The Madness of People

This is a beautiful, eloquent description of life, of healing. I had to reblog it, I felt it talked about my life. Check out this blog, The Iconophile, at It’s wonderful, insightful.


Dumbbell - young lady


“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”
― Isaac Newton


There are days when you feel,


free from the gravity,

of all those things,

which weigh you down.

You could fly,

you have wings,

made of enthusiasm,



You could circle the world in one bound,

wrestle dragons for their treasures,

lift mountains with the tip of a finger,

and hurl them into space.




Then there are those other days,

when your castle in the sky,

comes tumbling down,

you lose your wings,

plummet to the ground,

your strength fails,

just when you need it the most,

as you inherit the world on your shoulders.

A beast of burden,

trying to reach the future,

while dragging the past like a giant dumbbell,

across the tundra of the present.


“Gravity explains the motions of the…

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