About Learning to Living Like Water

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 78

The Taoist Classic by Lao Tzu
Translated and Explained

Nothing in the world is softer and weaker than water.

Yet, to attack the hard and strong,

Nothing surpasses it.

Nothing can take its place.
The weak overcomes the strong.

The soft overcomes the hard.

Everybody in the world knows this,

Still nobody makes use of it.
Therefore the sage says:

To bear the country’s disgrace

Is to rule the shrines of soil and grain.

To bear the country’s misfortunes

Is to be the king of the world.

True words seem false.

16 responses to “About Learning to Living Like Water

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  3. After We divorced after 33 years almost the same circumstances. It was a very hard thing for me to handle and I become homeless. Long story short.. A guy I met told me to have a great day and this came out of my mouth.. I’m going to in spite of myself.

  4. Blessings to you along your journey and may you indeed be surprised by joy! Thanks for popping in on my post in theseeds4life. I hope I’ve encouraged you. 🙂

  5. Wow. I am so happy I started a blog too…. I never thought about the possibility of meeting others and being encouraged so much. Honestly, I didn’t even know others would be able to see my stuff (unless they accidentally stumbled on it!) When you commented on my first post it was SO encouraging and since then, I have found others who have been through a lot of the same stuff. Thanks so much for posting the lessons you have learned and for the positive attitude you have. You are a gift! 🙂

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