Settling in to Happiness

It’s been thunderstorming since late morning. And that’s after it stormed last night, as soon as I got home from Dan’s. Normally I’d have stayed there last night, not just Friday, but my cataracts are so bad, I didn’t want to drive home in a thunderstorm, or the dark, or more storms today. So I came home early, stopped for gas, and 10 minutes after I got home the corner of my street was flooded from the downpour.

I have an appointment with the opthamologist Wednesday for the first consult on the cataracts. I am so hoping by the middle of May, or even any time in May, that I will be able to see well again. They said I’d just need my readers after surgery. I still have 5 or 6 pairs of readers laying around my house, so I am so looking forward to that. Maybe I’ll be able to read the info on the TV without getting up and walking over to i

We can always dream….

While it stormed today, which is really the first appreciable storm in months, I got most everything packed up for the sound healing tomorrow. Small portable tables, mallets, drums, tip jar, tingsha bells. I washed the gong and washed the little flumies, the small friction mallets that create sounds much like the whales make, although there are people who hear elephants trumpeting, not whale songs. Hey the sounds are whatever you perceive them to be, and the next time you hear them they might be something different. I also washed the singing crystal bowls, because I would guess they are a little dusty from sitting on the table for months. Actually weeks, since we just did a sound healing in March.

It was actually nice to have the whole day to do this. Usually I am rushing around the afternoon before we play, trying to get everything put together. Dan will pack the other two gongs in his truck and all the stands. Then when he comes over here we will pack my gong, the bowls, the drums and the bags I’ve packed, as well as the table for the singing bowls and chairs to sit in when we play. Then drive to the beach, unpack it all, play, then repack it and bring it home. Dan loves to play, but he hates having to haul the stuff around. He bought us a carry bag for all the gongs, and it will be especially nice for his big one, 40”, and it weighs about 60 lbs. The bag should help him. The other two gongs are smaller and not as heavy, but will still be easier to carry from the truck to where we set up with a bag.

I made myself some fish tacos for dinner tonight. They were so good! There’s a place in town down on the beach that makes really good ones, but….it’s raining. Not a good night to sit outdoors drinking wine and eating fish tacos! Later this week, some friends of ours host an open mic there, so maybe we’ll go and get a $4 taco! Tortilla, fish, coleslaw, cheese, and guacamole salsa. Never had them before I started coming down here to visit my sister before I moved here.

My son bought a house out in Colorado. I’m very happy for him, and proud of him. But I’ve had to subdue the emotions I have around it, at least when I’m talking to him. Owning a home means he won’t be packing up and moving here without a lot of planning. That has always been an option…though kind of a distant one. The other emotion I have is that it’s the first really big milestone in his life I’ve not been there to share with him. But….it’s a move he needed to make without me. So….I”ve settled in to just being happy for him.

Here’s to thunderstorms, and sound healing at the beach as the sun sets, getting rid of cataracts, eating fish tacos, and new homes. Life continues flowing merrily along.

Love and light to all.

Sound Healing Response Is Overwhelming!

I have mentioned in a couple of previous blogs that Dan and I are doing another sound healing at the beach here in town. We’ve been pretty excited about it, because it’s been a year and a month since we could play there, because of the COVID shutdown and because of my spinal injury. But we’re going back, and looking very forward to it.

I put up a Facebook event for it. A friend who facilitates drum circles canceled the one she had planned for the same night, at the same place because in her words “You guys have such a huge following.” She said she was lucky to get 8 or 10 people, and she has gotten involved in some other things anyway, and didn’t really have the time. I told her that I HOPED we still had a following but it’s been a year, so we can just hope.

The last time we did this, March of 2020 about a week before the shutdown, our FB event had 225 responses (or somewhere near that, I’m going on my memory) and over 100 people attended. We were thrilled, seriously, just thrilled. This time, our event for Monday night has had almost 450 responses. Since it’s free, (except for what people put in the tip jar) there’s no way to know how many will actually come, but 450 is a HUGE response for any event in this small town.

