Tanka No. 4: Those Who Love the Sea (4 parts)

IMG_0850 (1)

Sunlit days at sea
Anchored in the islands lee.
The size of the ship
Doesn’t matter as much as
The motion of the ocean.

But crossing the sound
On the days of Neptune’s wrath
The bigger the ship
The better the ride will be
Up and down the jagged swells.

Or at least we think
That it’s true, a bigger boat
is safe, forgetting
That the sea is so great and
My ship, no matter, so small.

So go safely, you
who love the sea. Watch for storms,
Seek the calm waters.
Let the sea caress your nights
And fill your days with wonder.

Written by Deborah E. Dayen

Image taken by me at sunrise at the town dock in Florida.

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