Lots of Happy Flowing

I had a good day today! As I sit here eating my single square of salted caramel dark chocolate, I am feeling about as good as this morning! Cool…..

I went to my endocrinologist this morning. Diabetes dr. My numbers were good! And I lost 4 more lbs. A total of, idk, 25 maybe in the last year. It all was good enough to cut my meds back some. Not a lot, but it’s the first time they’ve ever wanted to cut them back! I’m on the right trajectory! Made me really happy! She checked all my prescriptions and made sure I had enough refills to get by until I get a new dr.

One odd thing was, they took my blood pressure, and it’s historically been low. I told her it was probably going to be high, with all the stress from moving, etc. It was 130/54. I said, who has BP like that? The top number is high, the low number is low. Weird……Usually, it’s like 115/70 or so. That was a little crazy.

Work was a bear today, but so what? 2 ½ weeks and it will be over for me. Not my problem then.

Then I had my hair done after work, cut and highlighted. Damn, I will miss my hair dresser. She gave me the formula for the color that she uses, so I can find someone down there maybe.

My son at least started getting call backs and text backs on the rooms and apts he’s looking at Progress, but it’s slow. He got another call back on his resume too. Coming together slow but sure.

So, it’s all good. Life is good.

Love and light.

One response to “Lots of Happy Flowing

  1. You just reminded me that i need to do something with my hair. You should post a picture of how it looks. I have long dark brown hair.and the ends are kind of golden blond. I was thinking of getting blond high lights or dying it black but at the same time i kind of like my hair the way it is

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