I’m sure you can imagine I am so excited. To think that there are that many people who would have an interest in this just blows my mind. As you know, or do at least if you read my posts regularly, it is my passion. More than anything, I love hearing peoples stories about the profound impact sound healing has had on them. As it always did for me, always. So I’m really excited and also concerned about the logistics if say, half of those people come. My biggest worry is whether the sound carry to the back of the crowd. So I’m going to try a few things to get the crowd to move up closer to the gongs so that the crowd all move up about 20 ft.

Then tonight I got a FB notification that a page called “St. Pete Homes and Living” had mentioned Good Vibrations Sound Healing. I clicked on the link and turns out they are an online magazine for people looking to buy a home in the area, and they also list all the events in the area for the next week. They had our sound healing listed as something to do Monday night! And I’d never even heard of them! Wow.

Tonight I am so blown away, by the response, and the acknowledgment by this magazine of what we are doing! I don’t know if this is an anomaly, or a trend, or whatever, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s the reality at the moment. It’s all good!

Love and light to everyone.

PS. The “n” key and the “b” key on my keyboard are not wanting to type. I think I got them all put back in, but if you find an error that could use one of those keys, my apologies.

Random Early Morning Ruminations

Good morning peeps. I hope everyone is well this morning. I am reasonably well, for a 70 year old, thought I’d love to understand why I keep waking up at 6 AM, sometimes earlier, when for months I’ve been waking between 7 and 7:30. But it is what it is, right? The sun is coming up, the day is brightening, the long shadows are cast on the ground to the west, and the sun has turned the eastern sky a clear rose gold. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. I can see it’s breezy out, and it’s chilly today, 50°. Chilly for Florida. I set my heat so the house wouldn’t go below 68° last night, and it was a chilly 68° when I finally realized that sleep was over and got out of bed,

I shouldn’t mind the early hours. For years I was up around 5:30 every day, usually writing. So maybe now that my health issues of the last year are so improved, I will go back to the early hours. I do love the sunrise, the promise of another day.

I was alone a lot this week. But yesterday my Wednesdames rescued me (even though it was Thursday), and I walked two houses down to my friends house, and 4 of us chatted and had a glass of wine and a little smoke. My friend made a spinach and feta cheese frittata, and she had made some gluten free cookies with almond flour. They were delicious. It was good to see them and just have a relaxed talk with them.

I asked one of the girls, who writes a LOT, (she wrote a play which was produced off-Broadway some years ago) what her process is. Does she need to be alone, have it quiet, or something else. She said she needs to be alone but needs to be able to walk around while she’s thinking. Interesting. I realized that while my process used to be to write in the early morning hours, that I have not been doing that. Not taking a focused dedicated time for my writing, kind of expecting it to just come out of me. While that does happen occasionally, we all know that it does not happen all the time. I guess I’ve been waiting for it to just hit me, some inspiration or something. I’ve not taken it seriously recently, so I’m hoping that I can find a process that works, incorporating the new with the old. Wondering what process others use.

I was alone out of choice this week. Monday Dan and I had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law at our favorite cuban restaurant in town. But Tuesday and Wednesday I just sat on my deck and read, meditated, did self-reiki, listened to music. Both days I was outside til late in the day, 5 or 5:30. It was so lovely… temps in the low 80’s, only a slight breeze and fairly low humidity (that means it was under 60%). I haven’t spent an afternoon reading in a long time, let alone 2. I’m reading a John Grisham novel, Testament. Totally not my normal choice, but last time I was at Dan’s I forgot to bring my kindle and so picked this up off his bookshelf. And to my surprise, I am really enjoying it. Surprised, because I am so used to reading spiritual-bent books. I used to read a lot of Grisham, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed his writing. It was also nice to take a break from the deep kind of stuff I usually read.

