Not a Breeze, But Smiles Anyway

Going to be hot today. Really hot for New England. They say 99°. There is not even a hint of a breeze. Not one leaf in the woods around my deck is moving. Birds are barely singing, trying to conserve their energy for this hot day ahead.

It’s steamy. Been thunder-storming every night, tho last night’s missed us, we could hear it in the distance. The air is thick, heavy. If I didn’t have the tag sale I’d be on my way to the beach, early, because it’s going to be wall to wall.

But really, I said, I should get used to this, right? Although I don’t think even Florida gets many days around 100°. Too much water. Hopefully a sea breeze will predominate. But if not, I have AC in Avalon, and will just stay inside during the hot part of the day. Sit out on the deck in the balmy evenings, with the scent of the salt water not all that far away. Maybe with my sister, her husband, my good friends there.

Today is another day to get another step closer. Gonna get the movers lined up and really begin the packing once this tag sale is over. Feeling content this morning. And excited.

There’s peace on the hillside today, despite the sauna bath we will live in.

Love and light.

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