A Night Out

It’s midnight, and I’m not falling asleep! Wow!.

I just got home. My friend and I went out to dance, have a glass of wine. Relax. Burn off some of this “I sold the house!!!” energy. We went to the bar we like on Friday nights, they usually have a pretty good band. But they didn’t tonight. So we had a glass of wine and some nachos and went on to the Tiki Bar, which is an outdoor bar and restaurant on the lake in the town I live in. They did have a band which was pretty good, but it stopped playing kinda early, around 10 or 10:30. No matter, it was nice. Not too crowded. We got a seat at the bar. My realtor was there, and gave me a big hug. I told her I was out celebrating. The guy whose party we went to on the 4th was there. We talked to him for at least an hour. My friend went to the bathroom and he started kind of flirting with me, kind of trying to feel out my reactions.

He asked me when the last time I went parking was, (after a long entry into the discussion about how he came from a a family of 10 kids, and his parents used to go parking to have some privacy, lol) I told him about 18 months ago. Maybe 15. Which was true. Scott and I…well one day he pulled his SUV over to the side of the road, back country road. We were there about 3 minutes when a cop came by. I said, “Maybe we should go home…..” lol. And we did…..But it was fun to remember. One of my fonder memories of him.

Anyway, this guy is not someone I’m really attracted to. He drinks and parties way too much. I know that because everyone in town, and at any bar we are at, knows him on a first name basis. He’s kind of self absorbed, in a funny benevolent way. He asked about times, “So you’re moving to Florida?” lol. It was fun, to be flirted with, to even have someone go there with me.

So, all is well. Had a good time in the land before time tonight, lol. .

9 responses to “A Night Out

  1. Awesome! Bar hopping – good for you! We all deserve to let the steam out every once in a while, and you have so much going on right now. Maybe it was a good warmup for Saturday night?? 😉

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