House Selling Dilemma

I’ve been struggling for a couple of days now, with a request from my buyers. They are concerned, purportedly, with cracks in the foundation which they say may point to serious problems with it. If the problems are serious, they say, they could cost up to $10K to remediate. They want me to give them $5k toward this.

My feeling is, this is a 30 year old house, and it’s in CT, where we have 120° temperature changes between winter and summer, and every house of this age in CT has settling cracks. That’s why we all have basements, so that the basement does the settling, and not the house. There is not one crack in a wall, a floor, or a ceiling anywhere in the house, except on the basement floor.  There is no issue of water coming in the house from any source (now that the hot water tank is fixed, lol.)

I feel like they are using it as an excuse to take more money from me, and I can ill afford to give it to them to be nice. But if there is a real problem, I get their concern. (However, I’m pretty sure there’s not, or it would show elsewhere in the house.) So what I am thinking of doing is putting $5k into escrow, to be released upon presentation of a bonafide estimate from a licensed contractor with a paid receipt for a deposit on the work. To be done within 6 months, and for half of the estimate up to $5k.

I’ve stopped freaking out over the money. My life would be so much easier if I could have sold the house for at least what I paid for it, but that’s not what’s happened, and with this market, I’d get no more if I sat around through another torturous New England winter. So I’m cutting my losses and running. I will have enough money for what I need to do with it. And money is a thing. We can get more money. I can’t get more time to retire, to enjoy my life, to do the things I want to do. I’ll have to try to make it up somehow. And I will, no matter what, move on with my life and live it out in peace and joy without freaking out over this.

Life is for living and loving. Not for worrying and plotting. Karma will get them, if that’s what they are doing. I don’t have to worry about it. So I think my plan protects me within reason, I hope they will accept it. Considering that I spent $2400 on a hot water heater for them yesterday, I think I’m being fairly generous.

So…back to work today. It’s a beautiful dry, warm perfectly clear summer day today. And pretty soon, I’ll get to enjoy everyone of them. Almost year round.

Love and light.

11 responses to “House Selling Dilemma

  1. Are there any much much older houses nearby? And I agree if they don’t accept your offer get someone in. ..people will try anything and they found ‘it’. If they are not out to rob you, then your proposition will be accepted – if not then seek some advice. Good luck.

  2. I think your plan is perfect! and if there is no real issue, you’ll get your 5k back, best to be done and go!! Im not going anywhere but can’t wait to retire in six weeks and two days!! 🙂 love you. M.

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