Is this true?

– Dr.  Dannyboy,  in Jitterbug Perfume. 

Is this true?  I think it definitely is for some people. Not everyone. But I have known people who were never happy, and a relationship with them involved being totally wrapped up in their consistent unhappiness. 

We all have our days, hours, moments, whatever periods where we’re not happy. But you learn to climb out of the hole on your own, or you drag others in there with you. 

This book is still full of wisdom. It still does not make me think of S, except maybe the lengthy appearance of Pan, the mythical God of Nature. 

Love and light..

9 responses to “Is this true?

  1. Hmmmm…. a small (very small) part of me agrees, that some people are just unhappy ALL the time, no matter what. Kind of. But the reason why a BIG part of me disagrees with this reasoning from the book, is; 1) I find it quite “judgmental” actually. The author, or you, or I, none of us know what has truly happened in this “constantly unhappy” person’s life…. perhaps they lost their whole family in a war zone, and escaped themselves, only to be denied asylum in Europe, and have to sit in a refugee camp in no man’s land, for years… or perhaps they were sexually abused their whole childhood. Those examples are really tough ones, but believe me, being a social worker, I hear these life stories (and worse), from different people every day. All I am saying is we can never truly know or feel, another person’s unhappiness, until we have walked a mile in their shoes…

    2) there is also a condition where a person has a sort of “constant depression”, I think in English it is called dystymy or something like that. If a person has this condition, I think it is putting a stigma on them, to write things like the things the author of that book wrote.

    The author may have wisdom in other things, but in this… I dont know. I just dont think it is right to generalize like he/she does, in that passus. It is still good to read this, cause it is thought provoking in many ways and makes a person like me (who has been quite unhappy for the last few years) really examine myself.
    Hugs πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

    • S, I absolutely agree with you generally. I guess I was thinking in terms of narcissism, because I think with some of THEM, it is totally to draw attention to themselves when it goes on all the time. I get that many people can’t find their way out for good reason. Yet some people who have experienced incredible trauma, find a way to be joyful in this moment.

      The book is a very outside the box book. With a 1000 year old janitor and Pan the mythical god and lots and lots of other flights of fantasy. Yet there is some crazy kind of wisdom in places too, which makes me think twice.

      Thanks for reading s d taking so much time to respond. I’m way behind on blogs etc. so much stuff going on. I will catch up one of these days. Xo.

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