I find myself veering off of things I intend to write, to just kind of journal. But I just deleted that portion in this post. Unless I have something deeper to say about it….I don’t want to do that! The other day I wrote a long journal-type entry, and saved it as a journal, not published. That’s what I’m going to continue to do with journal-type entries. Write them, because I obviously need to record them or I wouldn’t write them, but also, I am often working out something personal in them.

It’s interesting to observe myself, how I’ve strayed from writing, because I haven’t felt like focusing. Lazy? Afraid of what I might find out about myself? I don’t know. I do have a renewed interest in performing reiki, which is taking my time and thought. I really enjoyed providing it with my new massage table, for free, to my friends. I’m even considering a course in performing it on pet

s because this is the most pet friendly town ever. Even the drinking fountains down along the beach have a low fountain for dogs. Every outdoor restaurant provides bowls and water to their customers pets. So why not reiki when the pet gets upset, or doesn’t feel well? Well, people first. I need to extend my free offer to some others of my friends.

Time to get this day underway. I spent a good hour here today, writing. Not my best work, but certainly not my worst. Acceptable, for today.

Love and light to everyone.

Catching My Breath

I’m sitting down and catching my breath tonight. I’ve been busy lately, busier than I ever expected to be in my retirement!

We are doing a sound healing at the beach for the April new moon. I’ve been trying to get the word out, mostly on Facebook. I created an event which I first put up a week ago, and have received over 150 responses of going or interested. That’s pretty amazing! I will be re-sposting 2 more times prior to the event at the beach. I have a good feeling about the turnout. We do it for free, but will of course take donations. We haven’t done this in a year, but the last time we had over 100 people and got a lot of tips/donations. So that’s taking a lot of my time, but I’m really looking forward to it.

I have offered my friends here in town a free reiki session, and have done a couple of them. I want to practice in-person reiki, because I’ve done it rarely since I moved to Florida. I do distance reiki regularly for friends, and for Dan to help him sleep, but not in-person. Last week a few of my friends were over and one of them asked me to do it to see if I could help her with an issue, and I was happy to. I haven’t gotten feedback yet. I may not get any unless I ask but I’m sure I will at some point. Another friend has been asking me to for awhile, but I didn’t want to do it at all, for anyone, until my vaccinations, (and theirs) were fully effective. The second time was kind of cool, because I sensed something in her throat chakra, and she immediately confirmed. Like, “Oh yeah, my throat is always sore. I am constantly sucking on cough drops.” But I did not know it until after I treated her, so it was nice to have confirmation that I actually intuited something, and could feel the energy around something that was a real problem for her.

Of course, in order to do reiki in person, I had to learn to put the massage table up and take it down. Down was easy. Up was much more difficult but I think I got it now.

I also finished a couple of crystal reiki courses, and I made a couple of crystal grids. One for my house, one to put under the reiki table that I can customize if I need to. Right now it’s kind of generic, but as I get to know people, clients, better, I will be able to tailor it to their intentions.

I have a couple other courses in the queue on Udemy too. And I just finished Brene Brown’s book, Braving the Wilderness, which was utterly fabulous. As she usually is.

On top of these things, my son is buying a townhouse in Colorado. He’s doing it on his own, it will be solely in his name. I am so proud of him, to be buying this house at age 28. He’s been on the phone with me constantly, asking me so many questions about why the financial people want this, that, and other things. He asked me to come out there for Mother’s Day, because it falls near his birthday, and his girlfriends daughter, but I can’t because I am hoping I’ll be getting my cataracts removed around then. But maybe later in May.

Dan and I both got haircuts, him for the first time since last summer. He goes to the same hairdresser that I do, but has been afraid to go til he was vaccinated because she is an anti-masker, and all that goes with it. But she’s good at cutting hair. I’ve been twice more than he has, but I had to. I had to sleep on my right side for the better part of a year due to all my back/hip/leg problems. As a result, the hair on the right side of my head was all thinned out and broken, and looked so awful! So my hairdresser had to cut it pretty short, so I could let it grow back in a healthier state. I am using better products on it, and not using any heat on it, and sleeping on a satin pillow case. It’s really improved but I will be happy when it’s grown back.

