Our Room

Oh my, this woman Elizabeth, lived in my head when she wrote this. It is the story of my marriage. Except she expresses it better than I ever could. Check out her blog, she is nothing short of amazing.

7 responses to “Our Room

  1. Aw, thank-you. Truth is, I don’t *wish* to take anyone there! Like I said, it is good to purge these things out, it gives them less power. Releasing it all does help loosen that grip those memories can have.
    Like a breath of fresh air, in moss-carpeted room, full of wildflowers.
    Much love, and hugs to you!! ❀

    • You took me to a place to remember my own power, found in the depths and that’s a good thing. I have a lot of big changes going on and it’s good to remember that I made it through that situation with flying colors, to a rich full life, full of joy. Also, that we are never as alone as we think we are. And release yes it’s so good for the soul.

      You are such a shining star. I totally agree with Tre!

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