Good Advice

speaking the truth


The truth will always find it’s way out.  It’s kin to the light we shine, the love we feel. It can only be covered with darkness, lies, for so long.  And when it erupts from it’s tomb, it can be a painful and hard experience,  but it will lead to beauty, to love, to the righting of the world.  Let it come, and let it be.

7 responses to “Good Advice

    • Actually, I don’t care. I care that the truth is out on the table, that I am not complicit in someone believing a lie because I didn’t speak when I know that a deception is going on. I won’t ever change that, for anyone. And thus, if someone doesn’t like it, they better stay away from me, lol. Because the truth will always out. always.

  1. Yes, true. It is hard to take. Being treated like I did something wrong, in telling the truth of what went on between S and I in January is not fair, it’s not right. But it is what it is. I know he thinks I put it up there for revenge, but I put it up so that she would know the whole story that he would never tell her. So that if she chose to be with him, she had a solid foundation of what he did, how he ran to my bed when she left him. I thought, since she seemed to be talking to him, that she should know, so she could make a good decision for herself. It had nothing to do with him, he’s an ass for what he did to me and to her. Not the kind of person I want in my life. I just didn’t expect him to deny what was so obvious. But whatever, I will continue to speak the truth. And find someone else who can do it too. xo to you too M.

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