Why I Have Such A Headache

Oh it’s been a helluva week. Yikes. And I have the headache to match. I’ll just run it down for you lest you think I am exaggerating.

Wed of last week, March 1. I came home from Dan’s and the house was at 80°, though the thermostat was set for 78°’s. I know 78 is high, but I turn it up when I am not home. It’s been in the 80’s’s here, but still, the thermostat was obviously running high.

Thursday March 2. I was home, had the windows open overnight because it cools down at night into the 60’s. But even though my thermostat was set for 74°, it got up to almost 80°. It was sunny, about 80°by mid-afternoon.

So I called the people who have always serviced it and the service man came Friday, March 3. Turned out to be the coil, which in and off itself costs $1,000, plus at least $500 for frion, not including the cost of labor, new piping, cleaning the unit our, etc.. The total came to $4k. They suggested I just get a price on a new unit, which I did later in the day. The brand new unit was a new last year’s model which they offered for $7k. So it seemed like a no-brainer to by the new one.

The only issue was now getting the money together. They planned to come with it on Monday, but called me Friday afternoon and could come Saturday to install it. So I said yes, because by now my house was heating up to 84° or so. So I still had the problem of paying for it, but they came and installed it. I had to do some creative accounting, but managed to get the $$ together. However, the idea of spending $7,000 out of the blue hit me hard, made me shake, get a headache, etc. But at least my house is cool.

I realize that it’s still winter up north so these temps probably sound absurd for the first of March. But it’s when it starts warming up here. However, I digress.

I am a huge hockey fan, the Tampa Bay Lightning is my team. It’s getting close to playoff time and while they will definitely be in the play-offs because they have a very winning record, they have a LOT of games in the next 5 weeks. Usually hockey teams get at least a day between games, but for a lot of the week they have been playing 2 days in a row. Of course, Dan and I watch all their games on TV. Anyway, they have been losing the last week or 10 days, which gives me a headache. I don’t know what the slump is about. They have literally 3 of the leading goal scorers in the whole league and why they are laying back Idk, but it gives me a headache.

I realize this is not the most important thing going on, but damn. The Bolts (which is what we in Tampa Bay afectionately call the Lightning) have been to the Stanley Cup finals in each of the last 3 seasons, and won it twice. It’s a grueling playoff, 3 rounds of best of 7 games, and then the final, also best of 7. So I worry that though they’ve made the playoffs, they don’t seem to have the urgency they need to go all the way. Hope I’m wrong. Anyway, they had a game both Saturday and Sunday, both of which they lost.

Sunday Dan and I got into a really stupid argument. Really dumb but also really real. That gave me a monumental headache. We resolved the issue by today (the 6th), but it threw me, because we so rarely argue. Maybe it was stress? Maybe.

I’ve been stressed over all of the above. Dan is still dealing with the health issues associated with his 96 year old mother, and his brother. And he’s taking them all to their dr appt’s, and I have filled in for him with the driving when they conflicted. More pressure. I could write a whole separate blog on what he’s dealt with, but I won’t bother you. This coming week is the first he’s had in literally months where he hasn’t had to take either of them to the dr. He doesn’t even just have to take them to the appts, he has to go in with them to the appt and translate what the dr is saying to them because neither one of them can hear. They both have hearing aids but they don’t really do the job for completely deaf people. And then his mom in particular will listen and say, “No, I’m not going to do that.” Like go to a specialist dr for something. It’s exhausting. His whole life revolves around their medical appts. I feel bad for him, to have to deal with all that, so I often don’t tell him about things that I need to talk to him about, which is not a good thing for a relationship. Because, as most of us know, you have to communicate if you want to stay together.

Onward. My new AC fit in the closet where the old one was, but it also doubles as a broom closet, cleaning stuff closet, tools, etc. Like the closet version of a junk drawer. I took it all out so they could get the new one installed, and now I have to find new places for all that stuff to go because it doesn’t all fit in the closet with the new AC. I’d take my time but I’ve having my writers group on Sunday so it all needs to be put away by then, so that I can actually find it at a later date. Plus, I have to do a bunch of food prep for them because they’ve all been doing meal like stuff etc when we’ve met. Not a whole meal but more than just a few snacks. I guess I’ll see what I can do, and not stress myself out over it. There’s that word again. Stress.

Lastly, it’s WordPress and this Jetpack thing they are switching to tomorrow. TOMORROW. I’ve known for as long as they’ve been putting up notices but thought it was optional. I don’t even know what I need to do, if anything, so this may be my last post for awhile, as I try to navigate whatever they’ve done. But hell, I’ve had this page since 2014, 8 years. I hope I can still post to it as I’ve been doing.

I do have a bright spot, and that’s when my son calls me on Facetime with my grandson in his lap. He plays peekaboo with me as soon as he sees me on the phone. He also waves, and claps, high-fives, and almost walks. But he’s so DARN cute. Just melts my heart, and melts all that stress away, at least for a few minutes. I love that he recognizes me as the one who plays with him on the phone. When we play peekaboo, he covers one eye, not both. Sometimes he does his ears, or the top of his head, but then always realizes it and goes back to covering one eye. ADORABLE.

So there you have it. Why I have such a headache. Sure hope things smooth out from here. I need a few weeks of stress-free life. Or just more Lucian time, lol. Left untreated, I think that writing about it here has helped it to dissipate.


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