As for that back/hip/leg issue, it’s so much better. I faithfully do the exercises that PT gave me, every day, and I’ve started taking short walks, like to the end of the block and back. It doesn’t seem like much but considering that a couple of months ago it seemed like an impossibility, I’m thrilled.

Then there is regular housework, laundry, grocery shopping (I’m still using the electric cart there because I can’t stay on my feet for the length of the grocery store and check-out). So, writing has gotten pushed to the back burner for me at the moment. But life is full, and good. It feels so good be re-engaging with life again.

Love and light to everyone.

Lots To Be Happy About, And Grateful For

Florida is glorious in the spring. Which is why all the college kids flock down here for spring break, of course. But really, more often than not the days sparkle. Bluest of blue skies. Low humidity, (which means it is under 60%). Slight breezes, or even windy days, but windy is nice when the temperatures hover around 80°. It’s the height of tourist season, and it’s when so many people approaching retirement age decide they want to live here, at least part of the year, when they retire.

Of course, they have been intoxicated by this weather, and don’t realize how frigging hot and rainy it gets in the summer. I know I didn’t. Or, I should say, I was used to New England summer when it was often hot and humid for a month or so. But that is not like here. A few days, then it cools off up there. Here….it’s all of July and August, and the heat runs through September, though it tends to dry up a little. However….I’ll take that in trade for what I no longer have to endure about winter up there. October, November and even December are lovely here too. About the same as the spring.

Anyway, now that I’ve waxed poetic about the weather here, I will say today was one of those amazingly perfect days here. I got my oil changed for the first time in, seriously, 2 years. It was due when COVID hit us, and my back/leg/hip problem became a problem. I couldn’t drive anywhere anyway, and I’m sure the Gulfport Garage was closed for a little while. Well maybe not, it was probably an essential service here, since I don’t know of another garage in town. No quicklube places either. Eric, the owner, and I got into a long discussion about our aches and pains, but then he took my car, and changed the oil, and the wiper blades, and checked all my fluid levels and my tire pressure. While he did that I walked over to a coffee shop a couple blocks away, literally the only place to get a good cup of coffee. When I got to the shop, I saw a couple musician friends of mine who were playing what they called “massage music” for the benefit of the coffee drinkers on the sidewalk, as well as the myriad tourists on the sidewalk who were there for Fresh Market. (Fresh Market take place every Tuesday when vendors of homemade goods line the street.) My two friends were playing a bunch of instruments between them. One was playing a percussion set with a steel drum, and other assorted things, as well as his guitar. The other was playing (mostly) an instrument he made. It’s the base of a palm frond, strung with strings, which has this wonderful melodic tone, and blended really well with the steel drum. It was lovely and I got to listen for almost an hour. (I put up a video on FB, if we are friends you can see/hear it.) He also plays a clarinet, a sax…a couple of really really talented people.

When I got home, I made some lunch and then remembered I’d promised one of my CT friends who is really going through a lot, and has for a few years now, that I would send reiki to her and her mother. I texted her and asked if it was a good time for her to sit and relax for a little while. It was, so I proceeded to send it to her. I have learned so much more about reiki, practicing and sending it by taking a refresher course and being re-attuned. I send it to Dan a lot when we aren’t sleeping in the same place because it really seems to help him sleep. Anyway, I sent it to my dear friend up north, with my focus on her intentions. When I was done about 35 min. later, I texted her that I was done, but wanted to call her before I did her mother. She called me immediately and said, “That is SO weird, I just got up from my chair and you texted that you were done, at the same moment.”( She called me as I typed this blog, a couple hours later, to tell me that the dread in the pit of her stomach was gone. I am so glad.)

Love that stuff. We talked, I told her what my intuition told me to tell her, and asked some questions about her mom. When I finished her mom 30 min later, I had just texted my friend to tell her I was done, and Dan called me. Another coinsigndence, that he waited until I was done with the reiki, even though he didn’t even know I was doing it until I told him when he called.

