A Little More Coherent This Morning

Sleep always eases things. I wish I hadn’t gotten the inspection report right before I was going to bed. I finally fell asleep around midnight with the help of an Ambien.

I realized at some point that all of this is mainly just a ploy to get more money out of me. Here are their main points, other than the hot water heater.

  1. They want the plumber who does the hot water to check the leak under the kitchen sink. I am unaware of any current leak, though I had one, it has been long resolved.
  2. This one bothers me the most. They want a foundation contractor to come and check the cracks in the foundation to see if water or anything else can get in. The house is 30 years old. Of course there are settling cracks in the foundation, this is New England. We go from 100° in the summer to -20° in the winter. But there are no cracks in my floors, or walls at all to lead anyone to believe that there is any damage from these settling cracks. So I will have to research this.
  3. They want the furnace and central AC serviced. The furnace was just cleaned in January, so I’ll have to find my receipt or get another. The AC has not been serviced, but works fine. The day they were here it was 95° outside. It was 76° in the house.
  4. They want the “mold and mildew” in the basement remediated by some cleaning company. They found a rug that had gotten damp from the leakage and has a slight bit of mold on the corner. It’s a cheap scrap of rug which is getting pitched anyway. There was a slight amount of mold, and I mean slight,in the corner by the hot water tank from the leakage. I can clean that up if need be. Not paying someone.
  5. There is one support column for the overhang on my front porch that is rotted at the base. It’s covered in vinyl so I don’t know how they saw it, I never did. Anyway, they want that fixed.

I’m thinking for #’s 3, 4, and 5, I will just offer them a cash credit of $1000 at closing. Maybe my snowblower, the couches in my basement and my deck furniture, none of which I am taking and don’t want to have to bother getting rid of. I will get some advice today from the engineering dept on the foundation issue, and try to determine the cost of that. But even that I would perhaps include in the $1000 concession if it’s not a lot of money.

What surprised me is that they didn’t ask for the gutters to be cleaned, and there are plants growing out of them where the tree used to be! They weren’t accessible until I had the trees taken down this spring. So they won’t be. Nor did they ask for the ants to be remediated, so they won’t be either.

Last night I was tired and so angry about it all. Frustrated. Because I’m already spending $2400 on a new water tank for them. You’d think that would be enough. I don’t have this kind of money. Or time to coordinate all this stuff.

I didn’t hassle anyone when I bought my house in FL. We (my sister, brother-in-law and I) were worried about mold there, because it’s an old house, and it’s in Florida. The paint was all fresh but we didn’t know what the inside of the walls were like. So we paid for the mold test, which came back fine, no mold.

My house here is beautiful, and dry as a bone, and has issues that any 30 year old house might have. Which are basically none. It is well built, in a nice family neighborhood, with underground utilities, city water and city sewer. This nit-picking makes me crazy.

But it is what it is. Today I’ll start to deal with this stuff and get back to my realtor. I just can’t spend a few $1000 more on this stuff, not after the hot water heater.

The good news this morning is whatever energy I was intuiting last night seems to have subsided this morning. It actually did last night. I’m pretty sure I know where it came from. Whatever. I’ve had to deal with that for a long time now, and probably always will. A psychic told me I am probably an empath, I said, how, I don’t feel this with everyone. She said, sometimes it’s just with certain people. Well, when I was much younger, and our neighbor kid, about 19 or 20, came into our house.  It was not unusual for him to be there, he used to go water skiing with us.  But this time he made me shake, literally.  I called my ex into another room, and told him, and said “Get him OUT of this house….”  Which he did. 6 months later the kid went down the street and killed a woman trying to steal her car. So I pay attention to these feelings. But it sucks, it’s difficult for me to discern if it’s my emotions I’m feeling or someone elses. It’s like a constant hum in your ears, after a while you don’t notice it, but it’s always there.  Sometimes though it gets loud, and then I have to try to figure out whose energy it is, mine or someone elses.   Whatever, this morning it’s not so present, not so front and center in my head.

So off I go to work again. God, I’ll be so glad when I’m done doing this.

Love and light.

8 responses to “A Little More Coherent This Morning

  1. My real estate person said “you always ask for the moon and the stars. You won’t get them of course…but you still ask.”
    This sounds to me like they think you’re desperate to get out, so they’re asking for the moon and the stars…thinking you’ll fold. I asked for everything to be fixed when I had my house inspected….knowing it was going to be a moot point. The biggies were taken care of (like two cracked windows)…the rest….the owner took an amount off of the agreed price…and everything was Jake.

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