What to Do If You’ve Been Betrayed

Marianne Williamson is one of the great spiritual teachers of our time.  I have written so much about betrayal, and forgiveness, and how to deal with the whole situation that I recently experienced.  She is brilliant.  Just brilliant.  Love is truly the greatest, and I believe only real, power in the universe.  Watch this, if you’ve been betrayed.  (And I know there are a bunch of us out there.)


11 responses to “What to Do If You’ve Been Betrayed

    • as for your path….she says, your heart has to be open, I think, um, Loser and WTC have closed it up tight on you. so maybe that’s a place to start. I thought the praying for them was a different idea, because she says, at the end of 30 days either they’ll change, or you won’t care….so something will happen to change it. And I believe that’s probably true. I think the praying for them might be easier than carrying around all the pain and anger and hate, but that’s just me. I can’t stand to be angry anyway, lol. So I just let stuff go, I refuse to ruin my life because someone is an asshole. Let it ruin theirs, mine will go on. Anyway, it’s an interesting idea. xo

      • Even Oprah balked at the idea of praying for somebody who had wronged you. I remember Loser telling me that he prayed for me every night….this coming from a man who used to chastise me for believing in God. I guess HE ultimately got the benefit, though. Opened his little heart right up….

        • Oprah did balk at it but by the end, she got it, in a big way. I know, it seems crazy. But I think it works. Loser was/is bullshitting. I bet the man has never prayed at least not to God, lol. Don’t worry about him, who the fuck cares about him. Take care of yourself. So if you don’t want to pray for him, just pray to open your heart back up. So that something good can come in in place of all the shit he put you through.

          • I’m afraid I’m too mean. I used to be a really good girl but now, I hate and have hard feelings. God doesn’t want to help somebody like that. I KNOW He has protected me through the years, but I think now He may think I’m evil…and I believe I am.

  1. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this; it’s better to walk around in Bliss than Bitterness – how true is that…. Starting my prayers for his happiness in the morning… soon either he’ll change or I just won’t care. Amen ❤

  2. Reblogged this on Finding my way home and commented:
    So grateful to have been shown this. I’ll find my way from Bitterness to Bliss… At the end of the 30 days either his behaviour will change or I simply won’t care. I’ll take that.

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