab center. In the meantime, Dan was running over to his house (he lives about 500’ from Dan) to take care of everything for his brother. Literally. He was exhausted. I guess his brother realized at some point what he was doing to Dan, and stopped being so contrary. I didn’t tell him until today. He was, in his normal fashion, not angry, very forgiving. Knowing I was still really sick, and probably shouldn’t have taken it upon myself to handle the exchange of vehicles. But I begged him to not take it on himself. I was responsible, and I would fix it.

He’s such a good man. Didn’t flip out, put it on the back burner, and said we’d deal with it at another time. Not now, not with all the stuff going on with his brother. And of course, he still has to care for his 95 year old mother. Who comes with her own set of issues, but that’s another story for another day. And then there’s me, with Covid.

I went out this morning and looked at the truck, and it didn’t look half as bad as I’d thought. Not as big a deal as I thought.

Yesterday my BFF here in town went to the grocery store for me. I was so grateful. She actually gave me the Covid, unknowingly. She’d been over a few days before I got it, had a headache so she didn’t stay long. But, long enough. She kept saying how terrible she felt that I got it from her. And I know she did, but I told her if I didn’t get it from her, I would have gotten it from someone, because by now, I have not been as careful around others as I used to be. She brought my groceries and we sat on the deck for a little while chatting. It was SO nice, to feel well enough to do that, to sit and chat with her. We’ve been talking on the phone, and text, every day. But it was nice to have face to face contact.

It seems that the recovery from Covid can be slow for some of us. I have a weak immune system because of RA and diabetes. So I guess it just takes longer to rid your body of it. I’ll take another test on Sunday. Maybe it will be negative.

I am so glad that the NHL playoffs are on, because the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the playoffs, and they have won the Stanley Cup the last two years. They are going for a 3-peat. I’m very excited about it. Something fun to look forward to.

I am supposed to host our writers group on Sunday, but I think I will push it off for a week. I will probably be negative by Sunday, but still, the effects will be lingering, mostly the exhaustion. I am grateful for the free tests I got from the Covid.gov site, and from Walgreens. I got 16 I have 10 left, I think.

I’ve been reading a lot too. And taking naps. My house is in disarray, for me. Last night I made myself a nice dinner for the first time in 12 days. It tasted good, but it didn’t set well in my stomach immediately. I was happy it tasted good, because Covid really does take your sense of taste and smell. So I was obviously getting better, because I could smell and taste.

I totally missed the full moon eclipse. Didn’t even know about it. I’m glad a lot of people got good pictures and video on FB.

I guess the worst thing about this is that you have to go it alone for as long as it takes. Dan cannot even come over, and I can’t go there. Your friends call and text and chat but it’s not the same. It’s just that you feel shitty, and you just have to stick it out alone.

But I need to stop, this sounds like huge whine and I guess it is. The intention is not to elicit sympathy for this, because I got it so much less severely than many people. I got out of it without a hospital stay, I got out of it with my life. A million people in this country did not. I am grateful. Extremely so.

Love and light everyone.