After we hung up, I decided I needed to sit outside with a book and my music for awhile. I did that for about an hour, and listened to the now stiff breeze blowing the leaves and palm fronds enough to be audible. Felt like I was in heaven.

The wonderful thing about being a reiki practitioner is that when you give it, you also get it. My friend had asked me if it wouldn’t exhaust me to do both her and her mother. I told her “Oh no, I will get it as I send it to you.” And I did. Now I feel so peaceful, and content.

I got my 2nd vaccine last week, so in about a week, I will have behind me the 14 day period you need to wait until you are really protected. When that happens, I am going to start building a reiki practice here in town. At least that’s my plan. Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Reiki with sound healing. I’m pretty excited about it. Seems like a good way to make money doing something I’m passionate about it. Dan will do the sound healing while I do reiki, and he loves doing sound healing, even though he has his doubts about it’s ability to actually heal.

Next month we intend to go back to the beach, and do it for donations only. I’ve had a lot of people who have expressed excitement about us coming back. Hopefully, we can do one for the new moon and the full moon in April and May. Maybe June, but that will depend on how hot it gets.

Totally loving my life here at the moment. Very blessed by so many things.

Love and light to all of you.


As I watched you leave
I could still feel your warm hands
On my back
On my shoulders
On my neck.

Your scent
Which I’d deeply inhaled as you kissed me
Was still in my nose
Filling my lungs
As your smile warmed every part of my heart.

Come back when you miss me
Or when you don’t
When you are happy
Or when life’s burdens weigh on your soul.
Come back then
Any “then” that makes you think of me
Of us
Of sitting in the sun
Feeling the breeze blow against our warm skin
And filling our senses with each other.

I will be here then
Not waiting, but living in wonder
Knowing that when you come back
Life will be richer
And fuller
And happier
Than it was since you left
Knowing always
That you’ll return
And once again, I will feel
You and I laced sweetly together for a time.


Sitting outside
A book in my hands
(Tibetan Peach Pie to tell the truth).

Loving the sadness of finishing
A really good book
While the tropical breeze
Of almost March caress my hair
And my flesh.

I am reminded of many days
spent in the cockpit of a boat
Reading, and rocking
As the waves lap the sides of the boat
And go on to roll up on the shore
Not too distant from where my craft was moored

I sit now on my deck,
Of my sweet little bungalow
Feeling like I’m in wonderland
Where the boat is rocking from
The motion of the ocean
The peace of smooth water
And deep blue and green hues.

I will not pass that way again
But I’m full to the brim
With joy that I knew that life
For awhile
In my life.

Written by Deborah E. Dayen

A Wonderful Milestone

Yesterday was a milestone for me. I haven’t felt that alive for, well, a year.

Dan came over and we decided to go for lunch to one of our favorite places down near the beach, The Tiki. It’s a small building with a long low thatched roof (although I’m sure something solid is under the thatch.) Like may restaurants here, there are no windows where windows would be, just open air sides, with salt water breezes blowing in and swaying the palm trees that line the beach. It was almost summer-like, in the mid 80’s but the humidity was not like summer. It was quite comfortable.

As we headed down to the beach, we saw that all the parking lots were full, people even parking along the street, then we saw the main road with a “road closed” sign, and remembered that it was “Rescue Me” day. The short road that was blocked off is the main street in our small commercial district. On Rescue Me day they line the street with booths from all the shelters in the area, complete with pets, (including a skunk you could pet, but no thank you). People who want to adopt a pet come from all over and get a dog or cat (maybe other things too!) to join their family. It’s a pretty cool thing, and it’s usually a big success for the shelters, and the pets, and the businesses that line the street. Dan remembered that the last time we were down there was “Rescue Me” day in 2020. Almost exactly a year to the day since we were out and about.

