A Little More On Physics

Following up my last post….the Physics of the Quest.

It is amazing how uplifting it is, to actually see the truth about some thing that’s been making you crazy, or just taking up too much of your headspace.  To be able to put it all in it’s own place in your psyche and actually just go to sleep, untroubled.  To wake up, and know where you are going, and see the possibilities in front of you.  To be able to let other things go, when you are able to see how incongruent they are with your beliefs and values, your desires, your lifestyle, your dreams.   Just identify and expunge.

It’s also good to know people are doing the best, from the place they are in  at the time. Then you don’t need to hold a grudge, don’t need to hang on to hate and anger and pain. I feel so much sadness for people who are so afraid of the truth.  To imagine that anything else will protect you.  So silly. The other choices, the ones other than facing and accepting the truth, will just make you sick.

As if lying and hiding the truth will ever protect you or anyone else.


The truth really does set you free…..Just fly, lift your wings onto the breeze and let it carry you where you want to go.

Especially if you can combine it with unconditional love.  Love that never dies, but love that doesn’t weigh you down either.

In the words of Crosby, Stills and Nash,  “Let the water come and carry you away.”

Oh yeah.

9 responses to “A Little More On Physics

  1. It is easy to say when you’re over that hill, but pushing someone up there is an exercise in futility. See the truth. Again, it takes a lot of effort to be in a place of wanting to do that, cost it what it might.

  2. Love this! Being able to let go is such a gift. Especially when it’s letting go of what no longer serves our best interests. Thanks for this uplifting post 🙂

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