Sorting Out My Stuff

I spent the day sorting through “stuff”. My basement storage area, where the notorious hot water heater resides, is also the storage area. There are a few boxes of stuff in there that I didn’t even unpack when I moved in. Not that I didn’t want to, but I had no place to put the things. I thought at the time that I would get the rest of the money my ex owed me, and buy what I needed, but I never got it. And it’s a pipe dream now, I’ve let go of it. I’ll be lucky to ever get 5 cents on the dollar that he owes me.

So anyway, I wasn’t able to buy what I needed to put this stuff out, just nice knick-knacks and stuff. But it is what it is. I’ll find one in Florida at the great thrift stores. Anyway, I digress.

I found so many old memories in there. My wedding album, which I will hold onto for my son. The childhood album my mother put together for me. The album I put together of the early years with my ex. My son’s school papers. Omg, he had composition notebooks from 1st and 2nd grade, that he had to write in every day for a few months. They were soooo funny. And poignant. One in particular, “Vacation was fun. I played with my dad.” Proof that at one time his dad treated him like a person. I am gladdened by that, and saddened by their lack of relationship today.

I found a Mother’s Day card he made in school with his handprints. I’m keeping that one.

I found some old books that I loved. Khalil Gibran, a book I bought in college I think. Wally Lamb, who I had the pleasure of meeting. Paulo Coehlo.

I found what my mother called my “dowry.” LOL! It was a box of Beatles trading cards. Like baseball cards, but Beatles. I remember there were always about 4 or 5 you could never get, to have a complete set. But I will take them to FL and my friends who went through the Beatles phase with me when we were 13 will have fun with them. (Not that we ever left the Beatles phase, but my music horizons have surely expanded since I saw them when I was 13.)

I packed up a box of the albums, and Easter and Halloween decorations. One box done. I also made a HUGE pile for a dump run. I got the number of Gus, who does dump runs, from my friend last night. When I have the whole house cleaned out, I’ll call him.

Then I went up to my spare bedroom, better known as my ironing room. Because that’s all I do in it, is iron my clothes before I go to work. But there were lots of papers there. I was looking for the receipt for cleaning my furnace. I found the receipt for painting 2 rooms and refinishing my hardwood floor in the living room. I found the receipts to replace the skylights. I found the entire manual on my snow blower. The manual on my TV. Tax returns.

My divorce decision. My Supreme Court decision.

Everything except the receipt for my furnace cleaning, which I need. I’ll get a copy from them.

Then I went through the clothes hanging in that closet. Mostly winter clothes. I generally swap out the closets seasonally. Almost all of them are going to the Charities of Hope. I don’t, won’t, need winter clothes. That makes me happy. Then there were some older summer clothes, not many but some. They are too big for me now but nice. I’m going to take them if I have the room, and give them to my friend who had weight loss surgery. She’s already lost 40 lbs. By the time I see her she might fit into them.

I took a bag of trash out from that room. I have to figure out how to pack up all my jewelry stuff. It’s all up there too. And bags of shells, and small beach stones that I collected over the years. And shards of pottery worn smooth by the sea. I don’t know what I planned to do with them, but I like the way they feel in my hands.

Then I sat on the phone with a mover from NJ. Joisey. Lol. But she came in at the lowest price. She told me where to go to buy the boxes I need so that I won’t have to pay the movers 500% more. She gave me all kinds of helpful hints. And came in less than half of the guy who was here last Saturday. Because she tells me how to do the work myself, so it’s cheap. And she tells me their insurance is by law just liability. If I want additional insurance, I can buy it. But check with my homeowners insurance first. They may cover it.

So I liked her, I liked the fact that she told me all that. And sent me the link to the DOT site that rates movers.

Then I wrote. I wrote a bunch of stuff I didn’t publish. Mostly because I didn’t really like it, but I liked to get it out. Funny some of it didn’t seem important, once I wrote it out and left it for awhile. Came back, and it had done what it needed to. Without publication. The secret writings of LTLLW, LOL.

So now, I’m watching The Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. Such a good movie. I’ve had 2 nice glasses of wine, and my son brought me home dinner. We ate together, we talked for a little while, just idle chit-chat. I will miss that so much when he’s gone. When I’m gone. When we’re both gone. God, I love that kid.

To top it off, I just found my favorite movie on. Eat Pray Love. I just thought about how I was so miserable in my marriage and ate, and gained weight as I became diabetic. Then I went into my pray phase, I’m now  40 lbs lighter than when I left my marriage. Next, is Florida. It’s going to be my LOVE phase. Sigh……..

Moved a little closer to the dream today. A little farther away from the nightmare. It’s all good. Feeling good. Happy.

Love and light, all.

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