A Day in The Life

It’s chilly in Florida today. In fact, it’s been chilly since I came back from Colorado. Not chilly like it was there, but chilly for Florida. Like into the low 50’s or even the 40’s, God forbid. Cold enough to wear socks to bed. Because, I cannot get warm when my feet are ice cold, and if they don’t warm up within a half hour of shutting my light out, I have to wear socks. Like an old lady.

But then, I guess I am old, somewhat. 71, almost 72. So I don’t really give a shit if someone thinks I am an old lady for wearing socks to bed, and truth be told, who the fuck would know? Unless I told them, and the only person I told, I think, is Daniel. Who also wears socks to bed. So there.

Last night I was at his house. We watched hockey, The Tampa Bay Lightning, from 4 to about 7. Then I made a pbj for dinner and we put on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game, which is otherwise known in these parts as The Brady Show. Only last night did not go their way, they lost by a mile, and are out of the playoffs. Tom Brady did not put on a good show. (31-14 against the Dallas Cowboys.) Oh well. No 8th ring for Tom Brady. Most of us think he should have stayed retired last February, because he definitely is not up to the kind of performance we are used to from him. I watched it til the 4th quarter, and then it was painfully obvious that it was a losing proposition, and I went to bed.

I like football ok, but am not an avid fan, like I am of the Lightning. I would have watched the hockey game til the end, but the Bolts won it handily in 3 periods, 4-1 against the Seattle Kraken. So the Bolts started their 5 game road trip with two wins. They have 3 more games until they are home, I think.

I woke at about 6:15 this morning, absolutely starving. I had a few pieces of cut up fruit and then went back to bed. I curled up next to Daniel, and we both went back to sleep. Me until about 8:30, Dan til about 10:15 or so. So, as is our custom, we sit at the table in the kitchen and rehash the overnight news from our phones. Until this morning about 11:00 he realized it was Tuesday and he had to take his brother to the doctor, which is a weekly occurrence. This week it’s worse, he has to take him to another dr onThursday, and maybe on Friday, though Friday could be an appointment for Dan. Then he has to take his mother to an appointment on Monday.

He goes on all the dr appointments because neither his 96 year old mother or his 71 year old brother can hear, even if their hearing aids are on. So he listens to the drs, and then fills his brother/mother in on what the dr. said. His mother was told to get herself to a kidney dr, and she refuses to go. The dr told her it wasn’t optional, that she NEEDS to see the kidney dr. So, since she refuses, I’m taking a guess that kidney failure may be what does her in. Not that I’m hoping for it, but it seems like she was told vehemently to go, so I’m taking a guess her kidneys are not in good shape. I just hope she doesn’t

put herself in any pain from not going.

I left Dan’s around noon. I went to the grocery store, since I didn’t feel like I had any decent options for dinner at my house. I came home, put the stuff away, and decided to go sit on my back deck and read. I love reading out there, especially as the day winds down and I don’t have to deal with the sounds of construction from across the street, where they are building a 2-story home with a garage, filling almost the entire property with this house. A yard is non-existent here. The lot is about 3900 sq. ft, and the house takes most of it. The lot was sold for $101,000. Ridiculous for such a teeny, tiny lot. But the values here in Gulfport are crazy anyway.

As it was, it was too cool outside to sit out there long, so I came in and read. Fell asleep a couple times while doing so. Boring day, really. But it was nice to be home.

Tomorrow I am going to do reiki on a friend who has sciatica, something new to her. She is walking with a cane, so I know she is in some pain. Maybe reiki will help her. I hope so. It’s been a long while since I did it on anyone, because I was gone for so long to Colorado.

My grandson is so funny, speaking of Colorado. He learned so many things while I was there, like clapping, crawling up the stairs which gives every adult in the room a heart attack as we all leap up and try to bring him back down the stairs. He can’t walk, just crawl, but he is FAST. He also learned to play Peek-A-Boo, and it’s so funny. He covers one eye so he can still see you and where you are. He did it on Facetime with me, and put his hand up on his forehead, not covering his eyes. He also does a high-five. He’s so adorable, I love that baby so much.

Needless to say, I am looking quite forward to Florida weather returning here. But it will be awhile. Usually warms up in February. And many people, I know, would say “Count your blessings when it’s above 65° in January.” So with that in mind, I will be grateful I’m not in Colorado and that Florida is bound to warm up soon.

Love and light to all.


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