Maggie is Found!

I came home from a friend’s today, and was walking around the house outside and in calling Maggie in one last ditch effort to get her home.   I had done this multiple times in the last 2 days.  I wasn’t hopeful, but just couldn’t believe that she would run out the door and not find her way around the house to the deck.

All of a sudden I heard a cawing sound like a crow.  Inside the house.  I thought maybe it came from the basement where my son was watching TV.  But no….I closed the basement door and heard it again.  I am deaf in one ear, almost, so have a hard time distinguishing where sounds come from.  I looked outside the slider to the deck, and outside the front door, which I’d left open.  (It’s 56° here today!!)  No Maggie.

Then I heard it one more time and realized it was upstairs.  I ran up stairs and opened my spare bedroom door, which I keep closed almost all the time so I don’t have to heat or air condition it.

There she was!

This has happened before, but she has always made it clear where she is and how she’d not like to be there.  But this time, not a peep.  Until today.  She seems none the worse for the wear.

I’m so happy she is not dead.  And my son is too…he was feeling so guilty for leaving the door open.  (And I told him not to, that she has done that to me a million times, snuck out that door while I’m bringing groceries or whatever in from the car.) Just so glad.

Now I’m going to have to get a really good rug shampoo and clean that room out….


20 responses to “Maggie is Found!

  1. Yay!! Now that you talk about this, I remember, I had a scare with my cat once, too! (But he was also inside the apartment, hidden, that time! ) Happy for you! 😀 And Maggie, ofc.

  2. Ha,ha, what a relief! Our cat is just like that, I’ll look for her everywhere, and she just watches me do it and remains silent!! Glad you found her at last and she’s safe!

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