A Friend Gets a “Bionic” Eye, and I Need Prayers For My Grandson.

Today I’m going to see one of my best friends who had eye surgery (not cataract) earlier this week. She has macular degeneration. She found out about this surgery from a class she had taken at a facility which helps people with that particular illness to learn how to cope with it. A tiny little telescope is implanted, much like a new lens in cataract surgery, in one eye. It enables her, or will, once it’s healed, to see normally out of that eye. The 2nd day she told me she could see 6 ft in front of her clearly, which she hasn’t been able to do for many years. And it just keeps getting better. She’s thrilled with the outcome.

Of course she has to let it heal, it’s swollen and blurry. And then she has to learn how to use it, and get used to seeing with this eye and the one with nothing implanted. She said she feels very unbalanced due to the differences right now. She’ll be going back for classes in dealing with all this for a few months. But she’s so excited and happy that she can see out of one eye perfectly. I’m so happy for her.

She didn’t want to have any company earlier this week, but called me and asked me to come over today because she obviously can’t go anywhere. It will be fun to see her, we always enjoy time spent together. Very much like minded. She is a constant reiki customer. She can’t really do reiki right now, because she can’t lie on her back much. But I suggested I could give her distance reiki from across the room, that I don’t have to touch her nor does she have to lay down for that. So maybe I’ll do that.

It is so amazing that there is something that can be done to restore her to significantly improved vision. It’s not an experimental surgery, many of these have been done. She needs rides to all her appointments, since she can’t drive (obviously) and the dr is in Sarasota, about an hour south of here. I have volunteered, as well as many of her large circle of friends.

Tuesday, the 5th, my beautiful little 5 month old grandson is having open heart surgery. One of his hearts ventricles is leaning and needs to be straightened out. It’s fairly routine, according to the surgeon. But for his parents, his sister, and me (as well as all their other family) it’s scary. To have a 5 month old is difficult to deal with emotionally. But I KNOW he will be fine. But still, I’ll be really glad when son calls me and tells me he’s in recovery and resting comfortably. The surgery will take about 4.5 hours, and he will be on a heart bypass machine. That scares me too.

He had his pre-op exam yesterday, and all of his risk factors were in the 1% to 2% range. In other words, he really had nothing that made this risky. But I’m writing about this hoping that you might set an intention, say a prayer, do whatever it is you do, for him. He’s such an adorable kid. So I thank you for it, in advance. I’ll update when there’s something to say.

Daniel and I are going to my friends 4th of July cookout on Monday. They live 3 doors down from me. Many of my, our, friends will be there. Then we may try to go to the fireworks our town puts on down on the beach. Seems like a good time is planned. Should help to keep my mind off of the baby’s surgery.

Again, I know he is going to be fine. I just know.

Love and light to all.

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