Daybreak Reflections

Daybreak, I was outside at daybreak this morning.  After a very long day yesterday, I was up at 5 am.  Filling out lists for movers of the things I have to move.  Trying to get a replacement card for Medicare.  Trying to email my dr. to get them to call my prescription drug coverage and get a drug covered that is not covered by my insurance.  Medicare is a difficult bureaucracy to deal with for sure.

At least I have so much to do, I’m not thinking about leaving which is really hard for me.  Not that I don’t want to go, but I’ve been here for 45 years.  While there’s a lot I want to leave behind, there’s a lot I will miss.  I keep reminding myself that I’ll be back in the summer.  I told my friends, I will move from house to house, lol, so no one gets too sick of me.

I just saw a hummingbird, around my lavender plants.  They usually go for the flowers in my hanging basket but this teeny one seemed to like the lavender.  Humming birds are a good sign, they always make me happy to see.

Even though I was up so early, I slept well last night for 6 hours.  Which, really, is about all I usually sleep.  Today will probably not be as difficult as yesterday.  The girl, who is replacing me was stressed yesterday because I had to give attention to the other new person.  I get that, my job is the hardest one of all the admin jobs to learn.  That’s not me blowing my horn, it’s also what my boss said.  It just involves knowledge of all three of our companies, and work for all three, and heavy customer service so you sound like you know what you’re talking about.  And they are kind of tech-heavy products.

I asked my boss if he would give me a good reference when I move to FL, since I will need to work there.  He said, you write it up, I will sign it.  lol.

A lot of people ask me how I will be able to stand FL in the summer when it’s hot and humid.  I say, “It’s been over 90 here for 5 days.  And very humid.  Is there much difference?”  Today it’s cooling down some, but by the weekend will climb back up there.  A friend and I might go to Block Island this weekend.  It’s about an hour ferry ride from New London.  Half the reason I go is for the boat ride, lol.  Just a small little island, but I love it.  Lots of good memories there.  We used to take our boat over and anchor in the harbor for a few days at a time. It’s a cute little town too.

The wife of one of the men I work with has had lung cancer for 4 years, and has been doing really well.  They are like family almost.  I love her, she is smart, and kind, and just a great woman.  He came back from vacation yesterday and told me that her good days are pretty much over.  She has new spots on her lungs.  They did a brain scan as a matter of procedure, and found 4 tumors in her brain.  My heart just aches for her, for him.  Married for 35 years, and they really really still adore each other.  He said they told him a year, maybe.  If she’s really lucky, 2.  I don’t know how he gets through the day.  He says, “nothing in life is guaranteed.  We just take it one day at a time and are grateful.”  But all the platitudes in the world are meaningless when it happens to someone you love.  She never smoked a day in her life.  She’s lived healthy all her life.  Who knows?  I suppose there is a lesson in there, for everyone.  We can’t know what the soul’s journey is.  I’m glad he could tell me, I don’t think he told anyone else.

It made me think how lucky I am, to be doing what I’m doing.  How I have no real problems at the moment.  Grateful.  Just grateful.

Love and light everyone.



5 responses to “Daybreak Reflections

  1. a humming birds breath
    as rapid as its heartbeat
    fuels our energy

    It must be a tough time and the lady you mentioned resonated with me as my mam died from lung cancer and she was found to late, we had very little time. But also it is the onward and upward that we must consider so enjoy your time in a new life…in the sun…scarce commodity here though it is scorching today. It makes me a lair sometimes.

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