Yep, I Got Covid

Well….I got Covid. Friday I took a test which was negative. (I was exposed on Wednesday.) Saturday I started with the chills, and a slight fever, so I took another test and it was VERY positive. Two bold lines. So I was at Dan’s, but within an hour of that test I was heading home. By the time I got home and all day yesterday (Sunday) My temp was just under 101°, and I felt like shit. Roaring headache, exhaustion and a lot of coughing.

Just like when I was sick after that cruise at the end of 2019. Which reinforces my belief that I had it then.

The good thing is that I called my dr’s office on Saturday and she called me back, and gave me a script for one of the new Covid anti-virals allowed under FDA emergency authorization. I got it filled Sunday, along with a med for nausea, (because the anti-viral is strong and can make you nauseous, and Covid already does a good job of that) and took my first dose when I went to bed last night. It seems to be helping. No headache today, the nausea was gone, as was the fever. Just exhaustion, and some coughing. I feel lucky. My friend can’t even get ahold of her dr, he doesn’t return her call. Meanwhile, my dr called me twice on Saturday and once on Sunday, and made sure to tell me which drugstore I could go to to get this, because they don’t all have it.

Like I said, I feel lucky. Today I just have what is just like a bad cold. But I will have to stay isolated and quarantined anyway, til I pull a negative test. So I’ll get a few naps, and read some of the pile of books I have, and watch TV. Dan had a negative test today, but it’s only been 48 hours since I exposed him. Hope it stays negative through the week.

I don’t have much to talk about since I’ve been in a prone position for a few days now. I guess I’ll go find something new on TV, maybe make some popcorn.

Love and light, everyone. Stay safe and well.

7 responses to “Yep, I Got Covid

  1. Sorry to hear that. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Sounds like you have a really good doctor.
    I had it over the Christmas and New Year. It was a strange illness. Not too bad when I had it but I think I still have lingering effects from it.
    I hope you are doing well with the medication.
    take care

  2. Long time I was so happy to see Dan;s name stiil in your writings. I haven’t been able to catch up for ages and ages… I hope you get well soon with no lingering after shocks and be safe from now.

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