The Weekend

Ok, I’m going to lunch on Sunday.  I talked to him again on the phone and I can forgive him the “hot stuff”, lol.  He’s funny, he’s animated, he’s got life in him. He made me smile on the phone tonight. At least, I don’t think it will be boring, and I think he might be fun to hang out with.  The best prospect so far, lol.

Came home and had a glass of cabernet.  It tasted good, but one is enough.  I slept so well last night.  I was exhausted and I think it was just all the chaos of the last 10 days, I guess 2 weeks now, caught up with me. I had been sleeping ok, but only 5 or so hours a night.  Just a lot of chaos in my head.  I don’t know what else to call it, really. What else can you call it?

Now I just look at it, and have to feel sorry for all the characters he set in motion in the little drama he created. Not for him, I guess. He set it up, he got what he wanted. She and I….well, not feeling sorry for myself, because I knew better this time. I am not sure she’s that strong yet, I think she wants to believe him like I did for so long. And she has all that history.

Well, it’s not my worry at the moment. I don’t want to impose on her, she has way too much on her plate already. I just wish her well. And him? He has hurt a lot of people in his production of “Who Loves Scott?” I don’t know what to wish him at the moment. I guess I wish he thought enough of himself that he didn’t need to do what he does to the people who really loved him, just to prove to himself that he’s worthy. I wish he knew he was worthy, and behaved in ways that would make him proud of himself, instead of ashamed.

I’m looking so forward to going to the beach tomorrow. First time this year. I sent in for my state pass that you can get here for all state parks to get into for free if you’re over 65. So hopefully, I’ll get it soon, and we won’t have to pay to get into any of the CT beaches. It’s usually around $12 to $15 a car load.

The beautiful beaches are in Rhode Island, about an hour and a half from here. We try to go once or twice a summer. Bigger surf, cleaner water. It costs around $20 to get into some of them. Scott took me to some that don’t cost at all, so I may try to figure out how to get to those at some point this summer. But the drive is longer.


Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island

We have one beach we go to that is nothing special, on the beach. But there are 2 sandbars, which are out of the water at low tide. If we hit them right, we can take our chairs out to the 2nd one, and sit all afternoon about a ¼ mile offshore. It’s pretty cool. I was looking for pics of it on Google images, and some of the other Rhode Island beaches.  I found them, but realized that one beach looks like another in a picture, lol.

Time for my chocolate fix. Here’s hoping for a nice weekend for everyone.

Love and light, everyone.



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