Easy or Hard? I’m Not Sure

Not made for easy

So many times I have said, here in this blog, “I’m f”n SICK to death of hard lessons.  Why do I have to keep on learning the hard lessons?  I want EASY from here on out.”  A 32 year abusive marriage, a divorce that took 4 years and the Supreme Court of my state, and then my first love affair ends in betrayal after betrayal.  I’ve been asking for easy now for a while!

But, (there’s always a but, I think), I also believe that our purpose in life is to learn our lessons and evolve our souls.  After finding this meme in the feed for my FB page, Living Like Water, I am rethinking my request.  Easy?  Maybe.  But maybe not.

My mind is open to whatever comes.

Love and light.


4 responses to “Easy or Hard? I’m Not Sure

  1. I agree about life lessons, that they are important. But I will never understand why some people get so much of them that they eventually break completely under the pressure. And of course, innocent people dying at very young ages and so on and so forth. That is part of why I lost my faith in God/ benevolent force in the universe. (Or at least an “almighty” benevolent force). But, I would love to be proven wrong. Perhaps I will have to wait until after death. (Lol!). 😉 I still love to read positive messages/memes like these in the post from time to time. It can feel a bit hopeful at times. Hugs. ❤

    • I’ve come to believe that we make agreements to learn certain lessons, have certain experiences in our lifetimes, which will evolve our souls. We can’t know on human terms, what our soul’s journey is. When my mother had a massive stroke at age 93, and lived through it, we all asked why? Why did you not just take her? Why does she have to suffer like this? For 18 months….she couldn’t speak, read or write. Locked in her head with her thoughts. I came to terms that if she lived through the stroke, that she had a reason for being here still. That her soul had something else to learn through all of that incredible pain. I went to a psychic/medium a couple months after she died, and the medium said, with no prompting from me, that Mom needed to learn to receive. She needed to learn to let others give to her. Which rang so true, with my mother who always gave and never took. How would we have known what her soul’s journey was? So…I don’t question why bad things happen to people any more. My view of God is not conventional. I don’t believe there is a force up there pulling the strings. I believe we have free will, to follow the light or the darkness, and that our souls have lessons to learn either way. I also believe, the greater the pain, the more important the lesson.

      So, ok, this was my lesson today, lol. Just my belief in how it works. It’s the only one that makes any sense to me, with what goes on in the world.

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