Lovely Day

It was a perfect day at the beach. Stellar. We talked, rested, read, laughed, went in the ocean. It was mid 80’s and a slight sea breeze, so we never got hot. I will miss my friends here when I move to Florida.

I wrote that Haiku “Just Love” this morning. I had a follower who disliked it, apparently, and left me a rather vile comment, “Fuck love. *leaves your blog upset”. Well, I’m sorry they’re upset. I can’t imagine the dark world someone lives in to react to that post the way she did. I didn’t approve the comment and trashed it. I can only feel sorry for anyone would would think it’s ok to comment on anyone’s page in that manner.

I was checking out my FB page, Living Like Water tonight. I haven’t been on there to actually look at it in a very long time. I don’t pay as much attention to it as I should. (Too busy writing, lol)

But I was looking at the feed, and I follow Liz Gilbert on that page, and also on my own page. I found a couple of posts she’d made, which are always thoughtful, and thought provoking, and shared them. I commented on one of them, about Ketut Liyer dying. 😦

I later was looking at my stats, checking to see what posts are being read, etc. And two posts I wrote that had to do with Liz Gilbert were read by someone today. They are obscure and kind of random, and written some time ago, one in February, and the other last November. But it seemed so coincidental that I was looking at her page tonight for the first time in ages and ages, and two posts inspired directly by her were in my active posts from today. I can’t help but wonder if that’s not a sign pointing me to something. But I guess I will see. I feel like that kind of sign might be something good heading my way!

I’m looking forward to my lunch date tomorrow. I got some good color today at the beach, so at least I’ll look healthy, lol. I think it will be fun, I think I’ll like his sense of humor.

About to watch the latest episode of Outlander. Hope I can stay up for it, lol. Nothing makes me sleepy like sitting at the beach all day doing nothing, lol.

Love and light, everyone.

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