Exhaustion Rules This Morning

I am exhausted. I hate to write a blog where I’m complaining, I have so much to be grateful for, but I am so exhausted it’s not funny.

The people buying my house are STILL giving me agita, after I got the report that there’s nothing wrong with the house. They are still the buyers from hell. Yesterday they said they would accept my offer of “$5000 credit at the closing toward home repairs.” Which I NEVER gave them. Of course we went back and said, no, I was going to put the money in escrow and they would have to prove that there were structural issues with the house, and show me a receipt for work done, and I would release half of it. But since there are no issues with the house that should not be an issue.

Geezus. Waiting to hear again. Closing is in 3 weeks. I’m of 2 minds at this point. To give them the $5k and walk away and be done, or to let them walk away, and keep their deposit, and use it to pay my mtg for 3 months while I sell the house again.  And try to sell the house for more money than this time. But we’ll see if they come back with something reasonable this morning. I told my realtor I would give them the original $1k for the inspections they want to do. But that’s it.  I have to release attachment to the outcome, and surrender, just like I did with my son’s having a place to live.  I know the universe will work it out in my highest good.

I went out with 2 of my bff’s last night for dinner. They took me! It was so I could say goodbye to one of them, because I won’t see her again. I haven’t seen her for a long time, and no one knows why, really, she dropped out of sight. I think she suffers from real depression issues maybe. But it was so good to see her. It was so hard to say goodbye at the end of the night. I am so bad with goodbyes, I just can’t stop crying. And I have so many to say. I’d love her to come visit me in FL. But I don’t see her doing it.

We had some unbelievable thunderstorms last night. They said we got a whole summers worth of rain in one night. Pitchfork lightning bolts all around. I drove home in one cell, then we ran into the restaurant as another approached and watched it from inside. I’ve always loved thunderstorms, but prefer to be safely inside, lol, not running down the street.

I have to get ready tonight for the tag/yard sale tomorrow. And be up early to set it up. My friend who is moving is coming over to do it with me, she’s selling a bunch of stuff too.

Of course, then there’s work. Which has been exhausting. I sometimes wonder what they will do when I am gone, really. Not blowing my own horn, really. It’s the historical knowledge I have that no one else has. I spent at least a half hour explaining to the VP of engineering and the pres of the company the situation with a piece of equipment that is in Libya, and if I wasn’t there, there would have been no one who had any idea. Stuff like that goes on every day. But there’s no way I can impart 12 years experience to anyone. I guess, there’s always the phone. Whatever. We have 2 new people I’m training, and another girl who has been there almost 5 years is on vacation. Just stressful, combined with the issues around my house selling.

At least my son has a place to live in CO for sure. It’s a mile away from his friend out there. At least there’s one thing I can stop worrying about. When we go there, we will go straight to her house, we have it from Sept. 1. And I can rent another room from her while I’m there for $40 a night. Now I just have to get the f’n house sold for sure, and plan the drive out there, and get a flight back.

So much going on. I knew it was going to be chaotic. There’s nothing I can do but walk through it, one step at a time. I think I will sleep all the way to CO, lol.

Well, off to work. TGIF. Love and light, all.

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