I love to laugh.  Someone who can make me laugh, a really good belly laugh, has a permanent place in my heart.  I have a lot of those people in my life.  Yeah I’m blessed.

My son first and foremost.  He saw me getting upset on the way home from his birthday dinner last night because I was thinking about him moving away, and he had me hysterical in a few minutes.

He used to have a volvo, which was automatic but you could push a button and it had a whole bunch of gears you could shift through manually.  Now he has a normal standard shift car.  He reminded me of the day he cut his finger really badly, needed to go to emergency.  I as at work a half hour away.  I said, “can’t you put your car in automatic and just go?”  Forgetting that his present car is a standard.  He calmly said, “Mom, I have a 6 speed standard car. What are you talking about?”  He reminded me of that last night.

As a kid, when he went to bed, I used to also go up to bed and read, mostly so I didn’t have to sit with his father watching “Deadliest Catch” again.  He would come in my room, sit on the edge of my bed and start just cracking jokes.  I’d have to beg him to stop, so that I could relax and go to sleep.  But it’s one of my favorite memories, having him come and make me laugh every night.

He’s such a blessing.

My bff makes me and everyone laugh.  I love to go to her house, because I know we will laugh our asses off.

There are other good friends, I can count a half dozen friends who can always put a smile on my face.

S….was perhaps the best at it.  He could make me laugh hysterically, sometimes in the same breath that made me cry, because it hadn’t been his intention to make me cry.  He could dead pan it. Like, say something dead serious, and wait to see me erupt into hysterics.  I miss that. When we used to have our mini-breakups, which usually never lasted more than a few days, sometimes he’d text me and say he missed me.  I’d say, “Yeah, I know what you miss….” He’d always say, “you think you know everything.  What I really miss is making you laugh.”   And we’d get back together, momentarily.

I always feel like I’ve accomplished something great if I can make someone laugh like that.

Anyway, I thought I’d find some funny things to put up this morning, because I feel like laughing. So here goes.

that's hot

Toast porn

like a boss

sumo baby

not my cat

But this poor thing looks hungry (and she looks like my Maggie)


Google is demented

Have a lovely day.  Love and light.

4 responses to “Laughter

  1. People like that are worth their weight in gold! Love the cat photo. I can see my ginger kitty showing up to someone else’s door begging for food! Lol 😄 This gave me my own good laugh!

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