Crystal River, Nostradamas, and My AC on the Fritz.

Hope everyone is keeping cool, though I’m guessing not. Florida is often the coolest place on the map these days, we are usually in the low 90’s. Everywhere else is hotter. Seems weird!

Last week Dan and I took a short trip to Crystal River, about an hour and a half from home. It was hot there too, but we had a lovely room at a boutique motel. The grounds were amazing. Beautiful plantings and flowers everywhere. There were so many old old live oak trees, covered with spanish moss. It was just beautiful! We stayed in in the afternoon, because with the heat comes the thunderstorms, and we had a doozie one afternoon. Crystal River is known for being a place you can swim with the manatees, but we didn’t get to. Because it is off-season, the tour operators only run on Fri, Sat, and Sun. But we said before we went that even if we didn’t get to do much it would just be so nice to get away for a few days. It’s a beautiful spot, all kinds of back channels, and islands. Many people come by boat. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

The day before we were leaving I woke up to my air conditioning not working. I got someone to come out that day, and it needed a new blower, which they had to order. It just came in this morning, over a week later. I’ve been staying at Dan’s, because it’s been 85° to 91° in the house since we got back. A little too warm to stay there. But the technician is here now, putting in the blower, so my house may get cooled down soon!! I’m so excited about that. Staying at Dan’s was nice, but it’s nice to be home too. I may go back there anyway tonight, since Dan has an eye exam scheduled for tomorrow and needs a ride since they will dilate his pupils, making driving a little hard!

I’ve been reading Conversations with Nostradamas by Dolores Cannon. There are at least 3 volumes. She did a past life regression on someone that she knew, and the life this person went to was in the 1500’s, where they were a student of Nostradamas. The conversations are fascinating. He speaks through this person she has regressed, which he calls a vehicle. Many predictions that many of us have heard of, but also many new ones. I’m maybe halfway through the 2nd volume.

He wants her to go through all his 942 quatrains through which he makes his predictions, and get them translated correctly. It’s amazing the things he knew. I find it hard to put the book down.

Well, I hope everyone is safe and healthy in this crazy weather. Love and light to all.

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