Why We Can Never Be Friends

Friends and enemies

It seems crazy, I mean really mind-bending crazy, to say I miss him at all. Because every thing I think about that I miss about him, is now tainted with the deception and the lies.

I miss sitting outside, on my deck, and talking till the wee hours or in the wee hours of the morning. About anything….and just talking, and laughing. And flirting. Flirting until we wanted to go back upstairs to my room…..

I miss that.

But now I know that a lot of those nights last summer, he had come to me from her, or was going from me to her. So it’s tainted, and now it hurts to remember. Or makes me angry. Or some of both. And I’d just rather not feel any of that, so I just shut the door.

I miss our intimate sexual conversations. But they too are tainted. When Betty found out, he tried to say we were just kidding around, that he wasn’t serious.

But he was. Then. But now he denies it. He dishonors it. He makes me feel dirty, and stupid. He says it meant nothing to him.

But it did. Then.

I remember quickly, that he denied her to me. Just exactly as he denied me to her. So it’s just who he is. The narcissist who plays women for all he can personally get from them.

He used to say, in general, why can’t people remain friends when they break up? So they had some bad stuff, they couldn’t make it together. Does that have to negate all the good times they had.

I think, that in this case…. Yes. It does mean that. Because when lies and deception undercut a relationship enough to destroy it, it also undercuts everything about that relationship. All the things you valued, all the things that made you excited to see each other, that made you want each other, that made you enjoy each others company, that made you laugh til you couldn’t breathe, and then make love the same way, are all undercut by the lies, by the deceit. None of it seems real anymore. It seems like it was all a lie. It was all just a deception on someone’s part.

Not mine.

So, we have to let it all go. We can’t just let go the actual incidents that caused the break-up, we can’t just let go of the pain that caused our hearts to stop beating, at least for the seconds around the moment when we realized the truth.

We can’t keep the parts we wanted to remember forever. I can’t remember being on the beach in Matunuck or driving around in the car, or Watch Hill, or East Beach, not my deck or his or my bed or his, or any of it, not one second, without a question mark at the end of my memory. Was he playing me then? I wonder. Then? What about then?  Why did he take me there, and tell me it was his special place….and make me feel so honored he took me there. Why did he share so much of himself?  Was it even true, or just a ploy to make an empathetic loving soul have one more reason to love him?  So that now, I have a beautiful, tainted memory that I have to let go of. That I’m not sure of.

I’m letting it all go, I’m almost done. Really. It doesn’t hurt much anymore, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t keep any of it, and think it’s real. It all is pretty meaningless now. I didn’t want it that way, but he did. Or he wouldn’t have…..done what he did.

So I’ll live like water, I’ll go with the flow, and I’ll let it all go. Because that’s the way it has to be, to move on.

7 responses to “Why We Can Never Be Friends

  1. Oh Deb, I can feel such torment in this post. It’s impossible to forget memories, and the fact they bring up questions each time is nothing short of torture.

    • It is, Megan. Which is why they all have to be let go. It seems such a shame to have loved him so much and not be able to hold on to any of it without a question. But it is what it is. I’ll never get it, I mean I understand who he is but I’ll never understand the pleasure of doing what he did.

    • I’ve been out running errands all day but when I get in for the evening first thing I will do is check out your blog. I read one paragraph and knew we shared a common bond lol. But I’m in a parking lot so will finish it later. Thanks for reading. Big hugs.

  2. You really have come so far in such a short time. I think what matters most is what it meant to you. You were honest, loving n true. What’s more real than that? Putz always wanted to try n be friends. I just couldn’t.

    • He used to say that, before I made him tell her the truth, and before I sent her the letter spelling the truth out. He hasn’t been in touch with me since, but neither have I been longing to be friends with him. Too much water under the bridge. Who knows, maybe some day, when the pain that can bubble up has faded. Honestly, I see my actions as actually an act of love, to make him finally accountable for his actions, so he could finally have to live from the truth and see where it takes him. But I know he’ll never see it that way. Whatever. Just know friendship is out of the question right now.

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