When we saw that the road was closed, we turned and went down a side street to get to the municipal parking lot. We knew it would be pretty full, but thought we might get lucky. I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been practicing manifesting, lol, because we did find a place at the far end of the lot. Dan looked at me and asked “Do you think you can walk that far?” It was a couple of blocks walk, maybe even 3 blocks. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but I have not walked a city block in a year. You may recall I had trouble walking the 25’ to my mailbox for a long, long time. (Thank God for my good neighbors who walked over and got my mail and brought it to me. ) I was having a good day, meaning very little, if any, pain, just a weak left side. So I said I thought I could and if I got tired I could sit at one of the benches or picnic tables that are along the parking lot and beach.

BUT I DID IT!! The farthest I’ve walked in a year! I didn’t have to stop at all, and I had no pain when I got to the Tiki! I was quite literally euphoric. We found a table, and I sat down to save the table, while Dan walked over to the band that was playing and said hi to 3 of our good, good friends who were playing there. They had formed a band over the last year, and are all 3 awesome musicians. But it was great to see them, and hear them. I ordered us each a glass of Cab. When Dan walked back to the table, I was able to walk over and say hi to them all too! These are people we used to see a lot, like once a week at least, due to the very many outdoor live music venues in this little town. We used to host them at our house for dinners, and a fire, and drinks or whatever. But not for a year…..

We ordered, blackened grouper tacos for me, chicken tacos for Dan. As we sat and talked, listening to our friends play what sounded like a steel drum band like you hear down in the islands, I started getting getting very emotional. I told Dan.

The emotion came from so much. The end of the COVID fear for us, because he’s fully vaccinated and I will be in 10 days. But for me, more than that was the fact that I could walk without pain, that I was sitting there listening to “my tribe” play music, on this beautiful afternoon with the man who I love, and who loves me, and so many of my friends I hadn’t seen in so long. Besides my friends playing music there were at least a half dozen others who were there to listen, and they all came over and talked for awhile with us. It felt like the pre-COVID days, when we were all happy and relaxed and had no fear of anything happening like the last year.

We are all smarter now. Even with vaccinations, we are still wearing masks and distancing but honest to God, there is so much less fear after being vaccinated. And for me, to know I could walk, and that it would only get better, was just the most wonderful feeling ever.

So we ate our tacos, visited with friends, back and forth between tables. I’d forgotten, and maybe Dan too, how much we loved that life. It would have been just an ordinary day a year ago. Now it felt so special, I’m having to search for the words. I even feel a bit of my writing juju coming back. Sigh. I’ve missed it. I realize now that it’s hard to find inspiration to write when you are in constant pain. But no more, so maybe I’ll be able to keep up this streak some.

I don’t know what’s on tap for today. Dan may be bringing his gongs down here, because we have a sound healing in a week, and we need to just go over it a couple of times. But that will depend on whether he feels up to it. It’s a lot of rather heavy stuff. I know I’m going to water my plants and maybe take the hose to the boat and get it washed. He also has a little work to complete on the outdrive of the boat, and then will help me get it clean for waxing. When we are done with that, we want it taken up to some used boat dealer (there are tons here, because we’re so close to everything) and get it sold.

All I can say this morning is that life looks so good at the moment. All this to look forward to. I did send out an email to my friends who come over once a week to tell them I had to cut it to once a month, and I am so delighted I did. I’ve heard back from most of them, and am happy that they agreed with me, that every week was a bit much, but also that the married couple offered to hold it at their house (they are the ones who live down the block from me) maybe once a month too. Sending the email gave me such relief, although I was worried about it’s impact on everyone. But it’s all good.

I hope you are also all good, happy, and for those of you in colder climates, I hope you’re beginning to feel that spring is not so far away. Renewal is coming.

Love and light to all.

The Changing Seasons of My Life

I’ve come to realize that spring here in FL is often like early October in New England. Cool nights, warm days, leaves turning gold and brown and falling from the trees. My deck is constantly covered by leaves. But of course the big difference is in New England, the weather is prepping you for winter, getting colder with each passing day. And when the leaves fall up there, you know you won’t see them again for 6 months. Here, it gets consistently warmer. And the leaves will be out again by end of March.

