About Learning to Living Like Water


Learning to Live Like Water is the working title of a book I began writing about the battle to escape an abusive marriage intact, to save my son,  and to fight the battle in court to keep what was rightfully mine.  Along the way, a path appeared in front of me, which gave me the strength and ability to fight the good fight until it was done.   Now, these many years later, the struggle that began this journey seems part of the distant part of my life, but the path has become my way of life, still.

I call this path Living Like Water.  Water symbolizes our journey back to source.  I believe that when we are born we come in on the “breath of angels” (a phrase I once heard Oprah use to describe how we enter this world).  As we grow, we tend to forget what we knew when we were born.  If we are lucky, we realize how much we’ve forgotten, and begin the soul’s journey back to that source.

Water can change form, from liquid to gas, to solid.  it can break down any obstacle.  We must change course when the dam blocks you, with steady, focused motion, you break down the barriers or find a way around them.  Water always finds a way, and I found, so will the human spirit when allowed.

I learned lessons on my journey that I would not otherwise have learned.  Now I am grateful for the whole journey, I know it was meant to teach me, that in my struggles I stumbled upon my strength.  The most important lesson is the power of love…the only real power which exists.  Unconditional love….saved me, saved my son, and is what we will all find at the center, if we can let go of the fear that keeps us from this journey.


16 responses to “About Learning to Living Like Water

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  3. After We divorced after 33 years almost the same circumstances. It was a very hard thing for me to handle and I become homeless. Long story short.. A guy I met told me to have a great day and this came out of my mouth.. I’m going to in spite of myself.

  4. Blessings to you along your journey and may you indeed be surprised by joy! Thanks for popping in on my post in theseeds4life. I hope I’ve encouraged you. 🙂

  5. Wow. I am so happy I started a blog too…. I never thought about the possibility of meeting others and being encouraged so much. Honestly, I didn’t even know others would be able to see my stuff (unless they accidentally stumbled on it!) When you commented on my first post it was SO encouraging and since then, I have found others who have been through a lot of the same stuff. Thanks so much for posting the lessons you have learned and for the positive attitude you have. You are a gift! 🙂

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