The Fog is Lifting

I came outside to water my plants this morning, and thought it had rained overnight. The table on my deck was puddled with water, and the chairs, and the deck itself were wet. I thought I’d have to stay indoors this morning. But I picked up a towel I keep to wipe the table of morning dew, and it wasn’t barely damp. All that moisture was just in the air. It was cool, and lovely, thought not sunny. The banks of ground fog were at tree-top level. It was comforting, oddly.  I wiped down the table and brought the computer outside

I am a sun lover. When we had a boat, we never kept the bimini up, because we loved the sun. I was always tan back then, lol. And should have bought stock in Coppertone, I used so much of it. So for me to be happy that it was foggy and gray, is unusual.

It reminded me of so many days at sea that start out that way, especially in New England where the water doesn’t get past about 70° even in August. So many mornings laying at anchor, everything is drenched in moisture from the ocean, and it’s so quiet, it seems so surreal. It was always my favorite time of day.

I live about 30 miles as the crow flies from Long Island Sound, and when I see the dark gray fog banks come in, I know they are from the waters I loved so much. I don’t know how many times we would be making a crossing, to Block Island or Martha’s Vineyard and the fog would just roll in suddenly and we’d be navigating on instruments only for a couple of hours. I was never fearful about it, just that you have to go slowly when you can’t see more than 50′ in front of you.

So this morning I was reminded of days gone by that were pleasurable, even with my ex. It was all an experience. I remember golden blue days at sea too. Experiences that molded me, and helped me to know who I am.

There is beauty in the golden blue days, but also in the morning mist, and the sun breaking through. This picture is of the sun, just a few moments ago, breaking through the fog banks lifting overhead.


Have a good day everyone. Namaste.


Written by Deborah E. Dayen

Picture taken by me as well, from the sacred space of my deck.  🙂

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