Looking For An Aging Hippie

OK…..Jim is out.  He’s a nice enough guy but really, so boring.  OMG, so boring.  He thinks he feels a connection, but I don’t feel connection on any level.  We don’t like the same music, I am a late 60’s, early 70’s rocker, he likes doo-wap.  We don’t have the same political views, I am very liberal.  He said he takes each issue as it comes.  I said, me too…but I always end up on the left side of it.  But he’s pretty conservative, I could tell.  He talks incessantly about people he knew 50 years ago, and what property they owned.  Who cares? What about your life, what do you want from it, what lessons have you learned from your experience?  Who the hell are you?


I tried, I really did.  Truthfully, like my cousin said, “Look almost everyone will seem boring after S.”  Well, this is true, he was not boring, that’s one of his good points.  His views on sex, love, monogamy, relationships…um, balance that out, shall we say?  But I was never bored with him.  And laughed a lot.

But it seems I could laugh with anyone who took an interest, it’s something I do easily.  Whenever S says he misses me, he always says he misses my laugh.  (I used to say, that’s not what you’re missing, I’m not stupid…) But he was consistent with it, so maybe it was true.

Anyway, I cannot do another date with Jim.  Kind of dense too.  When we left the restaurant tonight, we had parked in different places because we met there.  He said, “I’m going to go put my leftovers in my car…”  and left me to walk to my car by myself, at the far end of the parking lot.  Then ran over to kiss me goodnight.  He said he’d call, but didn’t offer up any plans.  I think I scared him off when I told him, with a smile on my face and a sweet laugh, that I was a card-carrying, in-your-face liberal.  LOL.

There must be another aging hippie out there that can relate to me.  Somewhere.  Geezus.

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