Petitioning the Universe


Unsettled this morning. Feeling an energetic pull into that which I want to leave behind me.  And actually, know I should, for my own well-being.  However, to not act when I feel this is so hard.  Trying to just sit with it.

There comes a point when everyone has to look within, because there are no answers externally.  There is always a way, the universe will always open a door if you can surrender control to it.  It’s not an easy journey, but it’s worth it.  So worth it.

I’m trying to find my own door.  I’m trying to surrender my concerns to the universe, because I have no control over them anyway.  The energetic pull is not a sign, it’s just an empathetic feeling I have of the struggle of someone else.  It’s a struggle I should not get involved in, again.  It demands too much of me.

Still…it’s hard to ignore.

Petitioning the universe, to keep everyone safe, to open the doors that will shine the light, to connect all the dots in everyone’s highest good.  Sending love and light.



4 responses to “Petitioning the Universe

  1. It is very hard not to act but so necessary, you KNOW it will not be any different, just as i do, I wish it were not so but i too KNOW it is. much love and light to you… M.

  2. i’m glad you are feeling better, isn’t it odd how the feelings come and go? so strong to give in one minute and so strong to stay away the next…. Fortunately, the moments of strength to stay away are more and more frequent than the moments of weakness. I look at his picture on Facebook, he has a new one and it is really good, and I can’t believe that wonderful face and those beautiful eyes are capable of such cruelty, I have to remind myself every time I look at it or i will cave….. I know, I need to not go and look at his pictures anymore but I haven’t gotten to that point yet… this sucks so much….

    • I was deleting his pics, and stopped, this was before when we weren’t talking for 2 months. I stopped, because wth, he was a big part of my life for awhile, and I loved him, love him, and it wasn’t all bad. I decided I didn’t want to delete parts of my life, so I kept a few. But we do have to remind ourselves of what the truth is. Big hugs to you. There is a lot to love about him, just a lot not to love too.

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