To Be Willing

The sound of singing bowls
Circle the room
The low rumble of a lone gong
Fills souls longings
Waves of vibrations flow
Up and down the room
Through each person
Peace and joy fill the space
Where moments ago
Pain had lived.
Let go the fear
Let go the pain
Be willing to be free.


By Deborah E. Dayen




Creating a Sound Healing

I’ve not been around WP much lately. I have really been working at the gong: learning to play it, learning to coax new sounds out of it, different harmonies, different stories to tell. And I’ve been putting together a few people who will join me in creating a sound healing that we can perform in and around this small town.

So far, I have me on the gong, which is the focal point of the meditation. Dan will play the singing crystal bowl and my Tibetan singing bowl. Another friend will play her Tibetan bowls, and perhaps some shakers, bells or other instruments. One more will bring an ocean drum, and a rainstick, and perhaps a couple other drums. We’re going to get together next Wednesday for the first time to see how we do together.

I’ve been writing what I hope will be a good introduction for at least the first few. I can safely assume that most of the people who might come won’t have any experience with this, so I’m trying to explain what it is, how it works, without putting any expectations in people’s heads. I have also been working on a short guided meditation to bring people into the meditation. It will be short, only a few minutes, accompanied by the singing bowls, and will end with the gong coming in low and deep.

Next week I’m going to really begin to look for a place to hold this sound healing. I’m hoping we can be ready by sometime in July. I will offer the sound healing for a donation only, for the first few. Eventually, I want to get to a fixed price of $20 or so. I’ll have to see what the response is to it. I have a few leads on places.

This whole thing is a little outside my comfort zone. I’ve never been comfortable speaking in front of others. But the weird thing is that I am very excited to do this. I don’t really have a fear of it. Maybe because I am pretty sure that the first one will be mostly my friends, from my two groups, the writer’s group and the Spirit Girls. However, the guy who is bringing the drums holds a weekly guided meditation, so he might bring a following from that. At any rate, I don’t (yet, at least!) have any fear of any of this. In fact, I am really excited at the idea of sharing what has been such a healing thing for me with others.

At some point I’ll get back to more writing, and jewelry making. Going down to the boat today, and relax lol. Because that’s something else I’ve not done much of lately.

Love and light to all.

SoCS: Strain, In All It’s Many Forms


This post is a response to the SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) prompt on Linda G. Hill’s website (  ) .   The prompt this week is “Strain”.

Strain. Straining. Strained. All three in the last few days.

My normally good humor has been strained, by people who didn’t intend to, but did. I strain to get over it, to put it in the past, and I have been successful, most of the time. For some of the people who strain me, it’s easy to put it in the past. Because usually those people only strain me temporarily, and if I am honest, I strained them too.

For others, it IS in the past. Like people who you have made it a point to exclude from your thoughts and life, and they keep popping up, wanting me to talk to them, or react to them. I strain not to be exacerbated. This is the first time I have even mentioned it, but really, why would you hound someone who clearly hasn’t shown a bit of interest in talking to you in 2 years, despite repeated unsuccessful attempts? UGH. It does strain my good humor, momentarily. It’s not that I am angry, or hurt, or any of the things that I imagine are going through this person’s mind. It’s not that I’m afraid of them, not that I feel they can hurt me at all. I just have no interest in opening the door even a crack to them. They are just a personna-non-grata in my life. My life has moved on, and I am happy, and content with my life just the way it is. I wish they would just leave me alone. I wish that they would just move on, and maybe strain to find someone new in their life, or just make a new friend. It ain’t me, babe, in the words of Bob Dylan.

I played the gong for a bunch of my friends in the last week. Most of them loved it. But some of them strained to deal with the volume that the vibration can put out. It’s ok, it’s not for everyone. But my Spirit Girls all loved it. Others in my writing group loved it. I hope I can bring the kind of healing to others that it has brought me. It is absolutely no strain to play it. I can easily get lost in it. When I am irritated, or otherwise unbalanced, I can play the gong for a while, and literally, the unease, the dis-ease, leaves me. It’s a particularly beautiful and effective when combined with a singing bowl. So, the gong is a way to deal with the emotional strains that we all find ourselves with at times.

I strain to not shoot my mouth off about our Twitter-in-Chief, and his antics. He not only strains every brain cell I have, but he also scares me, because he (I believe) purposefully distracts us with the non-sensical stuff he does, and then gets away with bigger stuff that can hurt us. I’d LOVE to see him removed from office, but if the Dems keep on the course they are on, digging, digging for dirt, they will not find themselves with the most effective candidate for the next election, and he’ll win again. Which I believe he is straining to do, to distract from choosing, and supporting the best candidate as a party and then straining with all our might to elect him and thus throw the man out of the White House. Just my humble opinion.

And then again there’s that physical strain that we all, especially as we grow older, have to deal with. Backs, knees, hips, feet, ankles. I push myself so that I can remain mobile as I age, but RA makes it a real strain at times. My Daniel is still straining to regain full use of his shoulder and arm from surgery he had 7 months ago.

Lots of things strain us. And somethings, are just strained, like pasta. Fresh squeezed orange juice. Or smoothies. Those are things that are wonderful uses for a strainer. And they don’t cause any physical and/or emotional or mental strain.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and it will be no strain for me. We’re getting dinner at a good restaurant and bringing it home, and all I have to do is set Dan’s mother’s table. Don’t have to cart food and dishes back and forth from his house to hers and back. I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day is as wonderful as mine will be.

Love and light to all.



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Sometimes pain just lays in on you.
You don’t even know it’s there.
It can hide real well.
You feel a tweak
You deny.
You deny again.
And again.
And once more.

Then all of a sudden.|
It just lays on you.
Out of hiding
It covers your heart,
Your mind
And it just


There’s a truth in pain.
An honesty.
It would be refreshing
If it wasn’t so disconcerting.
But it is.
Spinning you dizzy
When the world you created
To deny that pain


The light comes in the cracks
The glaring bright light
The kind you shield your eyes from
Yet you still see it, behind your eyelids

Like looking at the sun
It blinds you
You have to sit with it
For an hour
Or a day
Or a week
But not forever.

You try to catch your breath.
You try to throw it off of you.
But it’s heavy
It’s weighted
Its origin is deep
Deeper than you knew

With every last ounce of your energy
You throw it off
It’s left you bruised and broken
And hurting.

But you still have your breath.
You can begin again.
Dig down.



By Deborah E. Dayen