Baby, It’s Cold Out There

I love sleeping with the windows open, fresh air wafting through my small house. Sleep is better with the windows open. It’s much sounder, more dreaming, much deeper sleep.

If the overnight temps are going to be in the 60’s, then it’s good to leave the windows open all night. Even if it’s in the low 70’s. But if you go below 60°, into the 50’s, it’s too cold. I was reminded of that l them when I realized it was all a dream, no one but me was there. Talk about a deep sleep, and a very confused 5 minutes of wakefulness. And I was still freezing, awake or asleep.

I finally decided to brave the cold, and climbed out of bed. I walked to the thermostat and turned the heat on. The house was 68° when I did that. I climbed back in bed after changing into a pair of fleece pajamas (told you I was freezing) and pulled the comforter up to try to allay the shivering. I finally decided around 7:45 to get up and make some coffee. On the way to the kitchen I walked past the thermostat, and temp in the house was 72°. Still chilly but much warmer. I checked the outside temp, wondering why it got so cold in the house, and it was 54°! Way too cold for open windows! And a long way from 65° which my phone’s weather app predicted.

I put on a lightweight cardigan, which I keep near my couch in case I get chilly watching TV at night when the AC is on and it tends to blow right on me. I was still freezing though the shivers seemed to have subsided. Finally, I was awake enough to know none of my family was there (though my parents might have been, with their view from another realm. But not so I could see them.) I checked my blood glucose, which was borderline low, and ate some fresh fruit to try to bring it up a little. Between that and my 2 cups of fresh coffee I was by now well awake.

But still cold. I was cold to the bone, for sleeping with a thin summer nightshirt and just a sheet and light blanket. It took me at least another hour before I was no longer cold, except for my hands. And, I still had on my fleece jammies. Outside, at 10:15, it had only gone up from 54° at 6:30 AM to 58°.

When I think about it, back when I lived in New England, I would have been happy to find my house at 68° when I woke up. I had fuel oil heat, and couldn’t afford it in the winter so I generally kept the house below 65° when I wasn’t home, and at night (sometime aided by a small portable heater in my room.) But now that I live in FL, 68° is cold, lol. And 54° is pretty cold for the outside temp here, but fairly common in January and February. Forget about raising the temp to 72°, that would have never happened in the winter up north. Rarely in the summer either, when I tended to cool the house to maybe 78°. I was a pretty cheap old lady then. But I had 2800 sq ft to heat/cool back then. Now I have 900 sq ft and can afford to heat or cool it.

But I still like the windows open when I sleep. I also have some affection for the dream I had. I have quite a few times thought my sis was staying here. (She lives a half hour away,) But I have never dreamed my parents were here. All of which is a story for another post sometime. But for now I am still luxuriating in my fleece pajamas, with my thermostat set to 75°.

Love and light, and HEAT to all!


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