My Feet Are Back on the Ground

What a difference the morning makes. The sun is out bright, in a clear sky, the moisture from last nights thunderstorm is rising through the trees. Trees, so many trees in New England. They grow like weeds here. Seriously. I told my son he needed to cut the grass, our back yard looked like a tree farm.

It’s so nice to know the house selling thing is done. To go back to living the way we always have, for awhile. Not messy but certainly with the toaster oven on the counter, lol. No more showings. No more wondering. I am losing so much money on the house, it took me awhile to actually understand that that was how it was going to be. I guess I’ll have a tax advantage for awhile.

So, I am making lists that I need to accomplish this weekend. I need to get prices from movers. I need to schedule an appointment with my financial guy to figure out what to to with the money I will get for the house, so that it best serves me. That will be it for this weekend because it’s going to be 90 all weekend and I’m going to the beach with my bff on Sunday. Maybe convene a meeting of the CT Beach Whores, lol.

I have a good weekend plan. I also feel better about my son this morning. I saw that there are plenty of nice rooms available to him. I will drive him out and spend a couple days there and fly back and finish packing my house. It will all work beautifully. I’ll miss him. But he’ll be ok. I’ll be better than ok.

This morning I am much more myself. Much more grounded. All the change is starting to settle and doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Love and light, everyone. Have a wonderful day.

14 responses to “My Feet Are Back on the Ground

  1. Oooh….when you said that about your financial guy. Are you going to have to pay capital gains tax? I know that if you put it toward another house, it is waived…but I think your little Avalon is paid for, right? I don’t know about a “loss” and the laws with the wonderful IRS. Oh, well. You’ll figure it out. πŸ™‚

      • Hmmm….I wonder if the Loser puppet realized that when we lost our shirts on that huge house in Charleston. He probably did….of course, I wouldn’t know. I never saw the tax returns. LOL

          • Well….yeah…but he never let me see them. He got somebody at work to try to forge my signature (which is almost impossible to forge.) Then came the electronic signatures. I took care of that…LOL I sent a registered letter telling him that if my signature was ever forged again, it would be considered fraud. I also filed as an “innocent spouse” with the IRS this year…just in case.

              • I don’t think they do anything about it. I didn’t give him permission but we were still technically “together” so he just did it. With all the taxes and shit he was paying for that WTC, I decided that if he had illegally claimed her as a dependent while we were still married….I needed to cover my butt….hence the innocent spouse thing. Smart man…that CPA. LOL

  2. So glad to read this!! obviously your house sold, very exciting!! I will have to plan a trip to Florida to see you next February or March when it is cold and yucky here! You sound great, and it was wonderful to talk to you the other night, we are truly living the same situations .. hopefully they will become more positive in the future, love you, hugs, M.

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