Every day I have spent at least an hour out on the deck reading. Having dried leaves fall on me, and the shade my banyan tree affords me is so much less, as it makes room for it’s new leaves. It’s been in the high 70’s and low 80”s here, and very dry, for Florida. Just felt heavenly to sit out there in the afternoon. I’m almost done with the book I’m reading, Tibetan Peach Pie by Tom Robbins. I was introduced to him when an old boyfriend loaned me his book Jitterbug Perfume, which is a real fantastical, but somehow believable (almost) story, and Robbins has such a great way of writing. I could so relate to him. Not what he says, but the way he says it in Jitterbug. The Peach Pie is his autobiography, and although he’s 20 years older than me (which means he’ll be 90 soon) his life was so out of the norm, from his childhood til now, as best I can tell, it’s a wonderful story and he has a wonderful way of telling it. He’s written a lot of books, so if you don’t know him, get acquainted, it’s well worth it!

Anyway, sitting on the deck, reading Tom Robbins, the leaves falling off my tree and my Christmas Cactus in bloom, a soft breeze and sunlight casting such definitive shadows across my back yard has been heaven. I have decided to cut my Wednesday girls get-togethers back to one a month. There are just too many other things I want to spend time on, and I can’t give up one day a week any more. I host it, always. I want to get my reiki practice ready to go by the end of March. I have another class in how to make crystal reiki grids to use when I do reiki. Dan and I need to practice for a sound healing we’re doing in just over a week. And I want to write more, and try to do some walking. Not to mention the boat that sits in my yard, needing to be prepped to have someone take it away and sell it for us. And cooking, and baking, and cleaning, and laundry, and so much stuff, I need that 7th day of the week to be mine.

As for walking, I am walking better, and with less pain all the time. I am going to try to walk a half a block, lol, maybe today. Dan will be here, maybe he’ll go with me.

Another change for me recently is my dislike of all social media. I still have accounts with FB, Twitter, Instagram. Tho the only one I look at at all is FB. I was also given an invite to Clubhouse, by a friend who wants me to listen to her “room” and engage in the conversation there. But I’m sooooo not interested in more social media. Geezus. Clubhouse is like a live podcast anyone who is a member can join in on. I tried, for my friend’s sake, but it doesn’t interest me to listen to a bunch of people telling their stories of trauma that led to a spiritual path, I’ve done it for too long, listened to to many stories, or more accurately, read their stories. I told my friend not to send me an invite unless she checks with me first to see if I even have time with it, but she sent it anyway. Then kept texting me in the morning asking me to go on right then and listen. When I told her I couldn’t right then for whatever reason she kept telling me I just have to listen. When I finally told her I don’t want to listen, especially when I first get up, she got a little put out with me, and I haven‘t heard from her since. But it’s ok, it is whatever it is right now. I think I’ve let my own interests go for far too long, and wasted far too much time, on FB. I will keep my account open, but I don’t expect to be spending more than 10 or 15 minutes once or twice a day. And the only reason for that is sometimes friends, in real life friends, post something I’d want to know, so I scan it looking for friend’s posts like that. After all these years though, I’m ready to retreat into my own world, and simply get involved in those things that I love.

So life is changing for me. I think I’ve grown, and kind of realized how I want to spend the days, and years, I have left on this earth. And it’s not on FB or any of the others. It’s not obsessing over the political state we are in, especially now that we don’t have a friggin’ lunatic running the country. Like I told Dan last night, I don’t feel like I have infinite days left on this earth, so I want to live my life as fully as possible, doing what I feel passionate about. I’m grateful, really grateful for the time I’ve spent alone so I could actually see where I am at now that I’ll be fully vaccinated, and my physical state is so improved.

I hope everyone is well, safe, getting vaccinated. I’m so looking forward to life returning to normal, as much as it ever will.

Love and light to everyone.