Swirling Energies

So….. my friend in the concrete business is going to come over and give me an estimate and a written opinion. For free. It could cost me $500 to do that. He’s a good friend. Really good. I once told him and Linda, his wife, if I ever found another man, I would send him to Peter for lessons. He’s probably the kindest, most generous, loving, grounded and centered men I have ever known. He’s half of the couple, with Linda, who put on the gong baths that I go to religiously. Or did. I hope I can find anything like them in FL.

Then I came home, and ate dinner, turned on the hot water in the kitchen sink, and guess what? It didn’t get hot. I went down to the hot water heater and the furnace. Furnace was on. Hot water heater was on. There was no hot water.

I called the plumber, and texted him. He’s on the way home from Cape Cod where he had a job, so I told him to come tomorrow at 7:30 am. It can’t be much to fix, right? Idk. I thought the water was not hot this morning, and I was going to go check the thermostat tonight. Oh well. Shit happens. I can’t get upset over anything right now. Nothing is easy.

On a brighter note, my son has been filling out apps on line and got a call back from T-Mobile today for a phone interview tomorrow! That is soooo cool. I know it made him feel much better about the move. And he’s found some suitable places to live on Craig’s list too. He gave his boss notice today, and the boss said he’d see if there were any transfers available for jobs out there. That was awesome too.

So, good things and irritating things, just so much of them. I was on sensory overload when I got home. A couple of good friends invited me to go out to eat next week, that will be nice. Sunday my bff’s husband’s band is playing at the local watering hole on the lake. Pretty excited to go and hear them!

Seems to be a lot of energy swirling around. I hope I can stay grounded in the center.

Love and light.

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