Clearing the Energy


Last night I undid a lie that had involved me. I hadn’t told it, but my name was used. Someone said I did something I didn’t do, and it has been bothering me for a while now. That’s what my poem “Shaking” was about. So, I undid it as simply and as best I could last night. I felt so much better, having undone it.

I am always preaching about standing in your story, and owning what you do. And here I was, complicit in what many would look at as a small, insignificant lie, but it was used as a manipulation of someone else, and I was letting it stand. As someone who went through decades of being manipulated by lies, and then all the lies of the last year, I just couldn’t remain complicit on any level. So I undid it, and removed myself from the situation.

I went to bed kind of unhappy about the cancellation of the second showing on my house, though. Even though I have another first showing tonight. I woke up this morning thinking, wow, does everything have to be so frigging hard? My marriage, my divorce, my relationship with Scott, ending that relationship, and now trying to sell this house? Well, I guess I forgot how easy it was for me to buy a place in Florida. That’s the one thing that’s gone easy.

Anyway, the point is…I checked my email as I do every morning while I have my coffee on the deck, and immediately after I shut down my computer last night I got an email from my realtor and the people who canceled have made a CASH offer on my house!!!! A decent one! HOLY CRAP! They want to close in 3 weeks, and that’s impossible. I’m going to see if I can get them to take my living room furniture, and come up just a bit on the price.

I really believe, I know with every fiber of my being, that I released the energy attached to here when I undid the lie. Just freed it all up, there is no attachment backward now, only forward. This is what I mean, by standing in your story. I did wrong, I allowed a lie to stand for a few weeks now. It was wrong. I can own that I did that. And I now have done what I can, to set the record straight. Recognize, feel remorse, and repair the damage.

Honestly, I know some people will poo-poo it as a coincidence. But I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences. The energy of one was holding back the energy of the other.  I was tied here, by the energy of that situation.

I’m going to be in FLORIDA by fall, in my cute little bungalow, in the tropical breezes, hanging out with my friends in the open air night spots, and my sister on the beautiful beaches. I’ll be watching the sunrise over the Tampa Bay and set over the Gulf of Mexico whenever I want. I couldn’t be happier right now.

I’ve a lot, A LOT, of work to do to get out of here, so I probably won’t be writing quite as much. But I’ll still write, lol. Write or lose my mind.

Love and light, everyone. Love and light.

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