The Day After The Storm

Tonight it was just Dan and I again. His mother and brother have gone home though they have no power.  I am so glad to have my house back to ourselves.  

I love them, they are family. His mom is so appreciative for the things we have done for her. But both she and the brother are deaf, with ill-functioning hearing aids so there is always shouting so they can hear. And they live to talk. It is difficult. Lol. 

The hurricane was disorienting to say the least. I couldn’t get my bearings today.  Finally managed to organize a nice dinner, something we could send home with his mother. We took her home, settled her in, and then came back. 

Sitting in the living room we were enjoying the peace and quiet. Had a glas of wine and a smoke, had a snack and went to bed. 
It’s weird, to sleep with all the windows open. The only sound is the hum of generators in the area. I am envious. As I write this Dan sleeps soundly. He is exhausted after days of planning, taking care of everyone, making sure the house was safely boarded up. He’s been sleeping only s few hours a night. It nakes me happy he’s sleeping. 

Tomorrow will begin the cleanup. We were told power won’t be restored until  probably the end of the week. We lost our water for 2 hours today which just about did me in. There is a ton of brush to clear out of the yard. There are some lines that are hanging low because branches are laying in them. 

I am tired, and I will try to get back to sleep now. I will need my energy tomorrow. 

 Love and light 


Safe and Sound

Daylight came this morning and we’re able to survey what Irma left in her wake.  The storm veered east, and saved us a ton of problems. We have no power but we do have water.  My yard is a mess, but there’s really no damage, just a big mess to clean up.  

The dire predictions of an enormous storm surge turned out to be ridiculous. It was only 1-2 ft in Tampa Bay.  There was no flooding at all at my sisters house on the island so that piece of paradise was spared. 

Hopefully, we will get power back on in the next day or two. Feeling very blessed this morning.  We were ready, and expected so much worse.  

Love and light to all. 

Irma Is Sucking the Water Out of Tampa Bay

Seriously. The low tide is 5′ below normal as the hurricane sucks the water out of the bay. Local news has video of dead schools of fish that couldn’t keep up with the speed of the water being sucked out into the bay. 

I’ve seen a few hurricanes but never seen a storm so powerful it emptied water from the beaches. Crazy. 

Other than that, we are fine. No power but we have water.  Had a nice dinner. It’s getting warm with no AC.  But all is well. 

Love and light. 

Power Is Out

I had a blog all written, and the power went out. A tree fell in the empty lot next door and took the lines with it. Because there are not a lot of outages they said they may be able to get it right back on. It sounded like a clap of thunder when it fell. 

So, I’ll be back later. Love and light. 


I guess it’s D-day. Irma is landing with all her minions: storm surge, catastrophic winds, deluges of rain. Being invaded. This morning they say it’s coming ashore in Sarasota, about 45 minutes south of here, as a Cat. 4. It . only have about 40 miles to lose strength before it gets to the Tampa Bay area, so it will be blowing hard, as the center of the storm passes over us. Probably around 125 mph.

Sure glad there’s no climate change. If there was, imagine how much bigger this storm would be! I mean it’s like 4 times as big as Hurricane Andrew, one of the most destructive hurricanes to ever hit FL, and it’s just as strong. So, if there WAS such a thing as climate change, imagine! It might cover the whole eastern seaboard.

Seriously, what fool could deny climate change with 3 major hurricanes in the western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico simultaneously? Denial is so stupid. The world is still round, despite some people’s belief it is flat.

Since preparation is pretty much done, I’m just going to do laundry and make sure everything is clean, and vacuum the kitchen again. Then I think I’ll do a little baking for fun. We have so much food, but I think some muffins might be good. Anything to brighten the next 36 hours til this is over and we can begin clean-up. I will be so glad to be on the other side of this ordeal.

I will say we both slept well last night. Thank God, because I’m guessing tonight will be fairly sleepless for all of us. Maybe I’ll learn to play backgammon. If we can play by candlelight, lol.

Love and light, everyone.


Tonight I am beat. Dan has to be more tired than me. But we are ready. He boarded up the 7 windows which were not replaced with hurricane windows, and reinforced my front door. I helped where I could, got things ready for his family, put away all the deck furniture, made a pot roast in the slow cooker.

We are both emotionally drained by this ordeal. Last night we were up half the night with the change in forecast, and now we are ready. Yeah, ready for bed.

It’s terribly taxing to live under this kind of threat every day. You hope for the best. You have to acquiesce that you may get the worst. And there is basically nothing else going on in your life until it’s over. Everyone you talk to wants to know if you’re staying (“Why are you staying? Get out of there now!”) or evacuating (“Where are you going?”). And then you have to tell the story over and over again. You go numb, or get anxious with the retelling of how you made the decision to stay.

But there’s no reason to leave. My house is as safe as anywhere, and I’m not worried about staying here. At least, no more worried than if I was any other place in FL, and much less comfortable if I was in a shelter or someone else’s home. I have surrendered to the outcome, whatever it will be.

It’s interesting to have the “in-laws”, or I guess they are out-laws here. They all love to talk, and it’s often noisy. A challenge for someone who lived alone for 10 years. Well, my son was there, but he had his own space and only spent minutes a day talking incessantly to me. But it’s fun, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to take care of them in this crazy circumstance.

Love and light everyone.

A Change for the Worse

Overnight, Irma has turned west, and this morning it looks like we are almost in the bull’s eye. It will reach us tomorrow afternoon as a strong Cat 3 storm, complete with a foot of rain and storm surge. We are all a little nervous this morning. As Dan said, it’s not just about the water any more. Cat 3 winds are 111 mph to 129 mph. My little house is so old, I hope she’s up to the task. I am grateful to have a new roof.

When we saw that forecast the realization hit that we will be here for a few days anyway, with his mother and brother. Four people is a lot in this little house, but there is no alternative, except a shelter which would be worse. There are many mandatory evacuations now, in low lying areas because there is now going to be a significant storm surge. I am very worried about my sister’s place, my little piece of paradise. I am not worried about mine being flooded, but just about holding together. I replaced 7 windows when I moved in, with hurricane proof windows. Dan’s going to get some wood he has at his place so we can reinforce a couple of the old windows in the back of the house. We will go back to his house later today to gather his family.

They say it will pass quickly, in 12 hours. That’s probably the only good news, if having a hurricane for 12 hours can in any way considered to be good. Up in New England, there were lots of big old trees around, it is heavily forested. So at least I don’t have that kind of worry. We’re bringing in all my plants and deck decorations this morning, putting all the furniture in my shed. I hope the shed is still standing tomorrow night.

Time to get busy. The change in forecast has created a new list of things to do. I’ll be posting as I can, til I lose power. Hopefully won’t lose cell service. As they say, shit is getting real.

Love and light.