Can I say, I’d like to get drunk tonight? And I can’t, really, because I have work tomorrow for one thing. For another….I can’t drink to that condition any more. Not for about 30 years, lol. But I’m spent, want to escape into oblivion. And another glass of wine, (I had one), would probably put me there, because I am so spent, so tired. Work….Geezus. Spread way too thin. Trust me on this. I won’t go into it. But last night I had dinner with my friend who retired last January, and she said, “I can’t even imagine what you are going through there.” because she knows what is being asked of me. As if I don’t have enough trying to get moving estimates, and trying to get my new medicare prescription drug coverage to cover a drug that will cost me $400 a month if they don’t cover it, and I obviously can’t afford that, not on the limited income I am on. Not to mention, thinking about beginning to pack stuff up, cancel reservations for my niece’s wedding I’m not going to. All that personal stuff, I know I have to deal with as it comes, it’s personal.

And nevermind dealing with so many huge changes at once. Changes I want, and I’m mostly ready for, but it’s all emotional.

Just the amount of stuff they are asking me to do while I’m training 2 new people. Geezus. Just sayin, why not stick a broomstick up my ass and I’ll sweep the floor as I’m walking around. Cripes.

Wine is the order of the day when I get home. I need the express lane to relax. I know its not good to do every night, and I won’t. But I did tonight. Just one.

I’m going to try to take some food over to my friend whose daughter was in the horrific accident. I’ve only talked to her once. She’s been working, running to the hospital, and without much free time to call me. Her daughter broke all her ribs on the left side, her collarbone, bruised her heart and lungs. Geezus. She was in ICU for at least 24 hrs. Then they put her in the step-down ICU. I think she went to a regular room last night. She has such pain breathing because of the ribs and bruised lung, she is seriously drugged up. My friend thought she might be home for the weekend. So, if she is I’m planning to make a whole meal and take it over there. With some wine.

One more day of the work week to get through. It’s going to be hot and sunny this weekend, and a HUGE part of me wants to get to the beach again. But really I need to stay here and begin to organize my stuff for this house.

We’ll see.

Love and light….

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