Sweetwater Free Baller Callin’

The weird sweetwater, free-ballin’ (thank you Laurel for that term, lol) date from Sunday called me tonight.  I let it go to vm.  Of course.  Geezus.

He says, “Hey Hot Stuff.”  (Since he doesn’t use my name, I assume that Hot Stuff is capitalized….)  He was wondering if I wanted to get together again.  If I do, give him a call.  He noticed that my profile was down from the dating site.

This is one numb, dumb guy.  How does a man get to be almost 70 and be so stupid?  How do people go through life so totally consumed with themselves, that they can’t figure out how far I was from even a teeny bit interested?  (She shakes her head in disbelief.)

The people who looked at my house yesterday thought it was a 4 out of 5, that it was priced right, but wasn’t their kind of house.  So, not the right buyer.  Still waiting for the right one to show up.

Seems like that’s my motto in life this year.  Waiting for the right one to show up.  Well, at least I found the house, and the town.  I’m working it.  Pretty soon it will all be in place.




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